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My Experience with the W600i


Apr 18, 2006 by yoshie

This phone looks great. It's very sleek design, and innovative. The buttons are very easy to use as well as well placed. If you were to have it in your pocket, you would most likely be able to change the volume or lock the phone with a touch of a button. The speakers are well placed as well (front, behind, and right side)

The interface on the phone is very easy to use. One of the key elements I look for in a phone is the ability to be user friendly. This phone possess it. Most should be able to operate the phone fully without the use of the manual. Everything is self explanatory. It also has a screen saver and ability to customize pretty much everything on the theme.

This phone has many features. Such as camera, MusicDJ and VideoDJ, heck it even has a flashlight! The speakers are fully functional (and loud), and everything is in working order. Not one hiccup from this phone. With 256MB of in-phone memory, its more than enough for your pictures and a few albums. Listening to music on speaker at about half of the volume doesn't take much from the battery. So the phone is very power conservative.

The design seems very sturdy. Although, I would not risk breaking this baby, but I'm sure it will withstand a couple of drops. The sound quality is absolutely amazing for the speakers. Most phones that have speakerphones are very static-y or kind of muffled. These speakers definitely have the highest quality out of most of the speakerphones i've seen, and it's loud.

I have no problems with the White Screen of Death. I have software version R7B046. My phone was purchased at the end of february.

- Great Design
- Customization
- Very clear audio output
- Many useful features
- Userfriendly
- Long battery life
- No glitches or problems
- Bright LCD
- The 180-Slide is troublesome
- No expandable memory card slot
- Connector design tedious
- Only able to listen to radio w/ headset

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W600i is too much for me


Apr 11, 2006 by gotta

I was really impressed with all the bells and whistles of my sony ericsson w600i, but on the 4th day the backlight died and it would not shutdown. Cingular customer service walked me through the hardboot process, but it did not solve the problem. They agreed that it was an equipment problem and will send me a replacement. Now I am not sure if I really want another w600i after reading another user's remarks.

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Mar 28, 2006 by miguelbernal

This phone is the best I ever bought !!!!
( and I go through alot of phones) It has everything u would want in a phone, MP3, FM Radio, Bluetooth, Video, Piture messageing e-mail and the list goes on and on. The Radio and MP3 have a grate sound !!! Its small and compact, you can even transfer pictures from your computer to set as wallpapers and the resolution on the screen is the BEST. On neat thing about this phone if that you can use your mp3's for ringtones, and alarm sounds.

One thing I did not like about the phone is that it did not have and expandle memory slot. But other then that.... This phone is


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Mar 21, 2006 by mathewcy

I had motorola v551 previously. That phone sucked. It dropped calls, and call volume was horrible. Now this phone on the other hand is awesome. I bought back in December 2005. I haven't had any problems with this phone. The reception is great and no dropped calls. The ear piece volume is perfect. The mp3 player is awesome. Although It can only hold 256 mb worth of songs, that is plenty for a phone. I use the loudspeakers on the phone sometimes when I am bored and in walking somewhere. The speakers are loud and clear. Everyone comments on how awesome the phone looks. The one thing I do not like about the phone are the ear piece that comes with the phone. They suck. It very hard to keep them in ur ear. I bought some new ones for ten bucks, so its not a problem anymore.

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W600 - Good Choice So Far


Feb 23, 2006 by visualist

I can't quite give it a 5 because nothing is perfect. That said, I can say that it is one heck of a phone. Here we go with the pros and cons.

Great reception -- even better than my K700i.
Bluetooth works with everything I throw at it.
Battery life seems to be good.
Typical Sony-Ericsson gui -- very easy to use.
It's a Walkman.
It works with T-Mo without a hitch.
You can use a standard headset with the included handsfree (I can even use my MDR-7506).
No key combination to lock or unlock the keypad. Just a slider switch . . . cool!
It's just plain fun to play with.

It takes some getting used to the swivel, but the only time I use it is when I need to actually dial a number or SMS.
The voice recognition is not as good as my T610 or K700. I really liked the way the T610 utilized the voice dialing with saying the name and then "home," "work," or "other."
I really hated to have to buy a new car charger and backup ac adapter.
It could use more memory, but I'm okay with the 256MB.
It comes with the ugly orange covers. (The pro is that they are easily interchangable!)

If your looking for a good quad-band replacement for your K700 without spending for the new W810. The W600i is a viable alternative.

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i DID love it, now, not so sure


Feb 13, 2006 by callisto9

initially, i loved this phone. it's feature-packed, looks cool and wow, it's just an amazing phone.

however, i've had it less than two months, and already it's been in the shop twice for bluetooth problems. the $390 i paid for it might have been worth it if the phone wasn't so buggy. do your reading and check out howardforums dot com - there are tons of people who've had problems with this phone. the software is buggy and many have experienced the WSOD (white screen of death).

* loaded with features
* mp3 player is cool
* very stylish phone
* great reception
* SE user interface very easy to use

* too expensive
* phone is buggy
* software is buggy, too
* battery life is not good - about 1 day with moderate use.

again, i can't stress this enough, do your reading and for pete's sake, don't buy it on ebay from a private seller! make sure you get one that's covered under warranty. good luck if you get one without bugs, it's a super phone!

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Feb 3, 2006 by mathuex08

I've had a lot of phones and this is one of my favorites.

I can personalize ringtones with mp3's.

I can upload ANY photo that I want and any mp3 that I want.

I can even store WORD files for school then hook up my phone to one of the school computers instead of carrying a disk.

Dumb I know, but this is everything I want in a phone in more.

I did notice somebody said there was no expandable memory unit which is a small drawback but how much stuff do you ACTUALLY need on your phone?

I've got 25 mp3's some ringtones and about 12 pictures and still have 60MB left! AWESOME!

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Very Impressed


Dec 17, 2005 by timslo

I still have my s710a and I don't think I'll go back. I really like the smaller size, FM radio, and the dark blue faceplate. Just the fact that it has changeable face plates is a plus for me. I also enjoy the MP3 player and how fast I can download music. What I don't like (and that is why I'm giving the phone a 4.5) is the loop antenna and the fact that it does not have expandable memory, which isn't a big deal for an average user. Overall, it is a really cool phone.

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This Phone is Great


Dec 7, 2005 by trowe053

This phone is great, sure it lacks the external memory drive, however it makes up for it times ten with all the other features it has. it has two time the phone book storage as it predicessor, and the speaker is much clearer. Not to mention the changable faceplates are great.

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They Dropped the Ball


Nov 20, 2005 by NASTY_LOS

I currently own this piece--phone, and boy am I upset. Sony Ericsson has really disappointed with their newest creation.

First of all, the non-expandable memory!!! What gives? I hope they're prepared for the loss this upcoming quarter. I also own the S710a (the best phone ever made), now you know where I'm coming from. 256 MB is not enough memory for pictures, ringtones, and downloads. The design is ridiculous, it's ugly, and emits a foul aroma when it's used.

In fact, I'm selling this phone to the lowest bidder to show my disgust with this model. Long live the S710a!!!

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