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Great Little Phone


Jul 13, 2007 by cnymike

This is the best GoPhone around for $40. It has faster data transfer, as good as coverage (I've been talking on this phone (a relatives) and had someone call me on my Moto V190, and drop them both in the dead zone), and my kind of menu system.

The only thing is I've owned Motorola's for 6 years, so it takes a bit to get used to.

And about that .5, I would appreciate more demo graphics and better ringtones, and I dislike the dialing screen.

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I Like It & I'll Tell You Why


May 8, 2006 by faithful

I've owned this Samsung x507 for a couple of weeks, and really enjoy it. The reception is better than my previous GSM phones(Siemens S46, LG G-4020, Motorola V180), and it has been enjoyable to use. I don't need or want to pay for lots of features, but I do want a phone that's affordable, attractive, easy and convenient to use. So far this one fills the bill.

I live in a low lying valley surrounded by hills. Most other phones have been quite a challenge there, and this one is a delight. Lots of my visitors don't even have reception, and I get 3 to 4 bars. I experience nice even transmissions, not broken or choppy. The sound is plenty loud enough and clear, but the speakerphone does begin to distort when turned to max volume. Slightly less than maximum sounds fine, and is really loud enough.

Nice size and handling, nice display, sounds, and appearance. I enjoy polyphonic ring tones, and there are a nice enough selection to suit me. I find it pleasant to use as an alarm. The menu system isn't the best (for me), but I've managed to do most everything I need. I'm not sure it will do conference calls, which I've enjoyed in the past.

I don't like having to wait until the recipient of my call answers to engage the speakerphone mode, and it takes a few soft key inputs to make it happen.

I especially dislike being prompted to "shop" as the first menu selection, and having to navigate around that. I don't know whether to blame Samsung or Cingular for that feature, but they should be ashamed for this inconvenience. But then, maybe you'll like it?

The phone feels to have a quality finish, and I hope it will stand the test of time better than the other inexpensive models I've used.

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Aug 19, 2006 by sam912

Ever since my company stopped allowing camera phones into the plant, I have been trying to find a great phone that does not have a camera...this is it. I bought my phone at Radio Shack because for some strange reason, it is not sold through Cingular.

-Call Quality
-Looks nice
-Speaker Phone

-no voice dial

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Disappointing Phone


Nov 19, 2007 by mena13

I upgraded to X507 from the Samsung X427M. I wanted the external display and the speakerphone features as well as the quad band. I just wanted a phone not a camera or mp3 player. Overall the X507 is a disappointment.
Pro: size (small and light)
Cons: So many cons:
The external display will only light up if you open the phone. What is the point in having an external display if you can't just push the side button to light it up?
The speakerphone works, but not well. I am constantly having to ask people to repeat things and constantly having to repeat myself.
The phone has terrible reception. Compared to my X427M, using the same exact SIM card and at essentially the same time (just switching the SIM from one phone to the other for this experiment), the X507 doesn't even come close to the performance of the X427M. It constantly drops calls and takes forever to find a signal even when I am out in the open (I am in eastern Missouri). The main function of a phone should be just being a phone and this one is horrendous.
The sound quality is extremely poor. If there is any noise around me, I can't be heard and can't hear. The speaker volume is very low and sounds are muffled.
It has terrible ring tones, no games, and an annoying and unattractive interface.
The menu is not customizable. When you open the menu, it automatically goes to the shop option and you can't switch the order of the items.
Phonebook=bad. In the X427M, you could store multiple numbers per name and when you selected a name, you then could select which number you'd like to call. This phone stores multiple numbers, but it requires some unintuitive button presses to get to choose which number to call. Also, if you want to store multiple numbers, it has to be on the phone and not on the SIM card, decreasing portability.
Text messaging is terrible. If you want to write anything that includes words and numbers, you have to push at least 6 buttons to switch from number mode to T9 mode.

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Big disappointment


Oct 19, 2007 by boots03

I have been dealing in cell phones for a year now and this is by far one of the worst phones I have had to deal with.

The phone is small in size with a nice shape and large buttons which made it the ideal free flip phone for the elderly or men with large fingers, which alot of cell manufacturers seem to forget is necessary with all the baby boomers out there.

