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Samsung's Galaxy S 4 Packs Advanced Camera and Gesture Features

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This forum is closed.


Sep 22, 2015, 7:56 AM
over in the "Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GSM)" discussion:

Samsung S-4

Getting ready to replace my old DroidX. Apparently many of the newer phones no longer have a compass sensor. Does the Samsung S-4 have one in it? I do not see one listed in the posted online features, but the local Verizon rep tells me it does.

I need the compass for an app (SigTrax) that locates items away from where I am by entering 2 compass bearings and triangulating them.

Your attention is appreciated.

May 2, 2013, 2:08 PM
over in the "Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GSM)" discussion:

Three questions, anyone know?

First is, how to find and enable spell ceck on the default keyboard?

Second, everytime i get a new email or text the cameras led flash flashes, how can i turn that off?

Anyone know how to get rid of lookout without rooting?

Oh, and does anybody know what power saving mode ACTUALLY does? Slow cpu speed? Just dim screen? What?

Apr 24, 2013, 11:46 AM
over in the "Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GSM)" discussion:

Weak body

The phone's design and body are identical to my Samsung Galaxy Ace IIx, so please, do NOT drop this phone. Any drops from 3 - 4 feet up will not only dent the plastic band around the phone, but it WILL crack the screen too. I speak from experience.... 😢
So are we to assume you were using a good case to protect your valuable investment?
And, plastic does not really "dent".
Hope all is well with your phone.
Gorilla Glass 3 doesn't make much of a difference?

I watched some videos on YouTube of people beating up the S4's screen, I'm fared well.

The last time I dropped a phone was Oct 2011, so I historically I don't do it very often.
I've dropped mine a couple of times and it doesn't have a single scratch nor crack on the screen and neither does the case. Are you sure about this? How rouhh did you dropped yours and from what height?

BTW, I don't use a case on mine.

Jul 2, 2013, 11:43 PM
over in the "Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GSM)" discussion:


I am curious if anybody has switched from the Note 2 to the S4 , in the beginning I thought it was a good idea coming from an htc with a 3 inch screen to a 5.5 inch screen, obviously it is very easy to see cause of its extra large screen, But that also has its draw backs, one handed operation is not a reality.
And like most people now a days I do more texting than talking and it is just difficult to use, and barley fits in a pocket thank god it has voice recognition. I also use the wifi hot spot a lot for my laptop, witch works very good on the note 2.
Just curious If if any one has switched or thinking of switching?
I am hesitant cause except for the huge size the Note2 is actually the best phone I have had so far.

May 20, 2013, 5:25 PM
over in the "Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GSM)" discussion:

From iPhone to S4

So I have been a long time iPhone user. Ever since the 3g I have had iPhone. The last one was the 5.

I was very concerned on two front about the S4 conversion.

1. Getting my iTunes music easily to the
2. Getting all my contacts and calendar from my work Outlook to sync with my S4.

For me both of these are no issue and after some digging, downloading a fee apps I was golden. I am now in love with Android and my new phone. I am not here to debate which is better I am just giving first hand experience to those thinking of making the switch but concerned about the above.

Lastly I do have a question. How can I get or buy cool ring tones? With the iPhone I could just go in the iTunes store and find them. I have not found them y...
i.e. Zedge in the Play Store

Mar 15, 2013, 12:54 PM
over in the "Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GSM)" discussion:


A few new features but this is really the Galaxy S III S
Exactly what I was thinkin'
Sounds like someone who is addicted to the Apple cool aide. Nothing could ever be better than what you have, even if the specs say differently.

Apr 22, 2013, 2:17 PM
over in the "Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GSM)" discussion:


Please forgive the ignorance but anyone out there know if and when i will be able to pay for things using the NFC technology built into the Samsung Galaxy S4 that i just ordered. I have done some research and have found Google wallet and something called ISIS.. But ti doesn't look like it works in Philadelphia..
Ohhhhh I dream of such a day! It doesn't seem like mobile payments are coming anytime in 2013.

All I know about ISIS is it's being tested in Austin & Salt Lake City, nothing more than that.

