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this phone is old


Oct 7, 2004 by TUNDRA MIKE


Quality phone lacks features


Jul 2, 2002 by Kevin Harter

The Motorola v60g is a very high quality phone, but it lacks some of the higher end features a lot of other phones in this price range possess.

As soon as you slide one into your hand, you realize why this sucker costs so much. The aluminum case really adds a solid feel to the phone - this isn't a creaker!

And the sound quality is amazing! The only annoyance here is the buzz that the backlight produces at the beginning of a call. This disappears as soon as the light goes out.

The phone is very attractive and well balanced (especially with the high performance battery and thicker door). The flip mechanism feels solid and provides a reassuring snap when closing.

Now, the complaints: the Send and End buttons seem to be reversed compared to most other US phones. And the menus are not as intuitive as those by other manufacturers. It took me fifteen menu-surfing minutes to finally change the time. Finally, there is no lock-out feature on the volume and smart buttons. It's very annoying to find that you've missed 26 calls because you accidentally put the phone into Silent mode.

Overall, I find this phone very appealing. It is a joy to use and gets a lot of comments from friends. Add the features of my Ericsson T68 to the quality of the v60g and I'd be a very happy wireless phone user!

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My first PROFESSIONAL cell phone! I'd get another one just for a collector's item!


Aug 22, 2008 by Julius

The first time that I first heard of this phone was through a coworker of mine who had his through AT&T (before they bought out Cingular). I was with Verizon at the time and was dissatisfied with their product (I'll explain that later), and joined T-Mobile and got myself a Motorola V60! Whoever your carrier was at the time of your having this phone, I'm sure you have some stories to tell, both good and bad!

PROS: An INTERNATIONAL phone! Every corner you'd turn, someone had this phone (it was a BIG boom between 2001-2003), the reception was clear, it was light, sometimes you forgot you even had it on you! Every one would observe the phone you own because of the stainless steel body on it. Most carriers sold it for big bucks, but T-Mobile had theirs for about half the price, so I was sold then! I'd DEFINITELY get this phone again. But this time, as a collector's item!

CONS: If you had T-Mobile, then your (complaint) would be the same as mine-dropping calls. This phone was real delicate, so if you're a heavy cat like myself and you like to flaunt your flashy phone but at the same time, you bump into stuff and the phone keeps falling off, it may be in your best interest to put the phone in a pouch where it'll be at least protected from such elements.

Not that Great of a Phone.


Aug 25, 2006 by KrnGuy000

The V60g doesn't really have many features on it and you will get bored with this phone. Although the quality is great it lacks charma. Its heavy weight and metal exterior causes a lot of problems because if you drop this phone, you will get a lot of scratches on it. The screen is small and the only colors are Black and Green. The bulkiness of this phone can get annoying in your pockets and has the tendency of getting in the way of things. I would recommend this phone to anyone who just wants a phone to talk with and who just doesn't care about the features of a phone. This phone is perfect for those who just want to use it as an emergency cell phone.

Simply the best!!


Nov 14, 2004 by justinu

This is the best Motorola phone I have ever owned!!!!

A good phone for the price


Oct 2, 2002 by sunilsonia

This phone is better than the versions available for Verizon, Cingular, and AT&T, maily because it offers GSM World Class Service, much more so than AT&T and Cingular do. Also due to being on T-Mobile's network, the service is clearer as well. The ringers are loud and the voice reception on this is particularly clear. Very rarely does the reception ever break up here. Add to that the fact that this works at my wife's workplace, which is more than I can say for Cingular.

Classic phone!


Sep 9, 2002 by Trevco

A typical classic flip phone, once again from Motorola!Excellent quality,although not the highest in the technological advancements.But a pretty good phone,for your hard earned chillings, or... "bang for the buck".Need to work on getting the antenna size down about 1/2 an inch though!Heres a concept,how about internal???I Found the features to be somewhat booooring,but if you're looking for a good phone for a good price,and the basic features,like voice dial/voice memo/large fone-book/o.k calender,then this is the one that you want eh!I really like the anodized aluminum housing,the first since the Nokia 8890/50.More phones should be constructed and designed this way.I still say they should have stuck with the vader concept and made it into a tri-band phone.Tiny,useful and the screen for me, was big enough.Oh well,here I am still in the 90's!!Overall,you can't go wrong for your money,and it is still pretty small.

Very Sleek / Great Reception / Great Phone


Aug 31, 2002 by Ken Arcand

I'm not discounting anyone else's reviews (maybe they did have that much trouble - or maybe their phone was defective out of the box). OR maybe they didn't read the owner's manual.

However, I've been working in the industry for about 10 years and I really like this phone. I could use whatever T-Mobile (VoiceStream's new name) handset I want, I would use this one, but I'm not one of those who likes the smallest phone in the market, so I use its larger companion the P280g: same exact phone except for size.

If the zoom-in feature is turned on, the font is larger than most phones on the market now. The Voice-Activated Dialing is great (20 slots), the Memo-recorder is awesome (use it all the time to record directions that somebody is giving during a conversation, or when the 411 operator is giving me a number, or just to remember where I parked when I went to Six Flags).

Storing numbers seems to be a snap, along with then adding the VoiceDialing while doing so.

The only thing I don't like is that when playing black jack, a tie is not a push - but rather a win for the dealer, and the phone is the dealer!

I think the volume is great, and I bought the hands-free device which plugs into the bottom (for $50) making the phone a speaker phone @ about the same quality of a nextel (not quite that loud). Very good super-small phone which feels more like a traditional phone when open, very large keypad (for a small phone), GREAT battery life, easy functionality, AND GPRS Browser capable w/ world phone to boot.

The one real-negative, the battery door often pops off (a little) when pulling the phone out of the plastic holster provided with it.

Not as Good as I initially Expected


Jul 10, 2002 by Irma K

The phone looks beautiful and sleek from the outside and after reading so many reviews on Amazon.com, I decided to buy the phone (mainly because it was free after the rebates). The volume is not as high compared to my old Nokia phone, which is why I have trouble speaking on the phone when I am outside or in a public setting. I have an ATT plan and the customer service has been decent so far. Another problem I have is that the reception is weak, which has caused me to drop calls on a daily basis. I am not as satisfied with this phone because it is not living up to my expectations. Also another nuisance is that there is no "Missed Calls" section, which is really annoying at times. I can't even have my own welcome message and sometimes when I dial the dialing fails. There is an option to download ringtones, but ATT doesn't provide ringtones for this phone. I still recommed buying the phone, but not at the price that its offerred. I hope to upgrade my phone to the new one when it comes out in November. Good luck to all the cell phone buyers out there!

Not one for text messagers!


Aug 3, 2002 by Paul Higgins

Okay, we know the voice quality and general reception of the device is reasonable... and so it should be given the price if you buy it outright!

But if you intend to use the v60g for SMSing, think long and hard about buying something else. The itap system that Motorola uses (instead of the more common T9) can be a burden at best. But this phone shows only three lines of text, has small, non user friendly buttons, and the dim back-lighting and tiny font makes it all a real chore. Soft key placement is non-intuitive too.

Worse, if you're sent a message, there's no option to simply "reply". You'll need to get out of the incoming message screen, find the person's number through a convoluted system of "browsing" your SIM or the phone's own list of personal numbers, and start from scratch. Bad luck if you want to quote something from the incoming message!

Further, if you use the phone in Europe or Asia/Pacific, where carriers offer the cellular base station location on the screen of the phone, you won't be able to access it... or any other cell broadcast service on this Moto offering.

Surprisingly disappointing in many respects.

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