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Decent phone for the money


Jan 4, 2008 by Scarypanchita

Battery Life
Decent Sound Quality
Basic Phone
No Bluetooth or Camera
Sluggish response on things such as IM etc.

Basically all in all the phone is a decent buy. It can be purchased for 40 bucks for Tmobile. Decent buy for the money and it gets the job done. I would check into other options if you have more money to do so though.

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Very Nice phone.


Jul 5, 2007 by lefteyeiu2006

So far so good, this phoen is very good. My only complaint is that you can't change the color scheme, so you're stuck with blue colored signal bars, but hey, there are millions of people who live on 2 bucks a day or less, so you know, I can live with this.

Now here's what's important: Great signal, crystal clear calls, long battery life, very sleek design, I LOVE the keypad (Nokia hit it home with the keypad!) and this phone was cheap.

And, unlike the Razr phones, if you drop this one, it won't be destroyed forever.

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Cute - but not functional


Oct 30, 2007 by dlc110161

I have always been very pleased with Nokia phones which is why I went hunting for a Nokia bar phone to replace my very outdated bar phone. I picked this one up and immediately had troubles...

Reading the screen is not at all easy. Certainly can not see this phone when outside or in bright light. I've maxed out the Contrast which helps SOME.

Pressing the Menu button is quite difficult. There are times when I have to press it multiple times to get it to respond - especially when attempting to answer a call or locking / unlocking the keypad.

Frankly, I'm on the lookout for a phone to use as a replacement for this thing.


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Great classic Nokia


Jun 27, 2007 by atotic

I've had classic Nokias for years. I love "just a phone" that is simple to use. And this one delivers just that. I was pleasantly surprised by the reception and voice clarity. My last Nokia (6030) had very bad reception at my house, and this one has no problem at all. It is good enought to be my primary phone everywhere. Another nice touch is a non-slip back cover, it falls out of my pocket less often. The screen is brighter and has better resolution.

I've tried running Google Maps on it, but it runs out of memory whenever I try to access traffic information.

This might be my favorite classic Nokia so far.

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So far so good


Oct 29, 2009 by DSchwiz

Very small, nice design, no problems with volume or key size as other have stated. Only had it for two days, so we'll see after a couple of months. Great signal and call quality so far, no surprise. Replacing a Motorola F3, so this is an upgrade. Will try to come back in a while and leave more insight.

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I think I found a replacement for my sync


Sep 23, 2009 by narn3049

Okay, so I previously had the samsung a707 sync, and I began to have problems with it, then it died, It could have been something with the sim card, it could have been the battery, and it was over it's warranty. So I went to walmart to see what new phones they had there. Well this phone was on sale. As prepaid. I just switched my sim card out and was on my new phone. I did previously have a Nokia 1600 and 1110i (they kind of are matching from previous card phone service) and I just loved those phones. This phone is easy to use and is great for the senior citizen. The only reason I am giving this device a 4.5 is because of the phone having no camera.

On the bright side it has the sims and I love the sims, it has just always (i dont know been a fun game, and so I got the whole series that was able for this phone.

The ringtones are great in sound and just are great in general. If you do like texting then this phone *might* not get the job done. I would find you suitable for the Samsung Jack, Propel, something with the keyboard.

I am a big texter and you still can text well however I feel i was 99 times faster on the sync. Also I feel more confident that when i drop this phone its not going to break in like 300 peices, compaired to what my 200 dollar razor thin phone did to me.

Call quality:
I have not had a dropped call ever on this phone, whereas, samsung you got me 2 to 3 a day.

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The Nokia 2610.


Sep 23, 2009 by Cellular Phone

Pros: great reception, long battery life, compact and portable, and it has loud volume and ringers. Easy to text, easy to use, phone functions better if you delete all the preinstalled games, themes, tones, and graphics. Nice keypad,

Cons: small screen, sometimes hard to see, but I keep my wallpaper turned off so I can see the display well even outside. This phone is so tiny compared to my Nokia 6010. I wish it were the same length and size, etc, but hey, it's a good upgrade.

The battery life is great, at 1020mAH I am not complaining.

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I came back to this phone.


Feb 24, 2009 by ATnT Nokia

I had this phone from 2007 to early 2008 when I upgraded to a smart phone. I had so much trouble with the smart phone that I finally decided to get a new phone I decided to go out and buy a Nokia 2610 prepaid kit and use it on my plan.

Why? Simple. The Nokia 2610 has stellar battery life, clear reception, strong signal, strong durability,and it is easy to use. I also bought a leather case for the phone so it is hard to destroy. I never had any issues with the phone, except a lack of features, but you know what? More expensive models often exchange durability and functionality for bells and whistles. you get all that jazz, but you also get a buggy phone that has signal issues, short battery life, and poor call quality. With the Nokia 2610, I don't have these problems.

With the Nokia 2610, you may not get the bells and whistles, but if you want a phone that works well and will last you forever with no issues, I suggest you run out and get a Nokia 2610.

AT&T also has the 2600 classic which is nowhere near as good as the 2610. If you have AT&T or T-Mobile and want a good basic GSM phone, get the Nokia 2610 and get a leather case for it and you will have a reliable phone to last you through a whole contract and then some!

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all you really need


Feb 4, 2009 by knuckleballer34

This one's short and sweet. The 2610 is a basic phone that has excellent reception, call quality, and durability. If you just make calls and want something reliable, this is a good investment. For those of you looking to improve your reception, this phone will do the trick for you. No frills or gadgets, but it gets the job done with the best of them.

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2610: Great basic phone.


Feb 3, 2009 by BaiLes

Where: Houston and surrounding areas.
Who: T-Mobile.

I'm the type of person that needs a phone FIRST. This is the perfect phone in that sense.

After wearing down the Nokia 3220 to the point of being embarrassed to use it in public (however, the phone itself works just fine), I decided to switch to the 2610.

Can't change the color of the antenna and battery bars. Kind of annoying!

The center of the menu key makes a clicky noise when I press it. Kind of wish that wasn't the case, especially if I'm trying to be discrete in a quiet room.

2MB of memory. Not the best for storing a whole bunch of pictures you receive from relatives.

Neutral: A camera would've been nice, even if it was just a VGA. I'm not one to take a bunch of pictures with my phone, but would like the option.

Sound quality -- awesome. People hear me and I hear them. I expect nothing less from Nokia.
Ok screen
Customizable selection keys, as well as D-Pad keys.
Great battery life!
Customizable text size for text messaging.
Can make the screen saver a digital clock.

Great phone :)

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