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Audiovox CDM-9155GPX / CDM9155SP


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This phone gets the job done


Sep 5, 2002 by lupismaximus

I have been using this phone for three days. I read through the whole instruction manual and this is what I think:

*Tri-mode operation: CDMA @ 800 and 1900 MHz and AMPS @ 800 MHz
*Good Reception
*1x Express Network Compatible
*Speaker phone
*Voice Dialing
*light weight
*vibrate mode
*GPS e911 compatible
*Programmable speakerphone/VM button
*Comes with car charger, headset, and wall charger
*Changeable face plates
*Web- Openwave 4.1 browser
*USB PC interface with PIM management software (Extra option)

*No mode settings like Nokia phones (Normal, silent, meeting)
*You can't have vibrate and a ringer on at the same time
*headset volume low
*Confusing menus
*limited ring-tones
*Long size compared to others
*keypad lock difficult
*Limited to two phone numbers per name
*No voice recording
*No downloadable ringtones or graphics
*No infrared
*No Games

AudioVox 9155-GPX


Jun 15, 2003 by Larry Williams

I Recently replaced an AudioVox 4500 with the 9155-GPX and I am well pleased with it.

Some of the previous reviews criticize this phone for not having games. As far as I am concerned, that is a PLUS! If you want games, buy another phone or get a "GameBoy". This telephone is an excellent communication instrument....not at toy.

This is a full featured phone with Tri-mode capability, built-in full-duplex speakerphone, voice activated dialing, data capable up to 144 kbps, 7 line display with adjustable text size, and, importantly, E911 call capable. There are many other features that are user friendly.

It does have a "limited" number of ringer and ring tones. Four and eleven respectively as well as vibrating alert. Why anyone would require more is a mystery to me. I suppose it would be desirable to some to be able to download a "special" ring tone to load into their phone. OK...they can buy another phone. The criticism that you can't have a ring tone AND the vibrator simultaneously makes no sense whatever to me. Their purpose is mutually exclusive.

If your need is for a cellular phone that is reliable with excellent fringe reception with the capability of data communication, this phone deserves careful consideration. If you want "toys" you will need to look elsewhere.

Apparently, this phone is made by both Toshiba and by Hyundai. Mine is made by Toshiba in Japan. I have no experience or knowledge of the Hyunda unit.

I hope this information is helpful to anyone looking for a cellular phone. Good luck in your search.

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Retail Sales Afficianado


Jun 13, 2003 by Joshua

I have sold this phone, along with the other models in the 9100 series for at least a year and a half. (Verizon Wireless)


Extremely low return due to any reason. This means reliability.

Excellent battery. This phone has one of the best batteries of all the phones I sell. I quote an average standby time to be 2-3 days. The battery is a cartridge style covered by a battery door. This means that the battery will not slip, slide, or fall off like other models sometimes do.

Good sound quality. You'll be able to hear clearly and be able to be heard clearly.

Good Signal reception. This phone retains a signal into weaker areas, where other phones may cut-out or disconnect.

Large display. A large, easy to read display makes seeing the display an ease and also works great for web-browsing and reading text messages.

Light weight. The lightest for a phone of its size. Changeable face plates.

Customer satisfaction. Most of the customers I talk to with this phone are very satisfied.


Terrible speaker phone feature. It works, but it would be very helpful if you could hear it. The speaker phone feature volume is very poor.

Lack of games??? I'll admit it does not have games. I sell phones, not handheld gaming devices.


An excellent phone. If you are looking for reliability and quality, this is a good phone. If you are looking for a flashy phone to impress your friends, this phone is not for you.


Outstanding quality, surprisingly bad reviews


Apr 2, 2003 by AT

I have seen a lot of bad reviews on here, which is shocking to me. I've owned this phone for about a year now. I've also owned all previous Toshiba manufactured Audiovox phones that Verizon has carried and have been extremely satisfied with their performance. I also work for Verizon in a retail store where we do warranty exchanges for phones and I'd say the Audiovox (Toshiba-manufactured, not Hyundai-manufactured) phones have a far below average return rate, if not the best. I see maybe one or two Audiovox exchanged a week, verses several a day on phones like the Motorola T720 or LG TM510.
The only valid con i can see for this phone is lack of bells and whistles and ringtone variety. Its advanced features are limited to the 2-way speaker phone, voice-activated dialing, and an alarm clock. I also believe some of the complaints about poor performance are referring to the Sprint version of this phone, which is likely due to their far inferior network rather than the phone itself. The signal and sound quality on this phone are hard to beat.
If you are looking for a phone and you are far more concerned with performance than bells and whistles, I would rate this phone as one of the top 5 performing phones Verizon has ever carried, and I would know because I have used most of them.

Good Cell Phone


Dec 26, 2002 by Larry Johnson

This is the best cell phone I've had in quite
sometime. Reception is very good. I can talk
with one pixel without a problem, anywhere.
The features aren't that great, but they are
helpful in some cases. Voice quality is great.
For some reason this phone dosen't get good
comments, but it is great phone. I'd recommend it to anyone loooking for a decent


Very good phone


Feb 19, 2003 by Jon Goldsberry

I love the Audiovox 9000 series phones. Toshiba hit on a good one with this. I really like the speaker phone option. Works really well in remote areas. Very easy to use and very good sound quality.

Pretty Good Overall


Jan 23, 2003 by Jessica D

This phone is very easy to use. I would say it's best features would be it's sound quality and navagation, as well as it's reception. I really like that it has a speaker phone, and I have never had trouble hearing on it. I get great reception in places where others gripe that they do not. Overall this is a great value, and simple to use. My only complaint would be that it is hard to find accessories for it, at least in my area.



Nov 12, 2002 by Lloyd Takeshita

Upgraded from 9100(not enough variety of ring tones). For awhile this was a really great phone. Speakerphone option less than desirable. Otherparty heard too much static interference and volume wasn't that good. Within a 3 week span had to take in for exchange due to digital signal lost. Twice on exchange phone too. Verizon dealer where I got phone wasn't aware of any problems with this phone which is surprising. F11 buttons are difficult to lock and do not always work on first, sometimes not even 2nd try. Except for these comments not bad, but 9100 is better except for ring tones and volume.

Audiovox 9155


Aug 4, 2002 by Chance Cannon

I just bought this phone and so far the speaker is load enought and the display is clear and battery life is as long as my Nokia 5185i.

Audiovox 9155


Aug 10, 2004 by Hurley_Girley_03

I've been using my Audiovox 9155 for the past two years now and I still like it as much as I did when I first got it. I like that it's small and it's easy to fit in a pocket.

Pro's: It's small, easy to carry and easy to fit in a pocket or small purse.

Con's: No downloadable ring-tones. Which makes it hard to distinguish different contacts. Not enough space in the address book to add more people.

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