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Android Not Good Enough for Sprint

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Oct 26, 2008, 8:29 PM   by Eric M. Zeman

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, speaking to journalists, said that the Android operating system is not good enough for the Sprint brand. Hesse said that Sprint is planning to roll out a handset based on Android at some point in the future, but based on his remarks, it won't be as early as expected or hoped for. He didn't provide any firm details about when Android will be ready, nor what changes to the platform will make it ready.

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This forum is closed.


Oct 27, 2008, 7:35 AM

Carriers need to stop making decisions for consumers!

One of the wisest business strategies I have ever heard is "Let the market decide whether or not something will succeed" Consumers know what is best for consumers. That's why Google made Android's code open, because they know that the collective ideas of the world will make Android better than Google would.

This article about Sprint is a perfect example as to why I enjoy FREEDOM being on a GSM carrier (AT&T) I can use any unlocked GSM phone in the world on AT&T's network, they don't make decisions for me as to which handsets I can, or can't have.
The market WILL decide. If the market wants the G1, they will buy it unlocked or leave their current cariers to do it. Sprint has made their decision to wait until they think Android is a stable platform and can compete and be compatible with other ...
Consumers don't need to pick phones either, because they expect too much from a machine. I can see some people asking for a phone that wiped their noses and made breakfast. I'm sure that would be nice but my point is people expect too much from the ph...
Jayshmay said:
One of the wisest business strategies I have ever heard is "Let the market decide whether or not something will succeed" Consumers know what is best for consumers. That's why Google made Android's code open, because
I agree Sprint should release and Android phone soon but also think they shouldn't put out such trash like t-mobile with there g1. Google and Htc are both reliable companies but t-mobile always seems to ruin everything they touch! Especially there pho...

Oct 26, 2008, 11:39 PM

Sprint isn't good enough for Android!

The above statement is coming from someone who just gave up a $30 SERO plan to move to the G1 on T-Mobile. 😎
really? doesnt sprint have more capable phones? from what i read in the review, the g1 isn't all that impressive
Oh, please! Sprint has several G1 killers. The G1 is an iPhone wannabe, at best.
U my man sound like a wise paerson!!!!

Oct 27, 2008, 3:12 PM

Dan Hesse shows sign of intelligence

i had some serious doubts..
maybe there is hope.
Interesting...please expand on this thought/comment
I would be mad if I was stuck with t-mobile to blazebaby stop crying already and get a better phone. Dan is smart he knows this phone will have a ton of defects and everyone who has one will return it after they realize its a novelty item and not an a...

Oct 26, 2008, 11:02 PM

sprint menu

yes because the yellow sprint menu is so much superior.
jacking up every brand phone with their crippling menu is awesome!
Uh, what exactly are you talking about? The color yellow cripples their phones? "Rubbish?" What are you, from merry olde England?
well yes I agree, I would much rather have a phone crippled by my carrier not allowing over 2/3 of applications that are available to that phone than to have a menu that is crippled by it's color.

👀 🙄 ???? 😕

Oct 26, 2008, 11:28 PM

Android platform is still a work in progress

Sprint will have an Android phone as soon as Google gets it right. For now I'm happy with windows 6.1. There's a ton of free applications and downloads just like with the g1 all you have to do is Google it. Android also doesn't support a lot of features that Sprint has to offer like live tv, video, stereo bluetooth, Infrared beam, and a other stuff Sprint customers are already use to having pre-installed. I wondered why this went to t-mobile first now I know it just didn't meet Sprint's expectations. It wont meet my expectations either if I have to download a bunch of apps that my old phone already had pre-installed to make up for an OS that didn't come with it. I have faith that soon Google will live up to Sprints standards and make a grou...
The difference between Android and WinMo is that some day, Android is going to actually be useful.
I guess I should be flattered. You copied my "work in progress" description but then went into your pro Sprint weirdness that you say EVERY TIME!

By the way, Andriod doesn't support a lot of features that Sprint likes to offer as you say BECAUSE th...
With Sprints history of bad management decisions, a very, very, long time 🤣
Android also doesn't support a lot of features that Sprint has to offer like live tv, video, stereo bluetooth, Infrared beam, and a other stuff Sprint customers are already use to having pre-installed.

