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Preview: HTC Mogul

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This forum is for discussion of this video. For general discussion of the HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000, please check out our HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000 forum ›

This forum is closed.

This forum is closed.


Jul 26, 2016, 12:35 AM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

Forgot password

How to I change password

Oct 6, 2010, 6:52 PM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

Htc Mogul PPC6800

I have problems with the screen,please help.
I really need help with text messaging on this HTC 6800 Mogul phone.
how can i set to receive text messages "chat style" messaging?

May 27, 2009, 8:42 PM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

XV6800 and Parrot car kits

I am interested in the Parrot CK3200 LS-COLOR or an equivalent brand that works well and sounds good to the remote person when using an XV6800.

I want a hard-wired kit that connects to the radio and works with the auto-mute feature of my radio. I have a 2002 Ford Explorer.

Any recommendations?

Gregg Hill
Apparently not!

Oh, crap! I'm talking to myself again. Dang Alzheimer's!

Aug 5, 2008, 1:24 PM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

Really, no headphone jack?

Does this really not have a headphone jack (2.5mm or 3.5mm)?
🤣 comes with the adapter to plug any 2.5 mm headset...
yes comes with a USB to 2.5mm adapter.

Nov 22, 2008, 2:20 PM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

Picture Mail

I hope this isn't old news, but I finally have real Picture Mail on my Mogul!!
only 20 days old lol... but i found out today too.. tobad i lost my mogul :0(
WHAT?!? How did you get picture mail? That was my only dislike about this phone! How do I do it?

Jun 20, 2007, 4:43 PM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

Does it come MP3 enabled?

Hey does this phone come with an MP3 Media Player to play songs? Or you HAVE to do it once you get music on the memory card?
This phone comes with windows media player in it, capable of playing some different formats of files from video to auido. MP3 is included in what it can play.

Jun 26, 2007, 4:33 PM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

Music Videos too?!?

Hey I heard you can also play music videos on this phone! Just like on a Video Ipod or the new Iphone. Is that true guys? Can you save videos on your Internal memory on Memory card and actualy view Music Videos?!? 🤤
Dude, this device is Windows 6.0. It has Windows media player, so playing videos is childs play. It is able to do WMA format by default and if you want to do avi/mpeg you can download free ware of "TCPMP" or "Pocket TV" for free and watch ANY video fo...

Jan 26, 2009, 2:29 PM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

Erasing Personal Information - Permanently

Need to know what steps to take to permanently remove all personal information including deleted text messages from this phone. Thanks in advance!

Jan 4, 2009, 10:19 PM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

touch screen on verizon 6800?

does the 6800 have the same "finger-swipe" recognition as the 6900? does anyone know where to get software to emulate "the cube"

Nov 28, 2008, 4:22 PM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

Threaded txt

I have a few questions about threaded text messages hope someone can help.
First how do you forward a message? The forward key no longer works and when I copy the text it erases when I try to paste it in a new message.
Second is there a way to send a message to a group? For example if I wanted to send a message to all of my employees, like a distribution list.
Third, what is the format for using mp3's as text ringtones? I have done this before but have now forgotten how.
Any help is appreciated and thank you.
if your trying to forward a msg you sent just find it in your sent folder.. but usually if someone sent it to me i copy and paste.. i dont know if your doing it right because ive copied and pasted a whole conversation to send to my boyfriend and it wo...

Dec 1, 2008, 11:23 AM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

contact numbers

How do you add a password at the end of a phone number? I. E. if I call voice mail how do I program a delay and then the password?
so that when you call your voicemail it automatically puts in password for you?

whats really the point of adding the password then?

passwords are usually to kepp people from listening to your voicemail. but if your going to have it enter on its ...

