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Love This Phone


Dec 15, 2002 by Cedric Adams

Over the years I've carried many phones. My main reason for buying this phone was the ability to synch with outlook calendar. The functions are great.
Good reception in Portland, Seattle areas.
Good Battery Life
Nice having my schedule clipped on my belt instead of a phone on my belt, and PDA in my pocket.
Love the phone book options.
Voice Dial, and Memo works great.
Haven't tried printing to a printer yet, but I will.
Activation was quick at the At&T store. Phone was on before I returned from lunch.
Switching is a little slow, but I haven't found it a slow as an AOL down load so I'm good.
I've used this phone in a Data Center with better reception than my old Nokia 6162.

I have miss keyed a few phone numbers.
Reception not good in a freezer section of a store, but I didn't try switching modes either.
Haven't figured out yet how to set reminder on the calendar functions like in outlook to alarm 15 minutes before the event.
No standard parts, but I woud hope siemens will be coming out with some cool stuff for this phone like a better head set.
All and all I would buy this phone again. At&T service has a little to work on, but considering the service I received from Verizon after 3 plus years with them I'm happy.

Great Phone if it works


Jul 30, 2002 by Mike Lind

I love this phone. I hate this phone. In the end I had to get rid of this phone. And now, I am canceling Sprint to get it back. The problem, as previous people have said, is the message waiting indicator stays on and the phone turns itself off.

I have not been able to find any newer versions than v14. Siemens tells me that v17 and v21 should be available. ATT knows about these two problems and have not made updated phones available so I wait and wait. I hope that labor day sales will prompt me to buy this gem again.
The Good:

* Great syncing ability with my Outlook phone list and calender. The sync software lets you remap the fields and create filters to download only the numbers you want. If you add a number to the phone, when you resync, the number will be added to your Outlook database and vice versa. It works really well. The same software lets you "explore" the phones memory in windows as if it were another drive on your computer.

* Great voice recognition calling. Only 20 names, but that is enough for me.

* Nice alarm function. It does not need to be on to use the alarm. I use it as wake up alarm on the road. I wish the clock was set automatically though.

* Great batt life. Esp in GSM mode.

* Small for a candy bar style phone.

* Good accesses and great support from Siemens.

The Bad:

* The two previously stated problems. Hopefully, ATT and Siemens will work these out.

* The phone is basically useless in Europe. It only supports GSM 900 and ATT has very few roaming agreements at the moment. If you can use it, it will cost you about $150/min. The phone is sim locked and I can't find anyone who can unlock it. (Anyone out there?)

Overall, if the bugs are worked out, I want this phone back!!!

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Nice phone works amazingly for me


Jun 20, 2002 by John Andersson

I love in LA area and this works perfectly for me.. I get GSM/GPRS service most of the time and when I don't have it I get TDMA service.. both ways it works well.. Though I can't use my WAP or GPRS advantages , I can still make calls and send SMS when other GSM mobile phones aren't working... Amazingly this was very critical for me when I go on my offroading trips in dessert...
love this phone...



Oct 3, 2002 by Russ Gladden

I am a die-hard cellphone junkie, and there are only four phones I have given my highest rating, "ROCK." They are the Nokia 6100 series, the Sprint PCS Touchpoint 120, the Motorola digital StarTACs, and now the Siemens S-46. So why not a rating of 5 for the S-46? You can't easily get accessories for it unless you buy them from AT&T Wireless or Siemens directly, so discounts are rare. This review applies to Siemens S-46 phones with software versions 21 and higher. Earlier versions were plagued with problems.

Best and toughest phone I ever had!!


Oct 29, 2004 by eduferrero

Great reception in S Fl, works where no other phone does, also a veeeeeeeery resistant one. I lost it once in the rain and found it in the mud after 3 hours... no problem. An SUV ran over it and still worked. Fell in the pool and after I dried it up... still working fine!!
Bought another one because the case looked really bad... you can imagine!! and ATT had trouble activating it. So I used the new case in the old phone.!!



Sep 12, 2004 by eem

This phone is the worst phone I have ever had.

It's slow/

it doesn't charge/

back ground noise is terrible.

No mute.

Very depressing rings.

Big size.

Very complicated to use.

Short battery life.

Every time you press a botton you get "please wait"

he Glory of the Siemens s46


Aug 24, 2004 by BruceDude

The siemens s46 waters a particular Green spot. I call it reception, reception, reception.

Appearance: 5/10
Features: 5/10
Reception: 10/10
Appeal: 8/10

This phone is an all around good phone. I disagree with comments made by other consumers about this phone not being user friendly. It's easy and entertaining to navigate. It's just different from a nokia, but let us be reminded: every phone is different from a nokia.

I live in Reno, NV. The GSM service through AT&T wireless is just fine here. I only have experienced two spots of concern with reception and they are very small and insignificant in comparision with the rest of the city. I put my mother's nokia 6800 on her kitchen counter (one of the before mentioned deadspots) and made a test call out to it and got no response. I then placed my siemens s46 in the same spot and the call went through with brilliance(bare in mind it was on a GSM only plan). I almost felt guilty after she witnessed it. I tell you I could feel her confused emotions run thick like syrup.

Business customers ought to love this phone for it's low price and durable design... unfortunately for this phone, Nokia distracts many standard non-flip phone buyers from looking at siemens... but I'd have to say they're steadily gaining ground here in USA.

This phone doesn't have a color screen or a flip or blue-tooth or a camera or edge...
or an AMD athlon 3.4 GHZ processor with a 256 bit bus and 800 Gigs of QUAD speed DDR RAM...
But let's not get vain here...!
When did we ever make our phones our cameras and our personal computers?
The s46 can send e-mail. Isn't that sufficient for you?
It's all about Reception, Reception, Reception. What's a phone for any ways?

Rating: 4.5

Best phone I've ever had


Aug 17, 2004 by mjaquith

I keep coming back to this phone. I've always wanted a flip phone, but once I get one, I'm unhappy with something, usually signal strength. Then the SIM card comes out and goes back into this. I'm on AT&T in SW Florida, signal strength depends entirely on your phone. With this one, I'm good inside almost every building and outside it's perfect.

I don't use all the extras that come with this phone, but the ones I do use are easy to navigate to.

My one and only complaint is the antenna. The cover cracks and isn't covered under warranty. The same thing has happened to everyone I know who've had this phone, but it doesn't seem to effect the signal strength.

All in all a fantastic little phone!

Great phone


Jul 21, 2004 by en102

Best phone for GSM 1900/TDMA. This phone has great RF features, decent size, and many phone features.

Full of features
Automatic phone lock / w PIN requirement
Great battery life - 5+ days on GSM
Great audio quality (not as good as my Moto Timeport P7382i)
Great RF quality
Network diagnostic mode - Menu --> # shows RF on GSM and TDMA

Scratches easily
GSM is 1900 MHz only :(
External antenna (broke!)

If it had GSM 850, I would probably still be using it!

Great Phone - Bad service


Dec 29, 2003 by iampedro

This phone is great.. But the GSM network need's lots of improvement and AT&T is dropping there TDMA network right and left and that dosen't help me and so I switched currently to verizon.

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