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Feb 11, 2007, 4:25 PM

Free brew apps?

Anyone know where I can get some free Brew apps, or a mobile web browser that is faster than the build in Moto/brew browser, for the E815?

It's days like this that I really miss Java, when I'm trying to search the mobile web, and can't find squat for Brew, well, at least no free stuff anyway.
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Doom Wolf

Sep 9, 2013, 11:51 AM


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Aug 28, 2013, 4:55 PM


What exactly is it?
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Nov 2, 2012, 1:02 PM


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Feb 4, 2013, 9:45 AM


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Jul 5, 2012, 5:20 PM


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Sep 6, 2011, 11:06 PM


Me a cup of coffee
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Jul 7, 2012, 9:34 PM

I thought

this was the pub.... 🤭
The Real Lounge King

Jun 10, 2012, 7:13 PM

what is brew?

Do any phones still use it?
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Dec 12, 2011, 2:49 PM

hi i am new to the forumn

hi i am new to this forumn my name is tschay. i dont know if this is at possible if i am asking for the impossible well here goes i want to know if i could get vz navigator or another gps software for FREE 😉 for my cell phone it is samsung convoy 2 on verizon network thank you ,tschay 🙂
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Aug 4, 2011, 12:02 AM

Is the BREW OS working better than it was in the Spring?

I read some sad accounts of BREW phones being unstable, this past Spring. I was pondering the HTC Freestyle for my teenagers.

Does anyone have any good (or bad) experience to share on using these phones or BREW OS?
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Jan 27, 2011, 12:20 PM

Motorola Atrix 4g vs. Motorola Droid Bionic

They have plenty of comparable features just wondering what everyones take on the two phones are
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mexican putoz

Sep 30, 2010, 4:42 PM


open your facebook today like at 9:00 we gotta talk about "buying" a samsung epic or HTC evo 😉
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Feb 10, 2011, 10:11 AM

Pop mail being deleted from server..... Options???

I have an enV3 with mobile mail (, and when delete mail from the phone, it doesn't keep it on the server. I always get my mail using Thunderbird on a PC and Mac Mail on my Mac...... and it stays on the sever no problem.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks!!

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Jan 6, 2011, 4:46 PM

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Mar 22, 2006, 3:42 AM

VZ Navigator supports more phones?

I have a vx9800 and I was perusing the Get Going category to see what's new, and apparently the 9800 now supports VZ Navigator. Anyone else have this showing up on their phone? I'm running firmware T98VZ02. Get It Now version
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Jun 5, 2007, 3:20 PM

whats a brew????

So what is a Brew???
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Jan 18, 2005, 1:59 AM

Were to transfer mp3 files on TF

When I access my TF on my PC, I see a Moto file with about 9 sub files. I've tried the obvious and still can't get the files to show up on the phone(V710). I've looked under media gallery and have switched storage devices to TF. I'm just moving standard mp3 files at 128bit. Do I need some special program or what? Do the files need some diff ext or format? The phone is listed as a mp3 player!
Any help please. Thanks.
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Feb 8, 2008, 7:30 PM

mobile internet browser

Does any one know of a better internet browser that will work on the enV?

specifically one that will be able to play movies off a website?

Oct 17, 2007, 8:06 AM

VZW Get it Now and Palm Treo 700wx

I am really interested in getting the Treo 700wx, but have been holding off because of the no Get it now and/or no VZ navigator with a smart phone. I have been talking to VZW firmware techs since the begining of the year and they keep telling me it has something to do with security, but something should/may be coming...

Anyone heard anything? I really like the VZ Navigator option on my current phone, Krzr, and at this point not really willing to give it up....
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