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PEBL and voice quality: 10/10


Sep 8, 2006 by Boywonder

I'm sure you've all been reading about this phone's beauty (eye of the beholder).

I first purchased one for my fiance because she liked the style. After talking to her on her new phone the first time I knew I had to have one. Here's why....

My review then will be short and sweet.

To this day (and I've had 30+ cells) I have not owned a better sounding (outgoing audio) since the Moto P280.

When I'm in my car driving down the highway with and people ask, "where are you in your office?" I know I've got a quality handset.

I am keeping this phone indefinately because of it's astounding voice quality and RF.

Buy one, then call someone. I'd be willing to bet that they think you are calling from a landline.

Thank you Motorola for getting back to BASICS!! Greatest sounding GSM handset on the market, hands down.

Don't be confused by the name, the PEBL Rocks!


Mar 17, 2006 by daughe28

I purchased this phone at a T-Mobile store and was immediately impressed. It is the best Motorola phone that I have ever had.

-Very solid! The rubber casing makes it easy to grip. In the closed position, the flip portion barely moves.

-The use of magnets for a closure mechanism is AWESOME! I have always been looking for a flip phone that you can open with one hand. I am curious to see how durable the flip is going to be over time.

-Reception and voice clarity is FANTASTIC! BY far the best of any T-Mobile phone I have used (since I used to sell T-Mobile phones, I have used a lot of them).

-Voice activation software works extremely well.

-Screen is vibrant and clear. My downloaded wallpapers look GREAT!

-Software moves faster my old V600 phone and RAZR models I have played with.

-Battery life is not as long as I thought it would be. I can barely go 2 days before I have to recharge the battery.

-I wish the phone was a little wider. That way it would fit better in my hand and they could have made the screen bigger. It would also have alowed for a bigger battery.

All in all, this phone is EXCELLENT! If you are a T-Mobile user looking for a new phone, give this one serious consideration.

Amazing Feel!


Dec 17, 2005 by mauizenman

I have been using the Pebl for the past two days (TMO Branded) after having used the Razr, V360 and the Nokia 6101. The great draw for the Pebl is its FEEL...you literally have to hold it in your hand, like a pebble, to appreciate the smooth, roundness of it. It is the most comfortable phone and that I held. The automatic opening mechanism is unique and very useful for those of us who can't open a flip with one hand. The screen is the same as the V360 but appears larger becuase of the way it is set in the unit. The operating system seems a little quicker than the V360 and the RF is the same (i.e. very good.) The Bluetooth works very well and it charged an hour and half. (Something Moto has really improved). I can't judge the battery life at this point but it still registers full even after extensively transferrring files via BT.
PROS: Design, feel, opening mechanism.
CONS: Haven't run into any. The front display takes some getting used to. (Although you can have it either right or left justified.) Once you are used to it....it makes the phone stand part.)



Jan 15, 2006 by VintaqeRomance

First off, I bought this phone on EBAY (avg selling price $500-700+) about 3months ago and have had no problems with it whatsoever...works great! It's relatively light-weight, functional (bluetooth, internet, speakerphone - a must!, etc), and has great STYLE.

I'm a 20yr old college student and decided to spend the $530 on it -- based mostly on the LOOK of it (I know I know). Ever since I've had it, EVERY SINGLE PERSON that has seen it is absolutely AMAZED. Everyone just gushes at how "cool" it is and "unique" -- indeed, with the rare black rubber housing and the awesome opening mechanism...no wonder everyone is awe struck by just looking at it!

What's also great is since I've gotten it before it hit market here in the U.S. I feel extra special 'cause NO ONE has it! (Not in my city at least).

I'm a cell phone addict...I'm always buying (every 6months or more) a new phone and always researching, extensively, before buying. If you are a basic buyer and doesn't care much for look or style, I would go with a cheaper phone. $530 is going to be the base price when it hits the U.S. market.

I also have an inkling that this phone will become as popular, if not more, than the RAZR once it hits the market -- ESPECIALLY with the young crowd. Here are some pros and cons of the PEBL:

-speakerphone (loud!)
-wireless internet
-downloadable games&ringtones
-great graphics
-relatively light-weight
-not too thin like the RAZR - very sturdy!
-no scratches cause of the rubber housing
-VGA camera - great quality

-can not activate speakerphone until after you've dialed the number
-external LCD screen is only monochrome..thus no external caller id (poo)
-no extra new, or exciting functions -- almost all the same as the RAZR
-camera could have more editing features besides just zoom?

...In my eyes the price was a little much, but since I'm happy with my purchase I feel it was well spent. I highly recommend this phone to everyone!

I love the PEBL!


