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printed October 26, 2016
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Audiovox PPC-6600 / PPC-6601 / XV6600 (HTC Harrier)


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We Can't win


Mar 5, 2006 by gfna

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My 6600


Dec 18, 2005 by BIGHOPS2000


-yes, the ringtones and call volume are surprisingly soft. still, on full volume you WILL hear it. It just isnt your typical "annoy everyone around you when your phone rings" type phone. Anyone in a professional environment wont have a problem.

-the platform can't be updated. anything that can't be done on this platform can be done in a 3rd party application. If you don't want to pay for one...then you must not want the features bad enough. the feature were plenty during its release period.

-The pictures look great in the scope but one you hit "capture"...ewwwwww. They still look good once you transfer them over to your PC. And its a PDA phone....screw the camera. its good to have but really who buys a PDA becuase its has a "good camera"

-Battery life could be better. with the retractable usb sync cable/charger you won't care or have this problem.

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Awesome - Finally a Super Smartphone that Works


Dec 2, 2005 by ghdavis

Greetings... I have been actively searching for a "Do it All" smart phone for almost two months to replace my Palm T5 (great box) & cell phone. First attempt - I purchased a Palm Treo and was forced to use Earthlink (they use Sprint as their backbone), not a good combo. Treo is clean looking, design, etc. Bad Email / Internet service (mega slow because of WiFi)clumsey KB. Used it three day's sent it back. Second try - purchased the new Blackberry with T-Mobile. Old technology, very feature poor and the wort part was T-Mobile. Sent it back. Walked into a Verizon wireless store, noticed the xv66oo on the wall, inquired about it and purchased it, with service, for a paltry $150. HEAVEN! Broad Band Internet (DSL Speeds, not WiFi dial up)Push Email including Lotus, HeRes camera, voice recorder, streaming video, GREAT cell phone!

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Satisfied with Overall Quality


Nov 17, 2005 by allier

While this PPC has a few faults as many of the other posters have described in detail, it's overall quality is impressive. I have had the phone for over six months now and it has done a great job of reducing the amount of paper and clutter in my personal and professional life. It takes some time to get used to but with a few software installs and accessory purchases, it easily outdoes most, if not all, of what's on the market right now. I'd be lost now with its keyboard.

I still haven't found a case or bluetooth headset that I like though so if anyone has any recommendations on those or a software program you can't live without, I would love to hear them.

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Try it; you will return it


Sep 9, 2005 by bsf

I tried two phones with Sprint. Spent hours with Sprint Tier 2 to no avail.

-Great screen; but still hard to see outside during day.
-Neat slider
-Bluetooth works well with headset
-Syncs with Outlook 1st time everytime
-charges while in sync cradle
-reception is on the better side

-Too big; uncomfortable in your hand.
-Battery will not last full day.
-Phone locks up constantly. For no reason the phone will say unable to complete call as dialed and stays that way until someone calls you or you take the battery off and reset the phone. Went through this with two different phones several times per day.
-You can only sync with Outlook if you use default folders. If you have a local folder and a exchange calendar you will have to copy everything to your local folder which is cumbersome.

This phone was not stable enough for me and I returned it.

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Great Phone


Aug 22, 2005 by reneram

Pro's:This phone has Pocket PC 2003! It supports all of the features that my IPAQ had and my phone. Now I carry one piece of electronics. My carrier is Sprint in the Houston area and reception has been great. I use a Motorola BT headset and the pair together is outstanding. Everywhere I go, people are in awe. I carry at least 100 songs on my SD card that are playable in the media player, have several games and even maps of my frequently visited cities thanks to Pocket Streets. I even carry a Laridian Bible. I can even play back a slide show of pictures taken while on the road. I have all 6000 of my contacts on my phone instead of just 250 like my last phone.
Con:The quality of the pictures is marginal and the case is marginal.

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Not as useful as Treo


Aug 7, 2005 by tedg332

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Audiovox XV6600


May 20, 2005 by ycypress007

I've been looking for "THE" pocket PC phone, you know. One that has blue tooth, touchscreen, a memory card slot, a media player, a keyboard, a camera/video recorder, you know the stuff. I have finally found the one for me and probably for you. It can keep a mobile professional/business man happy with Microsoft Word, Email, and Broadband Internet, it can keep children happy with games, a large touchscreen, and the recording capabilities, it can keep an average person happy with blue tooth technology, Windows Media Player, a camera/video recorder w/voice recorder, and of course a phone. This phone has everything and its so cool. But before i get to the good stuff let me say the cons; well the battery life is incredibly short, and it may have occasional poky reception, there are quick fixes for those cons and they are to buy and extra battery and keep it which you and/or bring the charger. Then buy a signal booster, which are mainly small and cheap. Now on my 6600 I can do almost anything, if you buy the right software your pocket PC can be as productive as mine, right now on my pocket PC i can view the weather in Asia on real time radar, can monitor 4 different rooms in my house in real time, i can find my exact location and speed, i can turn on my TV, and change channels, i can even edit picture, video and audio, i can create and play power point presentations, i can remote control my PC, and I can even watch live TV, and more! All by the right software, feel free to contact my email for software info. So basically this is the best pocket PC ever, up to this date, you just can't beat it, what's next Audiovox?

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Fuggettaboutit !!!


Aug 17, 2005 by DMZ

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The best PDA in the market!!!!!


May 8, 2005 by SPY050

I am a gadget freak that looks for the best of the best when it comes to cellular phones/PDA. I have had the Treo 650 since December 2004 and I like it,but i prefer Windows pocket PC versus the Palm Os because its nicer looking and its what I'm used to on my laptop. Ok, enough of that and lets get to this phone that i just got six hours ago.

Pros:- Too many to list. I do want to mention the excellent sized screen and that I'm able to go into my yahoo account and actually download lengthy videos and pictures sent by friends and family. This is something i could not do on my Treo 650. In addition, im amazed with its greats looks and excellent graffiti recognition. Furtheremore, I purchased the unlimited data plan for 44.99 and boy, let me tell you that with its EVDO connection,this BAD BOY makes internet surfing/downloadind a fun and exciting experience due to EVDO's fast speeds and reliability. As a result to this, I'm EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH MY PURCHASE.

CONS: Battery has been my enemy on all the different PDA's I have had and its still my enemy on my new XV6600. I charged it for 6 hrs and i then played with it for about 3Hrs at full blast running Windows Media player,camera,txt/pix mesg and of course internet surfing. And as a result, the battery is at 43%. I really hope by charging it all night it has better battery life.

I got a good deal with my carrier, VZW. The pda was $449.00 and its worth every single dollar!!!!!!!!!! IF U R A TECHNOLOGY FREAK AMD LIKE THE BEST OF THE BEST, BUY THE XV6600. HIGHLU HIGHY RECOMENDED;-]

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