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Excellent, Durable, Reliable Phone


Mar 24, 2008 by wfenster

This is an excellent, reliable phone for someone with basic cell phone needs. I retired my L2 after one year of use for a Palm Centro. I was happy with the phone, which I purchased refurbished from Cingular.com, for many reasons:

Reliable - never dropped a call!
Compact and thin
Seemingly indestructible - I dropped it numerous times!
Loud and clear speakerphone
Easy to use keyboard

Address book could be quicker to navigate through - but this is a small con compared to the pros of this excellent phone!

Best SLVR Model Yet


Jul 6, 2007 by Archer6

After all the high end phones I have, I chose this L2 based on it's clean lines, quality finish and great build quality. A basic phone without a camera is a plus. Really thin at just 9.5mm with a smooth flat back it fits in your pocket easily and you hardly notice it. Even though the display is CSTN it's bright, quite clear and surprisingly easy to read. They keys work really well, even if a bit small. The battery life is very long, as this is a no frills phone. The call quality and signal strength is very good. Features a good range of volume volume adjustment, this is a very impressive phone. If you want a great inexpensive phone that just gets the job done this is the one. I really like this phone.

Best Phone!!!!


May 20, 2007 by lakyn01

I recently purchased a pink version of this phone on cingular's website
Although it is a refurb it works just fine

Nice form
color (pink)
Great battery life
same quality of most motorolas

No camera(im not that big on phone cameras)
Screen is not that great
Motorola is sometimes slow when dialing though this rarely happens it refuses to let you go back to the previous screen

Overall i definetly recomend it!!

Very Good Phone!


May 16, 2007 by dabkrb

I have this phone and have been using it for a year now. I am very satisfied with it, and am sad, because I have to switch carriers due to moving to an area that has no local numbers with the company.

* Slim, sleek design
* Very good reception (I use Fido Services, and have access to the Rogers Networks in Ottawa and Petawawa, ON)
* Able to transfer MP3s, photos and videos via Motorola Phone Tools software for my PC
* Good, loud sound for ringtones (can hear from other rooms).
* Good and easy keypad for text messaging and dialing.
* Very durable, I have dropped it quite a few times from standing height on pavement and never broke or damaged.
* Good bluetooth access.

*Slides easily from surfaces (eg. lap, car dashboard, rubber case helps and protects it.
* No camera or MP3 player, only MP3 ringtones.
* Cam't use personal ringtones for different callers. Only one ringtone for all incoming calls.

All in all, I love the phone, if I had wanted a camera phone at the time, I'd have gotten one. I love everything about it, and the pros definetly outweight the cons!!!

Lousy phone


Mar 3, 2007 by sp0256

I had this phone for one day.

The first three people I called all complained about not being able to hear me.

Two of those people I call regularly and noticed how much lower the quality was from my previous phone (Nokia 6102b)... I am switching back to my Nokia until I can find a suitable replacement.

Also, the batter back plate was loose and rattled slightly from poor alignment, I put a business card inbetween to stop the rattle.

I would try another Motorola in the future since they have made nice phones, but I will be avoiding the SLVR series (L2,L6,L7)

Motorola L2


Feb 20, 2007 by mhooker1

I upgrade to the this phone 12/22/06, which was a big mistake. The call quality is terribe and after my 3rd L-2 motoroala my carrier switch me out of this phone. Do not purchase this phone.

Bluetooth, Speaker, and No Camera,


Feb 17, 2007 by skshrews

After 6 months of heavy use, I'm happier than ever with this phone.

It's getting harder to find a phone without a camera. Many people don't need a camera, and it adds expense and bulk to a cellphone unit.

The SLVR L2 is so light, it can be hard to remember which pocket you placed it in. The screen is bright and clear, but not really meant for image viewing-but good enough for text.

The speaker works well, though the volume is relatively low. I use a Mototrola Bluetooth headset without any problems. I bluetooth contacts between the L2, my Palm TX, and laptop without problem.

I get alot of pages at work, and I finally convinced my paging system to text message me. This made the L2 not only my phone, but a message center, and more valuable than ever. Being able to reply to messages by just hitting the "call back" button is great.

Web surfing is slow with the Cingular system. But Yahoo and Google email work great. Yahoo can be configured to work like "push" email-you'll be notified of email deliveries as they occur (like a Blackberry).

