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Samsung SCH-A990 an Upgrade?


Aug 26, 2006 by Vulcan-Nomad

I've had this phone for 4 days now. I like photography and since this cell phone has one of the nicest camera's I decided to buy it.
- size and shape,I may be in the minorty but I don't like the super thin type phones, such as the Razors. Since the A990 is almost the same size as the E815 I liked it as soon as I picked it up.
- looks,I think it has a very slick look to it, very professional and the exterior display is clear and sexy.
- Interior and Exterior Displays, the interior display is as large as the E815, but better color definition.
-Camera, The most inovative thing with this cell phone/camera is that fact you can open up as a regular clam shell type but then you can rotate the display around and fold down to get a full horizontal picture.I took some pics and they look pretty good, not great (compared to my real digital camera's) but for a cell phone not bad. Complete list of controls.
- Video! I was surprised to see how nice the video is. In bright light very good! Movement isn't blurry or choppy, fabulous to have on a phone this size.
-Trans-Flash card, wouldn't purchase a phone with-out one! Easy transferring my pics, videos. Endless amount of memory, I use a 1 gig Trans flash card.
-Buttons (exterior), on the side are well thought out. I don't have any problems using cases that change the settings when you lean or clasp the case too tightly.
-Speaker is clear and in a good location to listen.

- Interior center button is way too small and cumbersome.
- Verizon's generic software look. Can't change the overlook of the displays.
-Camera operation: you have to open up the phone and hit the photo/video button first and then hit the Take button.
-Reception and transmitting, not as good as the Motorola E815.
-Calendar is hard to read, the days you have noted, they are hard to see the highlighted color.

In and all I decided to keep the A990. If it wasn't for the Camera/Video it would be just another average cell phone.

Phone makes my wife happy


Jul 27, 2006 by chineseguy

I really appreciated everyone's comments in helping me make my purchase so I want to add my 2 cents. This will be long, but just wanted to put all I can into it.

I bought it for my wife's birthday. She likes it more for having the latest phone and the camera and the music. She's happy though :)

My personal review?

It's a great phone. Pricey-yes...but if you got the money and plan on holding onto your phones for awhile it's worth it. (Her last phone was a Motorola V60)

The Verizon interface is difficult like everyone says, but you get used to it. I had to refer to some of the controls for the phone functions in the manual. It's not that intuitive. (e.g. To take a picture using the outside button, you have to push once on the button, release, hold still for 2 seconds to auto-focus, and than it will snap a shot.)

We both liked the shape of the phone. Sure the hottest thing right now is the RAZR, but personally I think the perfect-sized phone is in this shape and we like the clam-shell style. The feel of the phone is good too. It feels solid and heavy-duty. Not like some of these phones that feel like they'll snap in two.

Music sounds good. What do you expect from tiny little speakers? Conversion of music files to WMA is not much of a hassle. I used JetAudio available for download free from www.download.com.

The outside screen is dark, but I think they do it on purpose to preserve the battery. If they made it bright, I'm sure everybody would be complaining about the battery drain. (When you plug it for charging the screen lights up bright.)

The camera part of the phone is the real reason why I purchased it for her. It sure is cool to flip that phone top around and boom...you got yourself a camera.

4.5 because I don't like the Verizon interface and tiny top keys.

(Still holding onto my Motorola V60...maybe the Chocolate?)

P.S. Bought on 7/23. It's 7/26 and she's still excited and thanking me for the gift. :P



Nov 29, 2006 by P850lvr

There is a GSM version of this phone that not to many know about, its called the Samsung SGH-Z710. It has the same design and fetures without all the hassle of verizon and CDMA crap.

-3.2 MP
-Swivel Screen
-Lens cover (Somthing most clamshell phones don't have)
-Screen Color quality
-Silver accents
-All Features
-Fits into almost every case
-No antenna!!

-Heavier than most phones
-External screen kinda small

Overall: 5.0
Great phone if money isn't a problem and even if it is, SAVE UP 4 IT!!! Totaly worth it.

Good quality


Aug 7, 2006 by RShACkSUX

Phone feels very good in your hand. It's weight and size make it feel like a real phone..however for some people with smaller hands and females might complain it's too big.

Coming from the E815, there are some pros and cons as expected so if you're buying this phone full retail, it might not be worth the money to you. I bought it full retail, but I'm dealer...had to.


Cmon..the camera
The Camera
Good weight and feel
UI doesnt lag like Razrs, although VZW UI does blow
Outer LCD bright enough, conserves power
Oh yeah, the Camera.
Camcorder's refresh rate is unbelievable..
Supports 2 gig Transflash card

Battery life is weak, as expected
RF is weak.
Camera isn't PERFECT
Can't zoom on high quality setting
When sending pics, phone downsizes quality to 2 mp automatically..*MAJOR problem*
Charging port is awkward with the plastic attached to the size of the port
When pressing side buttons to light up the outer LCD like you do on most phones, this phone's LCD does not light up. Must open phone to check time
Text messaging cannot be set to default to Word
Weak RF makes VZ navigator useless alot as it loses signal often.

As far as value goes, I wouldnt buy this phone. However I'm a jackass and I decided to anyway. I'd recommend it to people who arent happy with their phone as it is. But if you like your current phone at least a little but, steer clear. It's alot of money for not much extra. Your money is better spent elsewhere.



Jul 3, 2007 by Davebizarre

I was hesitant about purchasing the phone. being that it's 2007 and it's the flagship phone of 2006. Nevertheless I bought it.