The G1 is the first ...
Sprint does not need an android platform until the competion can keep up with its already great phones. The line up of great phones Sprint has everyone else seems to adopt after they prove themselves on Sprint amazing network. The palm Centro small co...
"I wondered why this went to t-mobile first now I know it just didn't meet Sprint's expectations"

You pretty much answered your own question. The only company whose expectations were met were T-mobiles

Oct 29, 2008, 6:27 AM

Dan Hesse made a smart move.

Considering some of the reviews I have seen on the G1 Android phone it seems to me that Dan Hesse made the best move possible. Rather than get the os on a phone while it is still having problems why not wait till the system has been improved. If he would have got it on a phone now all you would have heard would have been a bunch of whiners saying see Sprint put out another crappy phone. By waiting till the improvements have been made he gets to avoid all that. Probably just in time for those of us who got the Instinct to be up for another phone. Imho Dan Hesse is the best thing that has happened to this company in a long time.
T Mobster

Oct 27, 2008, 11:41 AM


Dan Hesse is huffing gold spray paint it appears....his crappy network who's towers he pawned to get some money to save the company isn't good enough for Android!! 🤣
Seriously? A guy named T-Mobster wants to talk about crappy networks? A friend of mine has the G1 and I think it is a really cool looking phone, but he couldn't get his internet to connect when he was trying to show me some of the features. We were...
it's like answering the question: "why is my deposit so high?"

while sprint may have its problems, i think its safe to say their network is still better then t-mobile

Oct 27, 2008, 12:06 AM

Pretty damning...

When you think that it's coming from Sprint, who has brought us such fine smartphones as the Palm Centro, HTC Apache, That-piece-of-garbage-that-came-before-the-HT C-Apache-that-was-supposed-to-get-an-EVDO update-but-never-did, the BETTER THAN IPHONE!!! HTC Mogul, Just about every Palm Treo, The-phone-from-hell Motorola Q, the is-this-a-joke HTC Touch, and let's not get started on the Nextel lineup.

I can understand Sprint focusing on user experience rather than novelty, but look at their track record- they've pretty much do nothing but bet on the wrong horse.

Why the hell are they showing this restraint on a platform that shows, you know, promise? Where the hell was this judgement when that POS HTC Touch got greenlighted? Or good god.....
Here are the facts:

Sprint was not the only carrier to carry most of the phones you are whining about. So lets look at the phones you specifically mention....
started with sprint, now also carried by VZW and ATT. if it were such a pos...
how are you going to say that android shows promise its only been one phone. come on now be for real. yea the OS is okay but we havent seen enough to say it shows promise it hasnt been out long enough.

Oct 28, 2008, 2:13 PM

TMobile, LOL

After reading all these fanboy responses knocking sprint left and right, you really need to get your facts straight. You honestly believe TMobile's coverage is greater and stronger than Sprint's? That's purely false. The G1 was turned down by Hesse because he chose not to include another useless operating system in our lineup. I say "our" because i currently work retention for Sprint and worked retail as well. And oh yes, i'm waiting for your ridiculous flame attempts too. You may be able to argue customer service scores vs. other carriers, although JDPower just awarded Sprint for improved customer service for what, the first time? Hesse has turned around companies and is proving himself since he started. Please try the service for a real am...
So a kid that knows little about anything (aw hell lets just name names-DiamondPro) comes into several forums crying "my carrier can beat up your carrier" 🤣

Most responses have been to cut the kid down to size a little and or get rid of him or...

Oct 27, 2008, 6:47 AM

does need some work...

I had the chance to play around with the G1 and found it very cool bet yet more of the same. The inerface is smooth but did find some latency issues and touch was not precise. Since Tmo's 3G is not operational in my area, I also found it difficult to enjoy the browsing experience. Sprint will offer android but I see where it needs to have the edges smoothed out first before release. Definitely a cool OS though.
agreed. every OS isnt perfect and thats why they release software patches for them after their initial release. this is androids first go-around and sometimes it takes customer feedback for developers to improve in particular areas. thats why there is...

Oct 27, 2008, 2:53 PM

first of all...

a phone and its OS are only as good as the network they're on. tmobile's network is shyte. i don't want to hear how great your coverage is...i don't want to hear it, try downloading something bigger than a ringtone and let me know how many days it takes you...you don't live where i live and i'm not talking about my house either i'm talking louisville ky and surrounding areas...every other network is fine in my area...i've worked a long time in the wireless industry...but thats of the subject. evidence positive a phone is only good as it carrier...att and the iphone. the i phone is a great piece of hardware, but everybody remembers all the security flaws, poor network performance and all around bugs with both launches, original and G3. s...
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