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o wow


Jul 4, 2007 by cellfonemaniac06

welllll....... my daddy bought me this fone and it was fun for a while. its very lame tho.

good stuff:
1. outside caller id
2. u can charge while you're talking
3. has an external antenna

bad stuff:
1. low memory
2. lame ringtones
3. lame wallpaper
3. and its kinda big

its okay and gets me thru the day but i need somethin else to make me happy but this will have to do for now

Awesome Phone


Jun 29, 2007 by manningkd24

I've had this phone for a month I'm very very happy with it. I have had no trouble with dropped calls, bad reception, or bad battery life. I would recommend this phone to anyone, especially those with low vision like me.


Loud ringtones
Works great in vibe mode
Excellent call quaility
Great reception
Excellent battery life
Large colorful screens
User-friendly menus
Easy to use texting
Nice exterior and interior look and feel


RealTones don't sound too great, they sound too distorted.
Web browser is slow, but it was slow on my old LG 4270 also
The exterior of the phone shows fingerprints, but that's okay.

Not really many cons to list. Basically its a good phone for anyone who just wants something simple and basic with a few bells and whistles.

so far so good


Jun 26, 2007 by cuzitwasgood

i just got this phone for metro pcs in detroit area. so far it works well for my needs.
i wanted a camera phone but it simply wasnt in my budget. my friend convinced me it wasnt necessary since i have 2 cameras that i carry around with me anyway. i also have an ipod so i dont need an mp3 player on my phone. my boyfrined has one, and it only plays about 9 songs anyway. lol. & i dont care about bluetooth.

so i chose this one cuz it looks pretty nice.

-sleek design but not flimsy. (i wanted as big a flip phone as i could find, so it would be hard to break...unlike a razr...which i hate) this one isnt HUGE but you can tell its solid.
-the keys are nice & easy to txt on.
-the external display is perfect. i dont have to worry about it getting scratched.
-im not sure if its the service or not, but i get good reception. my boyfrineds house NOBODY gets reception. its like he lives underground. i mean NO bars for tmobile, verizon, or nextel. now that i have metropcs & this phone, I DO. im the only one around here who can sit INSIDE the house & talk on the phone.
-i like the menus. im used to them from my last motorola & even the few stuff that was different, i learned quickly.

-the usb port ONLY charges the phone unless you buy some extra crap from motorola.
-im praying that i wont have problems with the earpice like my last motorola.
-when i got mine there werent any games on it. i get bored a lot. (that could just be metro pcs)
-i havent found a way to change the two upper internal softkeys. i dont think that is customizable
-batterylife isnt that great

things people had problems with:
-the menus can be sped up by turning off ANIMATION
-to have web and download stuff, you have to have that service.
-if you want to get to a certain person in ur contacts, press the first letter of their name. then you wont have to go thru all of the contacts to get to them.
-you can customize vibrations, beeps, & tones when you recieve a call or message.

Good Phone Overall


Jun 26, 2007 by tinad23600

I was considering two Metro PCS phones when I went in to make my purchase - this model, and the Motorola V323i (due to a higher rating here on Phone Scoop as well as the added bonus of a built-in camera). However, the $25 rebate that was being offered was too good to pass up (add the fact that it was $40 cheaper BEFORE the rebate than the V323i and that I have a digital camera in which to take pictures and it was a done deal for me).


+The menu is a breeze to learn and easy to navigate. It literally took 10 minutes to familiarize myself with it to the point of not even needing to read the manual (but I did anyway).
+Nice, simple (but great to have) features such as a memo recorder, and voice commands.
+External screen is perfect. At first I thought that it was going to be too small, but it is able to provide all of the info that I need when a call or message comes in.
*USB charger.
*Aesthetically pleasing and seems rather solid.
+Great volume.


While few, these are the ones that I am most concerned with.

-The battery life. I am not quite certain what is wrong with my phone or battery, but 20-30 minutes of talk time reduces my battery meter from a full capacity number of 6 to a 4.
-Reception is not as clear as my old phone (a very old LG brand). I constantly find myself saying, "pardon me?" while speaking to others, as I cannot clearly hear them. And today as I was speaking to someone at a company that I called, they asked if I had trouble speaking (?) and asked if I used some sort of vocal aid in which to speak!?!
-The antenna (as many have mentioned before) seems very fragile.
-People have had trouble hearing me when on speakerphone.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase of this phone thus far. Its features are more than enough to keep me happy by doing what a phone is supposed to do - make calls. If you desire a phone that makes calls and can do minor (necessary) things, this phone is worth the price.