Battery time is about 24-36 hours before I find myself recharging from 2/3 or 1/3 bars. Reception and call quality seem to drop precipitously with battery strength.

This is an under publicized phone-every time I pull it out, I get the usual "What's that?/Cool!" comments typical of gadget envy. I think part of the problem lies in the fact it doesn't stack up well on paper. It doesn't have a lot of unnecessary features.

For someone looking for a simple business cellphone that's light, and reliable-this is the best available today.

The Ultimate in Basic Phones


Feb 17, 2007 by zelenka

I've been using this phone for about 4 months and the only thing I would change about it is the silly startup message: "Be Safe-Be Courteous". Apparently, perhaps due to the relatively low cost, Cingular seems to be targeting parents who will buy this phone for their kids.
At any rate, there is nothing else to complain about. Battery life is phenominal but it helps to run the phone through a few charge/discharge cycles before full capacity is realized. The form factor makes it ideal to pack around in a pocket or purse and it tends not to turn on inadvertently like the majority of candy bar style phones.
Some say the vibration mode is weak but I have no use for that function so I can't say. I can, however, say the voice quality is easily the best I've found after owning more than a dozen phones over 5 years. Bought mine as a refurb; saved money and it was just like new. Perfect phone if you aren't tempted to own one loaded with tons of frivolous crap.

Great "lower end" but solid phone


Jan 19, 2007 by calicamphone

I got this phone as a free upgrade with Cingular (in Portland, OR). I've always used flip phones so I was concerned about switching but so far I like the feel and shape of this phone. I don't think I'll take off the plastic protector on the screen because I know once I do, I'll probably scratch the screen.
Note about volume rocker and vibrate feeling:
You hit the left smart key button to bring up volume and then go to the up and down buttons on the center navigation tool to rock up and down on volume. And as someone mentioned, if you hold down #, you immediately will go to vibrate mode.
If you go into audio menu, and pick vibrate style, there are many types of vibration, dot dash pulse, etc so you can create a longer vibrate tone.

Pros: brushed metal case so not so "smudgy". The # keys are small-ish, but they have a raised ridge which makes it easier to find them and hit the correct one.
I like the speaker phone feature and it's loud enough. I still think the ear piece volume could be louder (I have to always have it on 7) but then I feel this about all phones. I've taken now to using speakerphone for most of my calls.
I love how Moto lets you customize all the keys to functions you need. that way I won't accidentally go to Media Net b/c a button got pushed in my purse.
Oh, the keypad lock is simple too. Hit --Menu and * key.
I kinda wouldn't mind a camera but I like that it is bluetooth and has a standard mini USB connection. Still not sure if I have to buy the Moto sofware or if I can find it on my own.
Small cons: the screen graphics are washed out but the fonts pop so maybe it's better to have a washed out background for readability. I wish you could personalize the font somewhat.
I am not sure about call reception as I haven't used it outside and in various conditions so far, but inside my apartment bldg (which has a lot of concrete) the signal is definitely improved from my old LG flip.

Not a Moto fan


Jan 3, 2007 by tszefr

The only Moto I have ever liked is my StarTac and it went out of service years ago when Cingular (that is correct) took down 800 mHz CDMA in the local market. Great phone, so I though I would try the L2. The L2 went back; I want my money more than I want the L2.

This phone is thin but a bit large. Won't fit in any case I have. If the display had decent resolution and filled out all or most of that black mask, I probably would have kept it.

The most striking problem was trying to transfer my phone book from S/E W810i. Now my PB has probably a couple dozen entries but most have multiple numbers and likely email addresses as well. No go. Too big. Then I copied several entries one at a time via bluetooth and it made a royal mess. Multiple entries? If you have used a modern Moto, forget my ranting about this because it probably will not phase you.

Almost forgot to mention Mobile Email. This is the Oz client and it features free (as of today) push notification and is usable for Yahoo, M$N/Hotmail, and AOL/AIM at least. Since Cingular plans to hit you big time for SMS, this is worth considering.

* Very nice case. Thin.
* Bluetooth
* Reasonably decent keyboard
* Connect with standard USB cable (!)
* Computer recognizes phone as modem
* Charge via standard USB cable.
* Four bands.
* Cingular Mobile Email installed.

* Display proportionately small
* Display resolution lousy
* Case back latch design poor (but usable)
* RF reasonable but not great
* Hideous phone book facility

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