Sure would be nice though. It would mean one less car...

Mar 21, 2013, 4:29 AM
over in the "Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GSM)" discussion:


I was kind of wondering. I hope sprint does not take the GSM chip out of the Samsung 4 like the S3. If they do it would not make it a world like Samsung meant it to to be, Big Red has a GSM chip in there Samsung 3. Take note Sprint.
Blackmitch1 said:
I was kind of wondering. I hope sprint does not take the GSM chip out of the Samsung 4 like the S3. If they do it would not make it a world like Samsung meant it to to be, Big Red has a GSM chip in there Samsung 3
Blackmitch1 said:
I hope sprint does not take the GSM chip out of the Samsung 4 like the S3.

WiWavelength is correct. That's not quite how it works.

Verizon Wireless clearly has a requirement that most of their hig...
The Sprint version will have global roaming, at least according to the FCC approval that cleared today.

Apr 16, 2013, 11:29 PM
over in the "Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GSM)" discussion:

haters gonna hate

the only thing people should be complaining about this phone should be the fact that it is simply too big and way too powerful. There's no reason for people to say that its a bad phone in any way. If you look at the market today there really isnt a phone that comes close to the tech that they put into making the gs4. As for the phone looking the same as the gs3 and note? Look at apples products. The fact is this phone is perfect for any one who wants a big phone with a lot of power and features. But alas Haters gunna hate....like they always do. If your a fan of an iphone your gunna hate this phone but if you like any ol android your gunna want this phone or the HTC ONE. Also i work for ATT as a sales men for phones and i do alot of research...
About comments that it looks too much like the S3, likely those who have the S3 have no intentions or desires to upgrade to the S4 because their happy with their S3, I'm coming from a slightly older than 2y/o Samsung Droid Charge, so the S4 is a real...

Mar 15, 2013, 8:54 AM
over in the "Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GSM)" discussion:


No T-Mobile AWS HSPA?
AWS HSPA is a thing of the past. T-mobile is migrating it to AWS LTE, so soon, it will be AWS LTE, and UMTS HSPA.
The T-Mobile version will have it, of course.

We just have one S4 page for now, but we will update it and possibly add pages for other variants as Samsung and the carriers detail the differences in the US versions.
Don't worry.
T899 (probably) will have AWS HSPA+LTE for sure.
Don't you notice there's NO CDMA band at all?
It does support both LTE and HSPA+ 42. Read the detail under data. T-Mobile said it is going to support both for the foreseeable future.

Mar 17, 2013, 11:02 AM
over in the "Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GSM)" discussion:

This is what happens when you cheap out on hiring designers and you can no longer copy other designs

You end up with this.

Bonus points to the extra clash-y blue widget on a blue wallpaper. A+ work you guys.
What are you basing this oppionion on? It cant be just the blue widget on a blue back ground(which can be easilly changed....)
Samsung is laughing all the way to the bank and I see more Galaxy S3's on the subway each morning on the way to work than iPhones these days. May be cheap plastic and a cartoon screen but they must have done something right. I'll be getting the One my...
bluecoyote said:
You end up with this.

Bonus points to the extra clash-y blue widget on a blue wallpaper. A+ work you guys.

Obvious troll is obvious

bluecoyoteugly is major Apple Fan Boi
It seems that a tin can would be the perfect device for you. It's entirely made of metal and seamless in it's simplicity.There are no buttons to confuse you or pesky options. It is only compatible as a communication device with other tin cans, and the...
Samsung S III is the best design ever...

Mar 15, 2013, 12:19 AM

A Win For The Consumer.

In my opinion, no high end phone should ever, and I mean EVER, be rendered useless just because of a damn battery failure whether it happens to a minority of users or not.

I also feel expandable SD slots are essential for two reasons:

1) Why offer 16, 32 or 64g choices? A device should be custom tailored to needs. And if needs grow, the phone should be able to follow. Manufacturers are trying to groom consumers into spending far more in purchasing the next size memory in a phone when removable is so much cheaper.