Aug 3, 2007, 4:08 PM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

Free Ringtones for the Mogul..! =D

Hey I found a way to get free ringers on the Mogul. Its kinda weird but it works. I just go to the Sprint Music Store, and I preview a song. Take for example that new Sean Kingston song. I dont buy it, but I preview it. Once i preview the song for 30 seconds, I go to

>>File Explorer
>>>Application Data
---It should be somewhere towards the bottom...
It should say like DC045 or somethin and have the Media Player Icon. But I just copy and paste it to my documents and there ya go 😁
Do you know if that works on a Moto Q phone too? 😁
thanx for this post. so easy to get free ringers!!
So just as an FYI, the same thing works if you purchase the songs through the music store and want to get a version to play in the phone's windows media player. The biggest benefit here is that wmp will allow you to do other things while music is play...
Well once you put it in the my documents folder how do you make it a ringer from there? sorry just got this phone.
This worked great. Thanks!!!
I was able to do everything, but when i assign the ringer and click the okay button, it changes the ringer to a default ringer. now its in a .tmp format is that the problem?
do you get charged anything or does the song delete

Dec 3, 2008, 2:52 PM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

RSS Feeds

Anyone know how to get RSS feeds on the 6800?

Sep 7, 2008, 2:35 AM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

Reg edit to show clock in title bar


I used PHM registry editor to do the edits here http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=51 08 at step "22-add the AM/PM to your time in the title bar."

My title bar now displays the time and date at all times, but there is one goofy little quirk. It looks like this:

9/7/08 [

Notice that it has a "left bracket" right after the date. Is there a way to get rid of that left bracket?

Thank you!

Gregg Hill
The latest Mobile 6 software gives you this option too, and it also changes your texts to a that format that is very cool

Nov 11, 2008, 6:18 PM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

Syncing with my computer

I am trying to get my phone to sync with my computer to back up my contacts and calendar. But I am having an issue with syncing it. I was trying to delete the hotmail email that is on the phone and it's not allowing me. Any one have any ideas about can be done???


Sep 18, 2008, 12:13 PM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

Operea Browser & General ?'s

i keep hearing about this browser & how it is better the windows browser what's the difference
If you are talking about Opera 9.5 for the Sprint mogul. It is awsome. 🙂 It is a lot better than the pocket internet explorer. 🙂 The only problem is that, if you are using Opera 9.5 on the Sprint mogul, you will constantly get a lot of memory erro...
man i just got opera on my mogul! and its THE BEST! i got in on accident too check that. if you can find it get it. just soft reset when ever your done using it. other then that its awsome
damonwest78 said:
I keep hearing about this browser & how it is better than Internet Explorer. What's the difference?

They both have their strenghts and weaknesses, IMHO. It also varies on the phone that you ...

Oct 29, 2008, 4:54 PM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

downloading programs and files without active sync?

I have a Verizon VX6800 and all in all, a pretty good phone. However with the wireless sync enabled, I cannot make active sync see my phone.

I'd like to download some 3rd party programs to my phone but cn't make active sync work.

Any suggestions? Are there any simple programs out there that will do what I want?

most of my programs ive downloaded straight to my phone. i usually use the PC because i can see more... do you have vista.....

o lol..... duh....

you dont need active sync.. i totally forgot i dont even use the dam thing... download programs to ...

Nov 1, 2008, 5:22 PM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

GPS works on XV6800 with one quick mod

I dug up this site http://wiki.xda-developers.com/index.php?page name=VerizonAGPSFix and installed the CAB file.

Now I have a working GPS in Google Maps and Windows Live Search.



Jul 2, 2007, 8:10 AM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

Camera Quality on Mogul; NO GOOD?????

The picture quality on my phone is terrible. I just got the phone and I tried it out against a friends 700wx. The 700wx picture quality is far better on the inside. You can't even make out the pictures taken by the Mogul on the inside.

Am I the only one? Advice?
I thought it was good. Almost every shot I had to manually adjust the exposure setting (higher in dark and lower in daylight) but the shots came out good.
They look fantastic on my computer, but small on the screen. Probably cause it's 65k color and a 2mp pixel... Does it look like crap on the computer as well?

Sep 30, 2008, 6:09 AM
over in the "HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000" discussion:

VZ Navigator - Mapping from address book?

Is it possible to navigate to a paticular address by importing from the PDA Address book to Navigator or to go into the address book and select an address to navigate to? Having to type in every address is a pain.

On a Blackberry, for example, I was able to go directly to the address book, select "Get directions to.." and it would turn on Navigator, with no manualb entry. I could also get an address from my address book from inside VZ Navigator.

I have looked, but no luck. Am I missing something?
well did you update your mogul to 6.1.... it gives you an option from every contact to either get directions...map it...and more.. people say things about the 6.1 but its great!... 🤤
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