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This forum is closed.


Sep 21, 2008, 2:22 PM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

differences between rizr z3 blue and z3 rose

hey guys,i just bought new blue rizr and i had rose before
so I'm a little bit confused..heres the deal
like on rizr z3 rose when you slide display down - everything is closing(for ex.:typing text and sliding down - its just erasing or when i called somebody i slide display down - call ended)
but on blue rizr its not working,may be because its stock or something?
and one more problem is primary texting as main one,is it anyway that i can change it to secondary?because i used to text for like 5 years and i dont really like this T9 or whatever you call it..

Nov 22, 2006, 7:28 PM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

This Apple iSync PhonePlugin syncs contacts with RIZR

http://angel.net/~nic/MOTZ3.phoneplugin.zip »

Just drop it in /Library/PhonePlugins and enjoy. I'm still working on syncing calendars...
Oh, I got my RIZR from importgsm.com; they were great (and fast! ordered Monday and had it Wed AM) and I already love this phone!
Hi Nicwolff

I have downloaded your plugin and unzipped it to my User/Library/Phones folder but iSync does not recognise it?

Can you advise me at all?



Works pretty good. Have you had any luck with syncing calendars? I have programming experience, is there any way I can help you?

Hi, have you managed to get the Calendar to Sync with the Z3 yet, contacts is working ok. Thanks.
It works! Let us know when you have the rest. So cool to have people like you offering solutions. I just bough the RIZR and was about to kick myself, because ti did not work with my MacBook Pro.
Dude, you rock so hard for this it is not even funny. Now, if only we could get the calendar and the time display to work!
Hi there,

I put the plugin in the correct location (Library/PhonePlugins/), however iSync does not recognize it's new-found ability to sync with the phone.

When I try to "Add Device..." the process works, and it recognizes a device it just calls...
I found a way to get to sync calendars. Just download this new file and put it in /Library/PhonePlugins. If you have an old version of the MOTZ3 plugin you can just replace it with this one.

If you've already have your Z3 in sync, remove it, and...
I've looked in my library folder and I don't have a phone plugins folder. How exactly do I add this plugin to my Mac

Sep 26, 2007, 12:00 AM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

AT&T/T-Mobile/Cingular phone settings

So I called AT&T to get my Medianet settings all squared away and the darned phone still wont go to my device.home homepage, nor will it send or receive a picture message. There's got to be a patch of some kind that will allow the unlocked version of this phone to work on the Cingular network. Who knows how its done? HELP MEEEEE!!!!!!!!! 😕
hey did you buy this phone unlocked? Or did you find the code? if so can i please get the code. thankyou

Dec 6, 2007, 6:44 PM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

z3 Unlock

Does anyone know the code for the Z3 unlock phone? Or the Susidy code? Or both? Thanks So much!

Mar 27, 2007, 3:18 PM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

Do videos need to be in a certain format to be played????

After I have placed different videos on the memory card, they do not show up on the list of videos in the phones menu. Do I need to convert my videos to a certain format in order for the phone to play them???
I'm not sure. I know when you use the camera to take videos, it's in 3GP format. When you extract it to your PC, you need a 3GP player or convert it to MPEG. Haven't tried uploading videos onto the phone yet, but I think it might need to be in 3GP ...

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Mar 27, 2007, 9:22 PM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

RIZR coming to VZW????

Does any one know if the RIZR is coming to Verizon? I looked this phone up and it looks hot. I was very excited to get the SLVR CDMA version from Verizon but now i have seen this one offered by t-mobile & ill have to say it looks SWEET, per the reviews a very good phone. Anyhow if anyone knows about this release or if they are planning on it. Please let me know. Its a slider razor how awsome is that. I am not a fan of the flip phones however thats abuot all VZW has... so imagine my exictment when they announced the SLVR however this one has just got me wanting to switch providers.
How's the SLVR so far?
Yes it is coming & planned long back.
yoe, but called rokr z6m and z6tv. the exact same thing, only that the z6tv has a 1.3 mp camera, but allows you to watch live tv. its the same as the z3 not much differences other than verizon theme

Apr 20, 2007, 1:32 PM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

Question about rizr and krzr

Ok first i wanted to know if the rizr and krzr can use opera or its the feature block on these phones to not use opera mini on prepaid and i wanted to know whick phone in your opinion is better thanx
both can use opera mini, not sure about the prepaid, the rizr is better

Apr 29, 2007, 11:10 PM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

How do you remane a saved picture?

i went to options.. but nothing that i could find as far as "renaming" goes..

so please, if anyone knows, please post.
I use my computer to change the name of pic files. Use the USB cable and just plug it into your computer. This should allow you to access your phone, like a SD card. Just change the file name there. Yeah, it's a lil hassle, but it works.
Go to options on the picture, and find manage, then scroll down to the end and there is rename, up to 30 characters to use

May 23, 2007, 8:46 AM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

3rd Party Software

I just got a blue T- Mo RIZR I won in a contest I wanna ask any owners here if they had any success in using 3rd party software like Opera mini and Gmail. Thanks in advance!!!
Yes, opera mini works very well, but the phone doesn't seem to work with g-mail. you can change the settings on opera mini, its pretty cool version 4.0 is way better than 3. you can use it landscape or portrait mode.