2) While not often, I have had 5 phones in the course of 27 years where the internal memory failed or phone suffered total malfunction. Having the ability to immediatly save info to a removable card when downloaded is pric...

I haven't decided if I will get the S4, or an S3 at a reduced price.

Hmm...is the Snapdragon 600 reeeally THAT great if a processor???. . .

Mar 15, 2013, 7:40 AM
over in the "Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GSM)" discussion:


Hopefully the S4 gets better reception than the S3! I went through three S3's and finally had to get the Motorola Electrify M....which i DO NOT like! I do live in somewhat rural midwest (US Cellular customer). I was told that the phones with a -B on the back behind the battery were the latest and should not have a problem. That is NOT the case. Samsung knows about the reception issue and apparently has made a few changes.

Can anyone out there validate that Samsung has done something about the internal antenna on the S4 to improve reception? It needs a stronger internal antenna!
Can't validate that they've done anything. But I do know that in areas that have a weak signal Samsungs can have a reception issue more than some others. I've never had the issue with mine but I will say that I've heard less about it more recently. I...
honestly i work for another cell phone company and I sold a ton of s3's over the last 6 months not one person reported reception issues. On the other hand I do live in an area where US cellular is the dominant carrier and every person I talked to that...

Mar 18, 2013, 9:16 AM

The states get a worse processor than the international ?

Why are the States getting a $#;++;er processor than the international version? Did the s3 suffer this fate too? This reminds me of the HTC One X(L) for AT&T. I bought it (the X) because of the RAVE reviews here and elsewhere, and it's been a major disappointment from day 1. Will Samsung release an octacore version in 6 months ala the One X+, thereby screwing consumers who bought their "flagship" device (hello HTC!)? Nah. I'm too burnt by the One X to trust any of these guys now. I may get an s3 when it's cheaper and ROOT THE EFF out of it. Seems like a better option.
Yes, this happens all the time... European models get all the untested hardware first kinda like Guinepigs. US customers get tested and approved hardware so 4 Cores is all we are getting this year.

You know since americans think they are entitled ...
AT&T had the gs3 refurbished for $30! Hope it's up to its hype. I can't use Navigator or Smart Truck on my phone now. One of HTC's "features" (their words not mine) is they kill apps for you so they can't run in the background. Nav only works in 2d mo...

Mar 14, 2013, 6:45 PM

Which Qualcomm processor?

Snapdragon 600, or 800?

And is there really going to be a 64GB version THIS TIME??? Samsung said there was going to be a 64GB S3, there never was.
The processor is a Snapdragon S4. Don't know the exact chipset involved yet.

Haven't heard much on a quad core 800. Most buzz is on the 600 with some parts of the internet actually confirming this. My guess is the 800 "may" be used in Samsung's upcoming tablets.

As far as the memory, I'm more interested in remova...
Sorry, guys, my original info was bad. Qualcomm says the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will use a Snapdragon 600 processor. It will have four cores at 1.9GHz per core.

Mar 14, 2013, 10:46 PM


Same plastic build, same cartoony screen. Why couldn't Samsung ditch the damn pentile ? 🙄
Wouldn't you put your phone in a case anyways? So who cares about the plastic build?

Mar 14, 2013, 10:38 PM

not impressed

Its too big of a screen... Between s3 and note. Little hardware changes. Android 4.2.2 which I have already on s3 and gestures. I'm gunna wait for this Motorola x phone being talked about. I would have went back to HTC if it had a menu button or something but no.

IMO its nothing much you could have different than a rooted s3 but better world roaming
I currently have the Samsung Droid Charge, essentially equivalent to the S1,...S4 is nice, but once it's out, I think I would be satisfied with getting the S3 at a reduced price.

Likely the S3 will get the Key Lime Pie software upgrade.
should have just named it the note 1.2
What is it that you are missing?

Mar 15, 2013, 1:04 PM

I wonder how long....

I wonder how long before there's a version of Cyanogenmod for it? 🙂

I'd love to have one, but only if I could get that touchwiz crap off it.
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