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Jul 28, 2008 by romeo0830

ok this phone is the best phone I have ever had, I had to just write a review because I have never had a better phone and I have had about 10 already. Some of the phones I have had were the krazer, the razr, samsung t439(Free Phone from Tmobile that sucked) and a sony ericsson t300. The k800i beats out all of these phones 10x and plus.

Now I have never had the k550 or the k850i but to tell you the truth I did alot of research on these similar model phones and I would say none could match up on what you get as far as technology is concerned anyway. This phone has it all including 2 camera lenses, one in the front and one in the front for the 3g video conversations. So when it came down to it between looks I was leaning towards the k550 but the weight of the phone was a issue, it was only 3 ounces and feels like a babys toy and for 50 dollars more you can get a 3.2 mp camera vs a 2mp camera and you get the 3g which is really big to me.

Pros: State of the art technology plus the simplicity in the phone is easy to understand.

2 camera lenses
loud ring tones,
crystal clear pictures
video recorder
video playback
call quality is excelent

Work of art phone. I would have to say sony makes the best cell phones comparing to some big names like motorola and nokia. I honestly think nokia makes very cheap looking phones but thats me. Motorola's camera phones are terrible they dont even deserve to be called 1.3 mp when I had a t439 samsung that was 1.3 and took pictures like a 2 mp camera phone.

I bought the phone of amazon.com and also make sure u get the k800i vs the k790 because you definitley want the 3g and the cost is not a big difference.

$250 shipped to my house.

(Camera, Video Recorder, 3g, Music Player all for 250 dollars, not to mention it makes phone calls lol) Definitley worth it!!!!

NO CONS The phone is a nice weight very durable and finger prints is not really a issue even though is not a flip phone the screen is pretty finger print proof.

A++ Phone

Best sonyericsson phone to date


Oct 13, 2006 by Pinolo77

Pros: Excellent camera (for a phone), good audio quality and software (Disc2Phone), stable Firmware, RSS reader, Browser, very good software package
Cons: Bigger than previous models, screen seems delicate, another memory stick standard (hope it is going to be the last!)
great phone!

Not a smartphone, some features missing if you consider it as such. But as a phone with camera and mp3 player, this phone is the best I have seen. I own one, a K800 (UMTS version) and have to say it just went far beyond my expectations.
Screen is bright and looks nice in all light conditions, music sounds awesome. There is no difference, except MegaBass (TM) from a Walkman branded SonyEricsson.
The camera easily replaces lower end digital camera both quality-wise as well as feature-wise. The Xenon flash light allows taking pics in all light conditions.
This said, I would have expected a memory stick micro to be delievered with the phone (maybe this is the case for the K790a but not for the k800). The creation of a new memory stick standard is really annoying since I invested quite a lot for memory stick duos up to now and they can just be used with my sony Cybershot cam, with the adaptor that allows them to become Memory Sticks (otherwise they would be useless).

Overall a really nice phone. I suggest people who like taking pics and listen to music (Airplane function is available as well..) to buy such a phone, or at least to check one out before buying other phones..

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A bit large and bulky, but good quality


Oct 13, 2006 by Pomrizzle

-Great screen, in terms of size and color
-The phone/address book is very expandable, and can include unlimited phone numbers, addresses, and notes for each contact. You can enter their address, birthday, whatever you want. It syncs with Outlook, but I find that I only call regularly from my mobile phone a small portion of the people from my outlook contacts.
-Photos are very nice. They are a bit smaller in file size than my old Sony 3.2 MP cybershot camera, but on the whole there is not much noticeable difference. The daylight photos are great. Low-light photos are very good for scenary, such as inside European churches, city streets, etc. There is a very good image stabilizer, so the low-light photos are very good considering that my hands shake a lot. Indoor people photos, however, are so-so. This is true with any digital camera as a general rule. But I've had problems with focusingand sometimes i want to use the flash in the daytime and it doesnt always let me. Still, it's convenient.
-Great speaker sound, for music or speaker phone
-Radio. Nice add-on you don't get on a lot of the other 3.2 mp phones.
-Good music playing. Though you can't use your own headphones, you have to use the Sony ones that double as the hands-free microphone/headphones, the sound is very good.
-You can copy and paste onto the memory card or phone any image photos and put them on your phone to show to people or for your own enjoyment.
-Good battery life, if you don't have the screen lit up all the time.
-Despite the large size, it feels very comfortable to use. It holds well in the hand, and the number pad keys are soft, though a bit close together.
-Dedicated music play/pause button.
-Good flash, with multiple flashes for red-eye reduction.