Jun 22, 2007, 2:43 PM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

MOVIES on Rizr?

I was curious if it was possible to watch a movie on the rizr? If so what programs can you use to get them compatable with your phone. I use Switch to convert my songs to Mp3 format, wasnt sure if it would work for a DVD?
Rip the dvd with any program and save it to the hard drive. then convert the video to 3gp, i use a-one 3gp video converter, its free and works pretty good.

Jun 28, 2007, 4:45 PM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

How to transfer pictures and videos from phone to computer?

Is it possibly to carry out such a task?I have been able to transfer mp3s from my computer to my phone,but i cant seem to make this work the other direction as i have some pictures i would like on my computer.Thank you.
i forgot to mention i only got this phone today and cant have spent hours trying to figure it out!!
Get a micro sd and a usb cord and convert videos to 3gp at 176x220, use a-one 3gp video converter, its free so just google it. you could also try sending a text to yourself with pictures. if you have tmobile your email is your number with area code an...

Aug 12, 2007, 9:51 PM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

Cracked Screen

Does anyone know if you can replace just the external plastic cover over the screen? Phone was dropped and landed perfectly on a rock to crack the screen cover, but everything else is fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
e-bay or just call tmobile and theyll send u a new one

Sep 13, 2007, 12:24 AM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

how big of a card

how big of a sd card will this phone support?

Nov 15, 2007, 4:46 PM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

Just needed some help.

1. I have my volume on 7 (loud) and when i go to settings to listen to the ringtones, it doesnt play anythingwhen i highlight a ringtone. How do i listen to and apply ringtones?

2. My internet browser doesnt work. Ive seen some directions in the past on how to fix this but i cant seem to find them now. any help?

Thanks in advance.

Nov 13, 2007, 10:17 AM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

Is it wifi?

Does anyone know if the Rizr unlocked is wi-fi? Thanks a lot

Nov 12, 2007, 10:05 PM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

help phone resting its self

hi my phone rest it's self. i did call t-mobile they said to let the phone complete die and the charge the battery. i tryed to access the softwear update but it say the phone is up to date. i am using a mac so i don't know if i can update the software though my computer. any help?

Jul 7, 2007, 6:32 PM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

Is it me or is there something wrong?

I'm having issues with getting the phone to connect to phone tools. I got the cable and the software, near as I can tell it's installed right. It even notices that there is "a phone" present.... Just not the RIZR. When I'm prompted to install it manually, it isn't even listed. Generic GSM doesn't work well either. If I can't get it to work, is there another way, outside of the internet, (ie. uploading and downloading files) that I can add files (music) and back up my phone?

Thanks in advance,

I am not surprised that Z3 is having this issue too.

I have had it replaced 3 times for issues like Phone turns OFF itself while talking, taking a photo, video or checking messages.

It will also reboot while just sitting idle.
I'm in the same boat as you, I'll let you know what I find out.
I had the same problem until I downloaded the latest Phone Tools update (I used the Motorola Live Update, not the automatic update MPT trys when it can't access your phone)

Using Version 4.5.1c and the RIZR is supported
I haven't had the same issues but I installed the latest software update for the phone itself. You can get the update here http://direct.motorola.com/hellomoto/motosupp ort/source/softwareupdateselect.asp and I haven't had any problems so far. I...
Just go through the menu until it checks for the list of phones. Then just select Razr V3. It worked for me to download address and files. Only glitch is that it added first name twice with some of my contact from Outlook. It took me a few minutes...

Oct 5, 2007, 4:46 PM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

Seem Editing??

Hi this may have been posted already, but does anyone know if its possible to seem edit on this phone like you can do on a razr?? And if not is it possible to change the recent calls so that it shows each individually instead of just the callers last call??

Oct 4, 2007, 5:14 PM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:






Aug 13, 2007, 12:44 AM
over in the "Motorola RIZR Z3" discussion:

blast vs. rizr z3 vs. waiting

ok look im lookin forward to gettin a new fone

so theres 3 choices should i
A.Get Samsung T729 Blast

B.Get Motorola RIZR Z3
C.Wait for a new fone
plz help me on this i need to noe im freakin out and my family thinks im weird cuz i go on oall day looking at both of the fones

this phone is nice.

i have had it for a while. I have other phones and i really like this one.

Its definately sturdier than the blast. It has a 2MP with flash. the talk time is very nice.

you have a 30 day return policy.
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