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Jul 19, 2007 by jgm005

I have just picked up this phone from Tmobile. Having upgraded my phone and got it for free.

I am still learning my way around it (use to have Nokia 3120).

The one thing I want to comment on is that I keep on reading that .mp3's can not be a ringtone? I just downloaded one and have set it up as a ring tone with no problem. And yes it actually works. My Thai mia noi is calling now and her mp3 song is playing.

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Jul 11, 2007 by dombrowskichris

IT's FREE.. dont own but know some1 who does

its awesome get it .. now!

Pros: Everything

Cons: Nothing

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Nokia 6126


May 8, 2007 by prodrigu03

Hello fellow Cellphone lovers. Just purchased the Nokia 6126 Here's what I think:

The Flip switch
Bigger Screen
Easy to navigate
Short Cuts are helpful
Light weight
Good Camera and Video
Games and messages are fast downloads are also fast
Contacts; One name different phone numbers Excellent
Contacts are automatically recognized by voice; i.e. No voice programming
Themes available at Cingular.com
Buttons are easy and you know you pressed them.
Colors!!!! Very Bright
MP3 and various other formats

Lugging the battery cord.
ID ringer OR Image ringer OR Video ringer, it's one or the other :(
Side buttons; the Camera button is on the right hand side and you can accidently press it.
No short cut for video

Thats all I can think of at the point, besides I've only had the phone for 1 day. Got the phone 05/07/07. Overall the phone is Good, the style is Slim It's good in that department. If you have an SD card don't worry it will fit, however the pix that you have for your old phone will go on to the the 6126 but will not fit to screen unless you edit them to fit on your computer. The phone has the ability to do that for you, however, you lose the quality of the pix. My wife has told me that when I'm talking to her it sounds like I'm in a tunnel and on speaker all at the same time. I used to have the Motorola V365, that one is at this point a head of the game but, it's still to early for the gavel to fall. Look for a review six months from now. Till then Cell phone Lovers; Use caution when using the Cell in the Car.

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Awful Change From Motorola


Dec 26, 2006 by rwl34

Replaced V600 with Nokia 6133...big mistake. Didn't find phone very user friendly. Phone had nice display and camera seemed to take good pics...I have a digital camera for that. Rizr on its way in and 6133 already out. Personally, phone not even worth having as paper weight.

Dissatisfied user!

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Dec 14, 2006 by harlemgal654

ew. omg i like totally had this phone for like um.. 3 days? and its really not all its cracked up to be. i mean the camera is mad grainy and thats so not hott i mean i payed like madd money 4 it and it should atleast take decent pics! i love the big buttons and the hinge thing on the side. but somethings about it just upset me! i think imma switch to the karazer k1 because its madd hott. unlike this phone.the service on this phone is good. in harlem the coverage for tmobile is blazin! so im stickin with them. don't buy this phone unless u like bad pictures. however... if u still want it i'll have that thing on ebay soon. kthanksbye.

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This Phone Is Great


Nov 17, 2006 by ljmbabyboy17


Nice Screens
Sound is Good
The Camera Is not As bad as i heard
I Like The Button To Open Phone
Battery Is Good


Memory Card Location
USB Connector

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My first Nokia, and I love it


Nov 14, 2006 by TheYHC

Honest, to tell you the truth, this is my first Nokia phone. Back in the day I always either had a Samsung or a Motorola. But I think the 6133 blows any phone that I've had in the past month out of the water. I played with the 629 and Razr, but honestly, none of those compare to what this phone is. Honestly, I can only name pros I've seen about this phone, nothing less, well, maybe a couple of cons. I'll start with the cons first.


*Battery Life - Everyone mentioned it, but it's true, battery life on this phone is pretty bad on Nokia's part. Not the first phone that I had with that problem though so it's ok Nokia!

*Ports - Not too big of a fan for the ports being on top. The charger being on top was kind of weird, but I can deal with it since I got this phone yesterday.

-Now for the pros-

*Screen - Amazing

*Buttons - Big enough, even for the senior citizens can use and not complain because the buttons are too small. But then again, the features on the phone probably goes right over there head.

*Camera - Not too bad for a phone, you can't really expect the best, well, not until the N95 comes out that I've been reading about. With it's 5 MP camera and 8GB for memory, Nokia rocks.

*Light weight - The phone felt so light when I first picked it up, well, out of the box that is. When you go to a T-Mobile store they have all those wires and chargers and things connected on there so no one can steal them.

*Easy Nav. - To navigate this phone is incredibly easy. Sometimes on the Motorola phones, it's not too user friendly unless you know your way around phones, but if you don't, you'll get lost. Well and plus Motorola has everything backwards so that was annoying.

*Flip Open Button - Probably one of the most laziest things I've seen on a phone and I love it. People tell me it's cheap, but do their phones do it? Nope, just us people that have the 9133, go us!

But overall, this phone is great, everyone should get one!

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Nov 10, 2006 by JayPrince

I am very impress with the Nokia 6133. I think this is one of Nokia best phone they have to offer and created! I love everything about this phone... FM Radio, MP3, Camera, Video, Speaker, Bluetooth, and especially the video caller ID. But the only CON about this phone is the T9 for text message SUCKS! But other than that this is a GREAT phone to purchase.

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Never been so satisfied!!!!


Nov 7, 2006 by RachelFay81

Although you will never find a perfect phone that is everything you have ever wanted. I think that this one comes the closest for me I have used over 10 tmobile phones and this one surpasses every phone i have ever seen or used.

Pros: Everything except no flash on the camera and to get rid of a grainy look you must be in night mode or sufficient light.

Other pros themes, the sounds when you open and close the flip are matched with the theme.

The push button open, feels like there is no way to damage this phone, unless intentional

Radio is great

Text functions beat out all other phones

You are finally able to re-download pics from your album back to your phone, all others made this impossible

I love it so much and unless nokia comes out with a similar and better version this will be my phone for a very very long time, different for me and the changing that i have done every couple weeks to couple months!!!!!!!!!

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FINALLY T-MOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nov 6, 2006 by Okus

I go threw alot of Phones, but finally this phone has it all.
Too many features to list, but i can tell you.. it comes with everything you need!!!

Pros: Signal is great. Speaker is great!
Huge screen on inside and outside.
Nice size phone, not to huge or small.
Extremely easy set up!! User Friendly!!
The 5 minute video function is genius!!
The whole look of the phone is perfect!!

Cons: Camera could be better.
Battery isn't the best.
It didn't come with any extras. Just the charger and cheap ear piece for Mp3's
I'm afraid the push button to open it will break sooner then i want it too.
no good ring tones. No good games:
You have to buy everything separately for this phone. Ring tones, games car charger, Memory card, Computer adaptor..ect...

Over All... I love it way more then the Razr!!!!

Good Job again Nokia!!!

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