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Blackberry 8700r Amazing machine


Dec 4, 2005 by Martin888

I live in Canada and I recently switched from Palm to Blackberry. The display of the machine is simply terrific. I took me a bit of time to get comfortable with the keyboard and Auto Text features but I am improving by the day.
I am really impressed by the possibilities the machine is offering me. The reception of the Phone is acceptable so far.
The Calendar and Memo Pad are fairly easy to use. In my opinion this machine is complete.
I highly recommend to any Palm user considering this change for additional possibilities with regards to Time management and connectivity. I work in the Pharmaceutical Industry and I trust this machine will help me become more performant with my clients.

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Homerun for RIM!


Mar 23, 2006 by mqmorasch

RIM has taken found the happy medium between the size of the 7100 series and the old bulky 7700 series(and older), now throw in an intel processor, and BAM! Great sound, great screen, great speed(including EDGE). People forget this is a business device sometimes with these reviews, as far as the customizing of the phone. If I am meeting with clients or partners do I really want my blackberry blazing "until the day I die...", no.

Blackberry e-mail client!!!!!!!!
screen quality
security level still there
sound quality!
no, stinking camera taking up memory space!!!

like to see a better battery life
ring and vibe together

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Good but Features Are Not as Advertised....


Dec 20, 2005 by memin


*The phone has a great weight, doesn't feel flimsy but isn't too big or bulky (compared with other full-size smart-phones)

*Sound is great! The speakerphone is plenty loud - I've had to turn it down a couple of times!

*EDGE is amazing! Email with the Blackberry service is almost like using a chat program!

*SCREEN! I'm coming from an older Blackberry 6230 and its amazing how clear and bright the text, pictures are.

*The send / end buttons and sound quality really make this a true 'phone'... a major improvement over the older-style Blackberries.


*A major short coming - occasionally I have to send files from my laptop and my old 2nd phone allowed me to use it as a cellular modem. Blackberry says that the 8700 was to be 'data capable'... well... its 100% data-incapable.

*MP3 ring-tones... another feature that no-shows

*Just like another reviewer mentioned: it it so difficult to ring AND vibrate at the same time?

*Typical Blackberry support... I have to wait until my friends and coworkers get this phone so we can teach each other the features.


For the first time in many years, I'm getting rid of my second phone and will be able to use my Blackberry as a "one phone does all"... The limitations of the phone are minor, but what is disturbing is Blackberry claims features that don't exist. If you need a Blackberry with full QWERTY keyboard AND a phone, this is the best bet out there... but if you can't live without your Michael Jackson ringtone or need data-features, then keep waiting.

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May 25, 2010 by victor15968

Now when this phone is working its alright,but it is SUPER SLOW.
its not on very often though.
it turns itself off and will not turn back on.
i have to charge it before i can use it agian.
huge dissapointment,&i am getting the pantech impact now.

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Oh I Like This One


Dec 29, 2009 by stankyy

Pros.... full keyboard ahhhh nice ..3g perfect batter life never went down on me, so very good.
screen clear, easy to use, reception is great I use it as a modem, works perfect..plain and simple it just feel good..and for the price ...perfect....


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Aug 22, 2008 by jennifergros22

Does anyone know if this phone has other ringtones, and if so how do you get to them?

I just got this phone and found out that it doesn't have bluetooth where you can exchange tones, but it says that the phone has them, where?

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Long Live the Blackberry!


Sep 7, 2007 by DallasPhoneWhore

This is my current phone with Cingular. I've had great experiences with the internet, my e-mail, texting, and phone calls. I can't say that I've had any problems with this phone whatsoever. I love the full keyboard. Personally, I hate "smart text" or having to punch the same button three times to get the desired letter. Full keyboard all the way. The buttons are easy to hit. That's not a problem. I love the scroll wheel on the side. Definitely makes things easier when you're browsing the web and when you're typing up an email. I love the fact that you can open a picture in your email and it'll be a full picture. Not some small icon that you can barely see. That's definitely a plus. Also, to avoid having to pay for background photos and paying $2.50 a pop, you can just email yourself a picture from your computer and save it into your photo album to use as your background. This is definitely a nice feature!

I love my blackberry. It's very very handy.

Good buy. I highly recommend it.

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8700c poor reception


May 20, 2007 by Heloman

I use my 8700c for business and can't express how satisfied I am with the email aspect of it. I must say though the phone portion is the pits. Reception is always poor no mater where I am. Voices break up and words are missed constantly. I now carry and old TDMA to make conversations I can understand. Talked with Cingy and they say they get this complaint frequently about the 8700. I am going to try the new 8300 before I buy one. I hope RIM has done better with this one.

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I love this phone, has a couple issues however


Jan 27, 2007 by CJXXVI

For the business person this phone is great, for a teen or a beginner in cell phones I would not recommend.

Organization is awesome. I was able to get rid of my PDA and logbook.
Ringtones are loud so I dont miss calls.
Speakerphone is great. I can walk around the room and leave my phone right there and they can hear me just fine.
Great pickup even with the internal antenna. Glad they added the quadband feature.
Dropped Calls. If you reach two bars you will more than likely drop the call.
If you are not in an edge area when updates are sent you have to go on to your pc with the usb cable and get the update.

If you have not really used cell phones this is not the phone for you. However if you are a business owner or working for a cellular industry as I am this phone is AWESOME.

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a good phone


Jan 9, 2007 by chaoskraden

I was given this phone as a company phone and i do love the thing. Its my 1st pda and the Internet browser is awesome. the clarity of the screen is great as well. the only down fall i think would be a camera. i use the camera on my personal phone all the time. i now the pearl has the camera, but no full keyboard! another thing is no widows mobile. i am used to the blackberry's software, but of what i have found you can do a lot more with window mobile. I had a customer who had an old pda and he had nes games on it and he bought the 8525 and played on putting snes games on it!!!! now i get bored at work sometimes and that would be cool.....if it can be done with the 8700 let me no!!!!......and last but not least the scroll. some people love it but i'm leaning the touch screen because my thumb get tired playin with this thing!! other then thows little things the the phone is great and the battery life is fantastic!

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