The reception seems fine at first but after about a month or two of use it starts having poor signal and dropped calls. I have had more complaints and returns of this phone than any other phone we carry. Samsung does not allow you to change the GPRS feature (which sometimes gives improved reception)

Samsung made it possible to copy all the numbers from the sim to the phone but not the other way around. And the manual instructs the user to store the numbers to the phone. The only way to then get them to sim after that is one at a time.


Nice size
great keypad size


poor reception
the center navigation key makes it too easy to go online by accident
Not able to improve packet data signal
not able to store all numbers to sim at once

All in all I thought this was going to be a great phone for the price. But now I cringe every time a customer walks out of the door with one because I know they will bring it back with complaints and I will have to spend hours transferring their info to the sim one at a time before I can get them into a different phone.

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Stay Away!


Sep 19, 2007 by nickc71

The best thing I can say about this phone is that it feels good in the hand, and it is pretty intuitive for a basic phone. Work made me take it...

The problem, and its been expressed here several times, is that you can't hear out of it when you are outside. I constantly had to cup my hands over my ears to hear.

By far the worst phone in terms of call quality that I've ever had - agree some of it has to do with Cingular service. But even in terms of Cingular phones that I've tried it ranks at the bottom...

I just feels and performs very very cheaply...

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Purely business


Aug 7, 2007 by Nimdae

From what I can tell this phone is intended to be a minimalist phone targeted at business use. I was given this phone by my company. I decided to consolidate my phones (I have 2 with att including this one) by forwarding the calls to my personal phone, a Samsung a707 (sync).

Works as intended
Light weight

Poor ringtone selection (not small, but annoying)
Cannot find a way to copy all contacts to SIM.

I would use this phone for work had I not already had a phone, but the lack of ability to copy contacts to SIM is very annoying.

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Jul 9, 2007 by tiffany_bby

i got this phone in March. It was a great phone. It looks good, feels good,it's easy to text message on, and the calls were great,

i realized that half of the time, people couldn't hear what i was saying. Everytime i went to the store or outside on the phone, i had to talk extremely loud to be heard!
this was quite embarrassing because people would always stare at me like i'm crazy for screaming in the middle of the store.

also, sometimes when i put it in silent mode, it would ring anyway. This was quite bothersome.

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Apr 11, 2007 by crchavis

I used this phone for six months with cingular. I loved it. At first I was a little skeptical because of the horror stories I heard about Samsung phones. It did the job. It was basic but I only wanted it for the purpose of being a phone not a camera or anything. I got the phone free and that was a plus. GREAT PHONE!!!!!

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Can't be configured


Mar 22, 2007 by shreve121764

I must use this phone because it is supplied by my employer.

Cingular is more concerned with directing me to INTERNET services via my phone, rather than just providing phone service. I wouldn't care about this if I could configure the phone the way I want to use it, but in some cases I can only disable a function instead of reconfiguring it or I can't do either because they are locked to a certain function that I don't use.

Some of the soft keys can be configured, but the main ones, the right-soft-key and the middle key of the directional keys, with the Cingular symbol, cannot be configured. The right-soft-key is locked to "Mobile Email". I have zero need to use this phone for mobile email, but the button cannot be changed to another function. Very annoying.

The middle key takes me to WAP services. Again, I have no need to use these services, but the button is locked to this and cannot be configured. When I try to access the directional keys to access the functions that I have configured (calculator, schedule, contact list, and alarms) I often end up hitting the middle key, which again, would try to take me to some INTERNET services that I don't want to use. The only thing that I could do is disable this function.

Cingular is trying to dictate how I should use my phone, for everything except phone calls.

The default menu for the left soft key is "SHOP"! I have no desire to shop for anything from this phone (ring tones, graphics, etc), but Cingular considers this to be the most important thing that I can do with my phone, so it is the default selection. I cannot change this. I must then navigate around the menu to find what I want. I also cannot set it to a text mode. I am forced to look at graphics.

The menu has 9 selections. They are:

IM (Instant Messaging)
Recent Calls
Media Net
Mobile Email
My Stuff
Address Book

Note that only 2 or 3 of those options deal with phone calls. VERY ANNOYING!

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