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Samsung SCH-A870 / Siren


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Feb 20, 2007 by mthrgs519

When we bought this phone we thought it was great. But within a couple of weeks speaker phone button got stiff then you had to turn the phone off back on to get speaker phone to turn off. Was a bad buy the next thing was it said initial programing needed, verizon worked with this phone for 45 minutes called samsung did a master reset no do could find no physical or liquid damage said it was a manufactures defect. Now then date of purchase October 06 date of loss February 07. This phone sucks! The only good things I have to say is sound quality was great no dropped calls.

Ok, but one major problem...


Nov 21, 2006 by MaxPSimspon

I have had this phone for about a week. Me and my boyfriend got the same phones. I liked the phone for the most part. My problems with the phone are 1) the internal antenna. Any time your finger is on the antenna you start to break up, but there really isn't a comfortable place to put your hand/finger while on the phone without touching the antenna; 2) the camera takes horrible pictures; 3) the memory isn't that great, I only had about 4 pics on the phone and had to delete one to download my ringback tone; 4) the battery life isn't that long and 5) I couldn't get the voice recognition system to work even after following the instructions to the "T". The phone looks nice and if the things I listed above were better, I would love this phone. I have exchanged it for the LG VX 8300, after I have used it for a week I will review that one.

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reception is poor even in good conditions


Jan 11, 2007 by cdk35

I got this phone in Oct and have had it replaced once and will have it replaced again soon. Verizon is my carrier, and I never previously had the same issues with bad receptions and poor calls in the DC area (dropped, words garbled, feedback sounds, etc--even with 3+ bars of reception, sitting stationary in my house...) My previous Samsung, the A650, NEVER had these issues. I will have to return this phone a total of 3x before Verizon will let me change models. This model had good reviews here and on CNET.com--go figure as this one is pretty bad in my experience... I think it's the internal antennae, as my old one had an external antennae.



Sep 29, 2006 by surf22hard

I wanted and inexpensive bluetooth phone with a camera and speakerphone and that is exactly what I got. I couldn't be happier!!!

I Had Echo Problems


Aug 30, 2007 by glamorousgryl

I have US. Cellular and I had echo problems with this phone from day one. Just about every person I called said they either heard a echo or I sounded far away, I would even turn down the volume while on the phone with the person and that still would not help. Plus when I closed the phone it did a little vibration not like the phone is on vibrate ring mode just a little vibration which I thought was pretty wierd I never experienced anything like that before. I ended up having to return it the next day due to echos.

i hate samasung sch-a870!!!!!!!


May 8, 2007 by TJDAPLAYA2000

i give retard of a fone a half a point and the only reason is becouse the camera is good but ima tell u da ___real____ pros and cons aight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good camera
good signal
can put a picture on outside of phone
loud ringtones

cons (get ready is a list) (for metro):
no usb cord
internet slo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no yahoo im or im period metro sucks
limited signiture like you can only use 12 characters
you cant save stuff you record as ringtones
not even the ones people send you
wallpaper sucks!!!!!
if you put a pic as a wallpaper it doesnt cover the whole screen
no video
you can record all the songs in the world but cant do anything with them
bluetooth sucks [...] i dont even understand you cant do anything with 2 phones

Ed. note: removed foul language

Its ok


Nov 18, 2006 by aarona1991

This is a really nice, compact phone. I really like the white key-pad lights, and the camera. I really don't like that the screen is so far up from the buttons, and that the screen is small. The verizon UI, I HATE IT! A nice phone, with some lame feats, and on verizon. :(

Poor sound quality


Nov 1, 2006 by scrosler

This phone is awsome for the price except one thing. The sound is bad! Like a reviewer stated earlier, it seems like every other word is missed. When listening to people on the other end, this phone will just go quiet for about one second every 5 or 10 words. The phone breaks up real bad. I thought the phone was defective so I brought it in to the local retail outlet and they swapped it out pretty hassle free. The second phone is even worse. It breaks up terribly. It even broke up while walking to my car after leaving the retail store. I called Verizon Customer Service again and they are now sending me an LG 8300 and taking this phone back.

I wont say the phone is terrible. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it online. Its extremely compact and light weight. I think the color scheme and the white buttons look awsome. When you CAN hear the caller they are very clear and loud and not tinny at all. Everyone I spoke to on the phone said I sounded very clear and loud. Too bad I cant hear them!

I would not recommend this phone to anyone, no matter how budget minded. Spend the extra money for an LG 8300 and you will certainly be more satisfied.

Don't Buy


May 9, 2007 by Mzmelymel

I've had this phone for Two weeks and I have Cricket i get a lot of dropped calls and the battery gets real hot and I went to the Cricket kiosk, and I got another battery and it still does the same thing. A few people say that I cut out when I'm talking. Don't waste your money. It's not worth over a hundred dollars.

The speaker phone sucks, the camera is alright. I prefer the 1.3 camera. I have insurance on the phone. I'll see if I can get a different phone.

The worst Voice Quality we have ever heard !


Aug 31, 2006 by theatermax


We tested this weeks ago.. The worst voice quality ever on any VZW phone.. The person on the other end thinks you are on some horrible headset or something.. We tested 2 units and they are bad. Samsung has let the voice quality deterioate from the 930 and forward..

If they dont fix this stuff , they will be out of the cell phone business.

Goto any VZW store and call your friend from the 870 and then call him from the 8300 and have him toggle back and forth between calls, he will hear that the Samsung is almost unusable..

Try this , it's horrid!!!

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