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Audiovox CDM-9155GPX / CDM9155SP


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A great basic phone - but no frills


Jun 23, 2004 by pulanch

I used this phone for the past two years, and my wife is still currently using hers. I just upgraded to an Audiovox CDM 8900, but as a phone, the 9155 is much better.

The pros are:
Durable - I completely submerged mine (accidentally) many times in water. The nearly two hours underwater last time is what did it in. It wasn't the water that killed it, it was me trying to power it back up after it dried for only a day. It started to work but I think some remaining water shorted it out for good (sad).

Reception - I hardly ever had a dropped call - ever! I just got done demoing a brand new LG and I was pissed how poor the reception was. After talking with other cellular phone users, they told me that this is standard. The 9155 never let me down, it spoiled me. Part of the reception quality could be due to the trimode ability.

The cons are:
Size - I ruined many pairs of pants from keeping the phone in my pocket. It is not compact, has a long length, and the antenna pokes out even further. My wife has no problem at all keeping it in her purse, just not a great pocket phone.

Accessories - the VerizonWireless belt clip made for that phone stunk, hence the reason it went for a swim.

Features - It is a phone plain and simple, it was not made to be a toy.

Battery life - It wasn't a battery hog, but you also had to be diligent about charging it if you use it a lot. I never had to replace the battery on either of our phone, even though my wife uses hers a lot. So the battery holds a decent charge and also lasts for at least two years without diminishing in capacity.

Discontinued - Good luck getting service or accessories.

I've found it to be an excellent & reliable phone.


Dec 16, 2003 by MPannell

I've had this phone for one year now and have found it to have excellent range & reliablity. It is tri-mode and worked in a remote corner of Ohio last month -- both of my brothers' phones had No Service on their phones. My Audiovox 9155 continued to work as usual. Eventually, it went to Extended Service to my brothers' amazement and never failed me. Having just experienced my husband's upgrade to Motorola C333, an all-digital nightmare of 9 out of 10 calls going to his voicemail, I was especially grateful for my faithful Audiovox. Only negatives: I had to buy a new car charger (and new desktop charger) because my Audiovox 9000 car charger unbelievably did not fit into the plug on the Audio 9155! That made me furious. What could be the reason but greed?
Only other negative: When I try to pick up a new voice mail message, I first must listen to a recitation of the 6, 8, or 10 stored messages that are ready for deletion! A boring waste of time. Why can't I get my new message first?! Maybe I just haven't figured out how to do it yet? The speaker-phone works fine for me. I can use it in the car instead of holding the phone to my ear (which is illegal in Long Island). Anyway, it is a terrific phone with great reception.

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This is a pretty good buy...if your not into doodads.


Sep 19, 2003 by Demonfeed

Well, this phone certainly isnt flashy, the wireless web is better off not being on it, and it lacks games or other aesthetics most phones have... Its basically a standard phone.
The speakerphone is a nice addition, but its use is limited because of its less than adequate volume. The signal is fairly good, even compared to the newer vision phones. The menu is a nightmare to those who have used cellphones before, because its scrolling capabilites are horribly off center as phones go, but given 30 min to an hour you can figure it out and get used to it. There are only two major downsides to it... The phonebook is terribly complicated to use, and after dealing with them for a few months, I still couldnt program numbers into it. The second is not as bad as the first, but a flaw nonetheless... Its look. It looks like a toy phone, and thats what most people think it is. But, however, its convenience in a plastic box, which is why its so cheap, which is a good thing. Another thing, the battery life is above average, so you dont have to mess around with it to get it working right. Nothing too bad, nothing too good, but its worth the money if you just want a phone, not a toy.

a good phone


Jun 16, 2002 by Nomad Joe

all in all a really good phone. the only draw back i have right now are the lack of games and the fact i can not change the time format to 24 hour time. which is just one of my quirks. the reception is good and i like the sound quality. i do not have much use for a speaker phone. i just use hands free.

Good Phone For A Good Price..


Jun 12, 2002 by michael H

Just Bought This Phone On Saturday, And Here Is My Review From 1 To 5..

Speaker phone: 2 Sound Quality Is Not Very Good And Isn't Loud Enough.

Reception: : 4 This Phone Switches From Cell To Cell Very Well.. Maintains A Good Signal Strength. Even When You Have A 1 Bar You Get A Great Call.

Sound Quality : 5 Calls Sound Great From The Ear piece.. "Speaker phone Another Story"..

Functions : 4 Audiovox Has To Make More Ringers And Not Melodies.. There Are 4 Traditional Ringers And 12 Melodies.. The Keypad Takes A Little Time To Get Used To But The Functions Are Great..

Audiovox Has Made Great products In the Past And Thats Why I Bought This Phone.. Otherwise Than The Speaker phone " Which I Can Live Without" I Think This Phone Is Good..

I Hope This Helps Others In Deciding On This Product..

Audiovox/Toshiba 9155


May 28, 2003 by Bill Ostler

The Cdma tri mode allows the phone to be used anywhere. Cost is another factor.
Solidly built case. Good reception.

Lack of features for the money. No games.
No calculator. Lack of Accesories.

When i first got the phone I was kind of reluctant to purchase an Audiovox. As I started to use it it appeared to be a good quality phone made by Toshiba. Things have been left off that other price comparable phones have, but this phone appears to be made well and looks like it could take some abuse, unlike some of the flip phones that you see around. Battery life seems average, I usually turn off the backlighting as I use the phone mostly during daylight hours. The speaker phone is usable but unless the phone on the other end has good volume it is useless. All in all though it fits it's intended purpouse and it does it well.

Pretty Sad


Aug 25, 2002 by MANIAC

Pretty sad that a Toshiba manufactured handset performs this poorly... I gauge most of these phones from a receiver sensitivity standpoint and how well they perform in a real world application... in the network. Low/no receiver sensitivity when stacked up against other product offerings from Sprint PCS. Bells and whistles.... they've all got them, if the phone fails to place and receive where other phones do not we can not endorse the handset. Yes, the phone has a built-in full duplex handsfree speakerphone... BFD... They all will soon. TOSHIBA WHAT HAPPENED HERE? If your looking at this handset to purchase we recomend that you look at the signal strength in comparison to other Sprint phones... Some are definitely better than others.

Audiovox 9155


Jul 31, 2002 by George Mazich

I manage a RadioShack store, and the first 2 sold both came back defective. The first one developed a bad display with blank lines in it, and the second one would not hold a charge. The customer involved exchanged the second phone for a Motorola V120c, which is an OK phone.

I have never been thrilled with Audiovox products, and was glad when we stopped carrying them for over a year. It remains to be seen whether the bugs are worked out soon.



May 9, 2003 by Alan Cheek

I really hate this phone because it does not have much on it. It is best for people who just us it to talk but me because i am a 15 I wont to have something better than that also it only has 14 ring tones this phone sucks!!!!!!!!

I sell it I know


Jul 31, 2002 by Ty Bleue

Pretty cool looking small and sleek looks a ton like a panisonic Phone but i say we have had them in the store for only a short time but what I saw was not very good we sold 2 both have come back defective One had a screen screw up not a big deal traded it out. Second 1 battery was defective. Stay away try this phone after they get the bugs out.

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