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Review: Palm Treo 750

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Is It Your Type? Body Three S's  

Jan 26, 2007, 3:01 AM   by Eric Lin

Our In Depth review of the latest and greatest in Palm's popular Treo line of PDA phones. See how this hot new 3G Windows Mobile device stacks up. NEW: Video tour

It's difficult when a device, especially one made by an American manufacturer, is released in Europe six months before it comes out in the States. Palm has a loyal following here in the US, but when they make fans wait half a year, will those fans hold out or will they opt for something younger and sexier?

Although Palm worked hard to trim some weight (and the antenna) from the new Treo 750, it still looks large and outdated when compared to the plethora of new thin Windows Mobiles that launched in the second half of 2006. However the Treo features several innovations that give it a leg up over the slimmer devices.


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This forum is closed.


Feb 1, 2007, 12:07 PM

Treo 750 Battery Life - The Real Story?

I am a Treo 650 user and am considering an upgrade to the 750. I have read conflicting reports on battery life. I have talked to two 680 users who said their battery life was unacceptable. I am curious if the 750 is really any better? I am receiving a fair amount of email during the day. Thanks for your opinion.

- Keith
The battery life is unacceptable uless you work at a desk job and can charge the thing during the day. I have never seen a bigger piece of sh@$! Palm/Cingular should get sued in a class action suit for even releasing this thing. It is a great phone...

Jan 26, 2007, 11:42 PM

Dropped Calls

I have also noticed the dropped calls. It only happens when UMTS is engaged. I have set the band to GSM instead of auto. I have not had one call drop while on GSM. I hope that the update for HSPDA will correct this.

You should test furthur selecting between the GSM and UMTS band.

As the Treo 750 is one of the best devices I have ever used.

Nice review



iDen: Original Nextels (Duel Set) maybe i205?

Nokie 8260 -> Nokie\a 2260 -> Nokie 3360 -> Motorola V60 -> V551 -> SDA (Unlocked) -> TYTN (Unlocked) -> TREO 750v (the Best!)

Sanyo VM4500 -> Sanyo 8200 -> Sanyo MM5500 -> Blackberry 7250 -> Motorola Q (The Best Smart Phone)
yes, i have had several dropped calls since Ive started using the 750. makes it hard to do business on the phone. Im returning the 750 because of it.
LOVE the 750! Previous device used was the 8125, so definitely appreciated the OK button. My first demo device was an unlocked Vodaphone 750v. Dropped calls constantly, no matter where I was. It would completely lose it's signal to the network, at...
Here we go again. Everyone loves the treos and there layout, but remember these are phones first and if the phone part is terrible that all the other pros of the phone dont matter.

I am a cellular dealer and 75% of my sales are PDA'S and the Treo 7...
🤨 Waiting for a firmware upgrade for fixing anything to do with the radio portion of the Treo 750. I have had a 700 (actually on the 5th now) and all with the same problems that you describe; full signal showing and dropped calls. Treo makes a wonde...

Feb 14, 2007, 5:23 PM

Sounds like an area problem...

I mean, TWO Treos that drop calls in the same vicinity?

Seeing as no one else has reported these problems, it seems like hardware is fine...it's just your the location of the test.
muchdrama said:
I mean, TWO Treos that drop calls in the same vicinity?

Seeing as no one else has reported these problems, it seems like hardware is fine...it's just your the location of the test.

That should hav...

Feb 1, 2007, 6:38 PM

8525 vs 750

No reply on last post...

So here goes nothing, can someone please explain the difference in Microsoft operating systems on these two different phones.

I am aware there are various versions of MS for phones but can't make out the subtle differences.

Need to do email and run applications on my phone, ideas please

Jan 28, 2007, 2:31 PM

Palm is the perfect name for these guys

Every other qwerty out there now is a lot thinner. Why does Palm insist on lagging behind? They might as well call it the new Palm "Brick" because that's what it feels like in your pocket, 20% lighter or not. Is it so hard to slim this device down? If Motorola can do it why can't Palm? I would have bought this device a long time ago to sync with my Mac... if it didn't look like luggage.

Here's all we need to know: The iPhone cometh. All fear the iPhone. Cheap plastic buttons, lame Windows Mobile and Palm OS, weak media players and stupid stylus pens: start making funeral arrangements now. All you PC loyalists still hanging on to the 80's metal dream need to wake up and see that Nirvana's "Nevermind" will soon be the end of you all.

I am a realist.Lets see what it really is like when we can actually wrap our hands around it and put it through its paces. Too many times a company has sold us a bill of goods,Apple included.But to condemn the other devices while what you are comparin...

Jan 29, 2007, 6:56 PM

Latest and Greatest?

Latest, yes. Greatest, no.

Jan 28, 2007, 6:32 PM

Cingular 8525

I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I just wanted to hear some more opinions.

I have 15 days left on my trail period and don't know enough about toe treo 750 to make the switch.

The 8525 has Wi-Fi capabilities, to me this is a huge perk. Although i don't rely on the internet like most buisness users do, I am always somewhere with a hot-spot and to me it its just free internet. Why pay for slow internet when you could hook up to fast internet for free?

As I have stated before, I have an old 8100, and it was not a very good phone, but a pretty good PDA. I also hear the updated 8525 is a very good phone.I also don't need the WiFi for business, but when I am at a hotspot, say an dairport, restaurant, I...

Jan 27, 2007, 1:08 AM

Opinion is Needed

I am an experienced Phonescooper and user of logic; I know this will be subject to preference.

Which device do you think I should get, thus is better, the Cingular 8525 or the Treo 750 (after the HSPDA upgrade, of course)?
I have been there and made that choice. I had the Tytn (8525) and it is powerful includes WIFI etc.

I switched in a heartbeat to the TREO 750. The form factor can not be beat. Ever try to dial a number one handed from the portrait screen on the 852...
I don't own either, but I've gotten to use both pretty extensively. They're both good, but I'd take the Treo over the 8525. Why? The Treo is lighter, and you can really tell the difference. Although they're relatively the same size, the Treo feels nic...

Jan 28, 2007, 12:32 PM

New to PDA Phones...

I am considering upgrading to a PDA phone. I am in the medical field and need to put multiple applications on the phone. Things like patient interview and pharmacy programs.

I am a bit mixed up on the different forms of Microsoft PC available on phones. Need something similar to what runs on my Dell PDA.

Considering 8525 and Palm 750, any insight to the ins/outs of these operating systems would be appreciated
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