Jun 29, 2006 by Monkeyluves5

The PEBL is my first Motorola phone, I must say, at first I was unsure about getting a phone other then Nokia,(which my other 3 phones were). I love the PEBL, and have no idea why I doubted getting it for a second. The phone has a bright screen, both the internal and external, although the screens are difficult to read in sunlight, but most are. The keypad takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get used to it, it's a snap. The camera and video quality aren't the best, but for a cell phone, they are good. I love the way the phone opens. It is truly one-of-a-kind. The reception of the phone is good, I usually have a bar (of signal) more then my friends RAZR. The wallpapers, screen savers and icons aren't blocky like some of my previous phones, which is a definite plus. My favorite thing about the phone would have to be the design. I have had the phone for a day, and I have gotten so many comments on it. A few people have commented on the way it opens. Overall, I would recommend this phone to anyone who actually wants a phone to communicate. If you want to listen to music, record video, take pictures and plan your life schedule, this is not the phone for you. But if you want a phone that looks cool, and is actually used for talking and text-messaging, this phone is the best on the market.

Clear sound quality on both ends.
Fairly good battery life.
Clear easy-to-read screens.
Easy to use menus.
Very customizable, from the wallpaper and screen saver, right down to the order of the icons on the main menu.

The phone sometimes sticks while opening.
Not alot of memory.
If the phone is not gripped tightly while opening, it could fly out of your hand.
Camera and video could be better.
FINGERPRINTS...they're everywhere!!

Great Phone!!


Jan 3, 2006 by celnut

I have had the Pebl for a little over 2 wks now.


Form Factor
Excellent hinge & flip action
Great Reception
Sml Size
Keypad is just like razr
Sound Quality is very good
Speakerphone sounds very good
Easy to hold & very soft rubber feel


No headset jack (must use bluetooth)
Inside display could be a little larger

I have always been a candybar style phone fan but this phone is even better since it is so easy to press the top of it & the flip springs open.

Good Phone


Feb 1, 2006 by Noodles28

I just switched from the T809 to the PEBL, I am more used to a flip phone so I was happy that motorola came out with a new flip. The PEBL is your basic Motorola menu nothing too fancy, it has digit dial, and the magnetic close, and you push down on the top of the phone to open the phone, it just pops open. The phone definitely gets better signal than the T809 and you don't have to deal with the sliding open to dial, which I did not like too much. The only con so far would be that because of the black rubbery finish on it you'll have finger prints on your phone. Overall its a good phone pretty basic and easy to use.



Jan 23, 2006 by msd18

Pros:Nice Design, Bright Screen, Good build quality, included accessories

Cons:Price, Low camera resolution

I just recently purchased this phone from www.saberpoint.com and it is a very nice addition for Motorolas 4 letter phone line-up(PEBL, RAZR, SLVR, ROKR). This phone is not the latest in technology regarding the camera or features but the style is great and is comes with everything you need for basic users. Also has a cool Rubber feel on certain version that does not scratch! That is my favorite part. This phone beats the RAZR which I had last because the design is nicer and not everyone has one!

All & More


Jan 13, 2006 by youngpoet

This is a great phone.
I've had it for about 3 weeks now and I couldn't ask for more. I purchased the phone off of ebay and use it on Circular's network. I have not found one negative issue whatsoever.

Speaker works great

No software issues (screen blanking out or going all white)

All bluetooth features active with no issues

Battery life

Great reception (no dropped calls, no static, "everyone can hear everyone")

Hinge and Magnet (no looking down and finding your flip phone open on your hip)

Outer screen surprisingly does a lot more than expected

The screen could be a little bigger but its still ok considering its size.

The size took a little getting use to, but after a few days, it's not an issue at all.

Pretty good


Aug 10, 2006 by baba

Pros: A fairly solid design. It feels solid in the hand, for example. It has good functionality once you get used to the clunky Motorola interface, but if you've used Windows, you probably won't notice.

The reception is good. This was the primary reason I bought it. I wanted to stay with modern GSM technology and for this it seemed that t-mobile was the only game in North America, remarkably. But their coverage in Wisconsin is *very* dicey. The PEBL definitely helped in this regard.

Cons: some of the side buttons don't appear to be programmable. This means that every time you brush against your phone, the ringer setting will be reset. If I had known this in advance, I would *never* have purchased the phone. If I set my phone to vibrate, I would like it to stay that way and not chortle at full volume in the middle of a meeting. **This is a major design flaw.**

At the outset, I intended to to buy a higher quality phone with good reception and a few supplementary features like bluetooth functionality. But I couldn't find any quality phone without the not-only-useless-but-obtrusive feature of a camera. I don't have a camera built in to my bicycle; I certainly don't want one in my phone. But I understand this is the imperative of the service providers, who want to add bells-for-cash services and of the hat-backwards 14-year olds who seem to propel the market.
(But where do they get hold of so much cash?)

Anyway, I recommend buying the PEBL unlocked, but **make sure** you know in advance what firmware is loaded on the phone. It's not unusual for merchants to sell a phone in the U.S. that has been programmed to work with an Italian service provider. It will still work, in a minimal, sense, but for full functionality, you'll need to reflash the phone. That implies paying money or muddling through poorly-documented modding software.
This will be the equivalent of at least $50 either way.

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