I am thoroughly pleased. The pics are good. The signal strength is good, the battery life could be better which is why I'm buying the extended battery. So far no complaints!!! I think this is the best quality phone verizon is offering now. It's very solid, big readable screen.

Big screen
The camera works great
You can crop and re-size pictures
Excellent signal
Very Sturdy / Solid
Get it Now
Get it Pix & Flix

The cons
Battery Life (gotta get the ext batt)
When you flip face it automatically goes to Camera Function, you cannot search web / e-mail when face is flipped.

So far that's it.. Only had it for a week. I'll add more after learning it.

Outstanding Phone


Oct 4, 2006 by msw04002

There is nothing at all that could be better about this phone. I have had the Moto Q, E815, Razr, and 9800. By far the best camera and user interface.

3.2 Megapixel Camera
lens cover
Bright Vibrant Screen
Signal Strength
Size and weight
Swivel Screen
Great Speakers

Volume rocker in weird place
External screen not great resolution
No data cable or software included
Adapter for headset is awkward
cannot take pics with phone closed

Overall this is an outstanding phone. I just wish verizon didnt limit the phone so much. HINT!!! If you convert an audio file to .mid and save to my sounds you can use it as a ringtone.

Good phone, but beware of Verizon's limitations


Sep 21, 2006 by Scorpio73

It just isn't 4 me. And it's not the phone - It's the Network (pun intended), Verizon. They claim 2 have the "best" network in the nation, and this may be true for VOICE, but when it comes to DATA, not so. Can't speak 4 the rest of the nation, but where I live (San Jose) Sprint is better 4 data. Verizon can't even handle a 128 kbps audio stream (Sprint can). Verizon is anti-customer greedy corporation. YOU CANNOT TRANSFER PICTURES USING BLUETOOTH. Verizon actually got sued for leaving this feature off their Motorola V710. Their response? They did it again.Their Razr can't transfer via bluetooth. This phone can't. In fact, NO Verizon phone can. (Verizon wants you to use their picture messaging service, which they charge you for.) Also, Verizon limits size of picture messages to 300 kilobytes. Some of the 1.2 megapixel cameraphones out there occasionally exceeded this limit, and the 3+ megapixel a-990 ROUTINELY exceeds this limit. When you take a picture, it is stored at 2048 x 1536 but sends at a lower resolution. ONLY WAY to get the full resolution pics off of the phone is with a micro-SD card. Also, Verizon claims a990 can send pictures "to any bluetooth-enabled printer". IT DOES NOT HAVE THIS FEATURE. Voice quality is clear, including on speakerphone. I was impressed with the # of websites that I could go to on the Mobile Web 2.0 WAP browser. Screen is VERY high resolution (240 x 320) and 18-bit color (262,144 colors). Did not try the MP3 Player, but it uses Verizon's VCAST music service. Has the standard Verizon user interface. Phone lacks enough memory, but it does a good job telling you exactly where the memory is being allocated. It comes with Instant Messaging. Again, Verizon's GREED shows up here, because the instant messaging USES YOUR TEXT MESSAGE ALLOWANCE!! Pure greed. Verizon gives you unlimited MobileWeb, which uses a lot more bandwidth than text messaging, since it has graphincs, pix, etc.
But they milk you on IM. Verdict: Great phone, bad company



Jul 7, 2006 by NIetzsch12

OK I'm bias. I've been waiting for a phone with a camera that us USEFUL for sometime. I DO NOT want to carry a separate phone and camera. I like the fact that it has both in one. I've only used it for a few house but

Calls sound good .. Paired with my Moto 850 and Plantronics 640 with no problems

Ring quality is LOUD I love this as I work in a noisy environment.

The camera has alot of options an settings. ISO included.

You can block the nasty red front screen by opting for the non digital clock

I don't have a memory card yet so I don't have any update as to the sound of the music. Tho to be honest I won't use it that much

I like the fact that each port on the phone: battery, MicroSD and ear phones all have covers that slide or pop off but stay connected and yes the lens does have a slider cover

Size is comparable to my 815 only lighter

This is a quick first impression. The only cons of course are the nasty UI and it doesnt have a shortcut to set the phone to vibrate. Either that or I havent found it yet and I read the book twice. You have to open the phone and use the volume up and down .. not a HUGE con but a minor one.

I only give it a 4 for now because I dont want to rate it a 5 when I havent used it much yet. I'll write more later or if anyone has Q's email me

As for the price. I'm a phone freak I have a Sidekick 3 and a Cingular (work pays) Moto 557 until the N80 comes out .. I think so far its worth it but i'll reserve comment until I use it more.

It has everything I want in a phone
Good Camera
Ease for txt messaging

The UI has to go but besides that so far so good

very happy with this purchase


Jul 20, 2006 by greg2111

i just recieved this phone and i like it alot i had the samsung 970

the camera is great its a one of a kind phone the mp3 buttons are on the side to the genius that said it didnt have outside mp3 buttons with the 1g mem card there isnt anything you cant do with this phone

the only thing i hate is the restricted bluetooth but thats not going to change or the ui that verizon has chose

overall 4.5

Wow this phone has it all


Jul 21, 2006 by honors21

I have had this phone for a few days and put it to the test.

Pro: Great RF calls very clear
Loud Speakerphone
Great pictures and video
Can hook into a t.v to see pictures and video A real cool feature.
Can hook into a scanner to print pictures.
Can hear clear with the bluetooth headset.
Music is loud and clear
External buttons for the music

Con: The only con is the phone does not have the updated U.I but thats ok the has everything else. Way to go Samsung and Verizon you got this one right.

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