-Sending SMS to more than one person is a pain.
-Yet another expensive sony memory card format. MicroSD is the same size, and much cheaper.

Almost the best phone known to man kind


Oct 13, 2006 by Francophile

I've owned the k790a for about 2 weeks now and so far it's worth every penny. The picture quality is out standing for a camera phone. There are some really cool features when using the camera such as a function called BESTPIC which takes 9 pictures in less than a second. I used this feature at the golf course one day to analyze my golf swing frame by frame and when I got the timing of the shutter right i ended up with some outstanding frames. i thought that the golf club would be just a blury line in the pictures but to my surprise the pictures were flawless you could see the club as if i stoped my swing just before during and after i hit the ball. ANYONE WHO ALREADY OWNS THIS PHONE I SUGGEST YOU TRY DOING WHAT I JUST EXPLAINED.(really cool stuff)
Another cool feature with the camera phone is panaramic mode where you take 3 pictures side by side to make one long or panaramic picture. When i first used PANORAMA mode i was blown away. Just that one feature alone made me very excited about this phone. Picture Blog is a nice feature also. I enjoy creating my own ring tones with the music MUSIC DJ. The radio freature is good it has quality radio sound. The MP3 player is nice whether you play it on the speaker or through the headset that is included with the phone (headset doubles as a hands free talk set also) phone includes a 64MB memory stick which is sufficient enough to get started. VIEDO DJ feature is a really fun tool. You can get really creative with your videos, music, and pictures.
MINI GOLF is fun to play when killing time. But why play golf when you can create your own video with VIDEO DJ. The only bad thing i discovered in my short time with this phone is that the speaker phone could be louder just a miner downfall that definetly should not deter you from buying this phone. All in all this is the BEST PHONE KNOWN TO MANKIND

Great phone, included software is glitchy


Jan 21, 2007 by SoftwareGuy

I just got this phone yesterday. This is the sixth SE phone I've owned in five years and this is the best one yet. I'm moving from the w600i on cingular to this phone with centennial wireless.
1. Best camera I've ever seen on a phone. It has more features than my kodak 4.0 Megapixel camera and it takes better pictures. Autofocus, 12X digital zoom, and Xenon flash makes this camera comparable to any seperate digi-cam.
2. User Interface is very fast compared to the W600i.
3. Supports a wide range of music file types.
4. The PC Suite software isn't required to connect the phone to the computer, but it does make the importing of files quite a bit easier.
5. Not sure of the material but the LCD cover seems to be made out of polycarbonate plastic, scratch resistant. The screen is beautiful also.
6. Phone is not overly large and feels very solid.
7. The lens cover is long overdue for camera phones.
8. If you have an internet connection, you can flash your own firmware with the provided cables. The only thing you need to get is the Update Service software from www.sonyericsson.com. I flashed mine a couple hours after I owned it just to get the latest software for it.

1. Ear piece volume is a little quiet.
2. SE doesn't let you know what the software updates from Update Service are actually changing.
3. Installing the drivers to the computer does not work for the "Sony Ericsson Device 049 USB Modem" and the "S_WHMC". All you have to do is go to device manager and reinstall the driver for the unknown devices with the previous names. You must install from a specified location and then "Don't Search. I will choose the driver to install. At the devices window just choose all devices and click next. It will come up with a usb mass storage device and that is the driver you want.

I owned a Krzr K1 right before this one and it made me appreciate the SE UI even more. I'd give it a 5 but the driver install will not be easy for some.

K800i Casino Royale edition


Nov 27, 2006 by swissfondue

Just received my branded SE K800i Casino Royale edition.

Design in silver is classy. The front has a brushed metal look. Too bad the camera protection remains black.

There are many shortcut buttons to functions when holding the phone in landscape mode.