Don't Buy


Jun 23, 2007 by Mzmelymel

I've had this phone through Cricket for three weeks. I dropped it and the screen is blank. Can someone tell me how I can get another phone without having to pay a deductible to Cricket? They don't work with their customers, and their customer care line is always in a loop. I don't care for this phone and for cricket. Cricket's return policy isn't worth anything! Cricket's phones are too expensive and they don't give you any discounts!! I can barely hear my callers with the speaker phone. The so called "web" is slow.

Hello Moto OH NO!


Jun 14, 2007 by K-rosyrup

Of all the many phones I've owned, this one was the worst! I've had it replaced twice in 6 months and the same software issues keep happening.
I spoke with a service rep. who said it was possibly a bad batch of phones. He suggested sending the second phone back. The phone won't stay on without the charger plugged in. It rotates from the Hello Moto logo to the menu screen and then a "no service" message and back to hello moto every 5 seconds or so.
I bought a new charger just to make sure, and that wasn't the problem. Just serious sofware issues. The only reason I even gave it a 1.0 is because it looked nice.

BAD phone for old people


May 29, 2007 by ajstrong

If I was a kid, or someone that has a working knowledge of phones, I may get this phone, and like it, b/c with Verizon, it's cheap (the free phone where I work). That brings alot of older people who "just want a simple phone" and think that simple means free. in this case, it does NOT. the menu functions are cryptic at best for those that have not entered this technological era, and down-right confusing and intimidating if you don't know which button to press.

Obviously, that is all phones for old people, but as another user mentioned, the LG vx 3000 series is much less confusing, and has a more intuitive menu style (for the older customers at least).

I have spent HOURS speaking with and attempting (with little success) to explain why the menu is the way it is, and have been asked why the phone is so hard to use; aside from MOTOcrap and the user, I can't really tell them why.

the ok button is WAY too small, and there should be an easier way to access the speaker than the weird button beneath the volume control.

good for work, or elderly folks


Jan 13, 2007 by chancegx

this is a GREAT phone for anyone who wants a simple easy to use phone, but doesn't need all the technology. perfect for elderly folks. my personal phone is a sony ericsson w300-has all add ons- but i needed a phone to use in my small restaurant that i own to take orders. this phone does what a phone needs to do, but nothing else.


easy to use

good reception-with cricket, in Pittsburgh

loud and clear-I can hear my customers, and they can hear me even when i have a lot of background noise

solid-feels like it can take some wear and tear

big enough screen and key pad

battery last long, i don't talk on it long or often, so i don't know yet how good talk time is yet


it's a Motorola- i have had a LOT of issues with Motorola in the past

has usb but cant do much with it except charge the phone

vibrates for 2 rings before it makes a noise

when vibrate is off, ring starts soft then gets louder

menu is a little weird to navigate, some things are hard to find

all in all i would say if you don't need your camera to make calls, and you don't need your phone to take pictures, and this phone is at your price range, it's a good phone to buy. But if you want more out of a phone then use the "Phone Finder" to pick out a more capable phone.

Piece of Crap


Jul 17, 2007 by Ms. Renee

i hate this Phone...i own it now !! i cant wait til i get my new one!! it dosnet work good!! it scratches easy!!! It frezzes really easy it is jus so stupid and the screen looks flushed!! i cant stand it at all!! and my attena sucks ass too!! do not buy this phone it is a waste of freakin money i swear!!!

Just not a Keeper


Oct 15, 2006 by celldawgg

I gave this phone a 2 simply b/c of its looks and design. After that im not sure it's a keeper. My work gave us 262's and this phone replaces them! I have had problems with signal. I use Alltel for my personal phone so i know its the phone not service. The menu's on mine seem to creep along slllllooooowwwww. Why? I dont know. I do not like scrolling thru the phone book like i did the 262. Im not impressed with the menu's at all. Battery life is a 2.5 out of 5. I'm not impressed with that either. There is really nothing on this phone that sticks out as FUN or NEAT or an EYE opener. It reminds me of a weak pebble model. I just don't think this phone is a keeper, i would'nt recommend. As for phones i have tried thru Alltel- All the nokia's, moto v710, e815, 262. Also to LG's that are out as well as two Samsungs. The u420 is HOT and i would recommend that as a keeper. The moto 815 is a keeper as well- Awesome signal!

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