Screen is crisp, large and beautiful.

Call quality is excellent. Connectivity options abound.

It is easy to understand the functions and menus. Apple could have designed this phone.

It has UTMS/GPRS, a 3.2MB camera, 240x320 detailed resolution screen, it can read imap and pop email, browse the web, subscribe to RSS feeds, sync with (and display) all standard Mac OS 10.4 Address Book fields and also sync with iCal. It can access gmail mobile and chat. I can blog with it and upload pics to a blog or flickr. I can import and export tunes, pics and movies. I can use it as a remote (Apple iWork Keynote or DVD player) for my 12” PowerBook G4 using Salling Clicker. Mine even sports a downloaded Aqua theme and fits well with my Apple 12" PowerBook.

See a short demo I made at youtube under: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgLnj6NBJpQ

Cons: Doesn't replace a point and shoot camera from a picture quality standpoint, but does make surprisingly good pictures for a phone.



Nov 18, 2006 by BESTDALE

Having owned a K750i for ages I treated myself to one of these babies, and i found its just like a grown up version of the 750i !!! This is probably what they meant to do and its a very easy progression from one to the other as they both have an identical menu system so you can find your way around with ease, the upgrades are excellent and I mainly mean the 3.2MP camera I mean this is an awesome piece of equipment and I use it all the time (Its so good I rarely use my dedicated camera!!!) the secondary camera on the other side is of no use to me as im not on "3G" but if i ever do go over to 3 its a bonus!! The screen is awesome and battery life is acceptable! all in all a great phone!!!!!

The ultimate phone


Oct 13, 2006 by mk37994

There are some local stores selling this phone with a contract for 169 in NYC. An awesome deal. For the person who said you need the 810i for an international phone, there is the K800i. That is the exact same phone as the k790i, but a world phone with 3G capabilities. Unforutnatly most of the US providers dont have the ability to use all the features. I had the k750 and i thought the camera was good then. This is stunning. I take amazing photos, usable for websites, documents whatever. The whole phone is amazing. It even looks pretty. Hands down the best sony ericsson to date. Most phones have good in one area. This one has good in each and every area. Finally!!!! someone was listening.

Greatphone but Watch out what version you get


Oct 13, 2006 by D1poet

First let me say this is a great phone. And although I acutally have the K790i version which is unlocked version with slight differece in frequenies used its the same phone.

I wanted to send a buyer beware for those who have considered getting the internation version thats unlocked like mine and are on Cingular. As of this writing you will only get limited network function on the cingular network. No high speed access. I can connec t to medianet but cannot get any edge conection to work and no cingular video stuff. It seems that since this phone does not have the 850 freq which cingular is pushing I cant connect. And although I should be able to still connect using the 1900 freq and edge i'm not.

Just wanted to give a heads up to those considering buying the k790i version online or on ebay and have cingular.

Besides that.. The phone itself rocks. I have never seen a more beautiful screen and phone with more functions. Its a work of art. And the camera is almost as good as a standalone. I'D SAY AS SOON AS THE K790a VERSION IS AVALIABLE YOU HAVE TO GET THIS PHONE. However I've heard that only cingular will have it. Too bad I could not wait and spent the cash on the international version. I hope I can save someone the pains I have gone thru.

The best phone ever


May 16, 2007 by marchaz

I am in Canada and i have bought the K800i last year in July. It wasent even out in CA. Usually i keep my cell for about 4-5 months and either sell it or exchange it. Not in this case. I have kept this phone and i am loving it. The shape is classy, the color also is classy and its the perfect size. The phone is really powerful if you know how to use it and take advantage of it. It plays almost any kind of music format and has an amazing 3MP camera. What i admired about the k800i, is the download updates features. now try doing this with a nokia phone or other phones. My service provider claims it does not support MMS. It does support it and i downloaded them using my cell update. Another thing i love about this phone is that u can chose any profile. Everything single feature and accessory of that phone are amazing. Battery life is also very descent. Just to let you know how much this phone is powerful. About a month ago, i dropped the phone in the toilet. i picked it up and then dried it with a clothe. At first the phone was bugging. I charged it overnight and the next day the phone was up and running. Best phone ever

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