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Palm Treo 650 (GSM)


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The Best Smart Phone Available


Jun 17, 2005 by vvillapa

My title indicates "The Best Smart Phone". It will not do justice to compare this with traditional cell phones. If you only want to make and receive phone calls, this is not for you. If you want a unit that does everything, this is a must have.
Battery Life. This is the only reason I did not give it a full 5 rating. I'm a heavy user for both voice and data. Then again, it's a PDA phone so what do expect, it uses a lot of juice. Just carry an extra battery and car cig adapter then you'll be in good shape.
Everything else about this phone is positive. Ever wonder why Treo650 owners experience problems with reboots and hanging? They download too much software in the unit. This is a PDA not a PC, let's keep that in mind. I've been a Palm user for the longest time and this has always been a problem. Downloading after market softwares will cause problems with the device rebooting or hanging. I suggest buying the SD software cards instead of downloads. You can just pop in the card when you need it. I also have a Siemens SX66 but the Treo650 definitely is a much better unit. Bluetooth works great with my headset. CINGULAR voice quality is great and EDGE data is pretty fast, who needs WiFi. The phone works great with or without headset. Very easy to navigate. I was able to migrate my old Palm information into this unit without any problem. Keyboard is convenient. I got the unit unlocked through EBAY and it works like a charm. Camera and video is decent. Hey, if you need better resolution camera, go get a digital camera. MP3 player is great. Bought a 1 GB SD card and a stereo headset and I got rid of my Ipod. So please tell me, how can people complaint about the Treo 650?

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Good PDA, Terrible Phone


Jun 2, 2005 by jase2005

I've had my Treo 650 for about 3 months now (bought it for business use) and I'm ready to get rid of it. Why? It's great as a PDA but TERRIBLE as a phone! I'm an IT professional and kept it updated, etc. but it's just a bad phone. The call quality and volume is really bad and the phone frequently doesn't complete dialing someone from contacts, even though the phone registers the call in the call log. My clients can't hear me half the time so now it must go! Be warned!

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After 2 years, I still love it


Nov 3, 2009 by SeekingJustice

I got this phone about two years ago and I love it. It completely organizes my life. I have a large amount of information stored in my contacts and love that I can synch all that up with the desktop app -- just in case! :)

*Nice phone -- not cheap plastic
*Crisp clear screen
*Screen color customizations
*Great calendar and address book
*Adjustable volume
*Clear speaker
*Customizable sounds for ring, reminder, and text
*Decent pictures, video
*Easy to add apps to phone
*Good battery life

*No MP3 Ringtones
*When battery needs replaced, can reboot or go to SOS service only (removing battery and reinserting corrects this)
*ROW phone firmware not easily accessible

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I love my 650!


Nov 21, 2008 by steps13

I've had my Palm 650 for a while now and I love it! Before I bought it I read reviews and thought well 50% of the people liked it and the other 50 didn't but I might! So I purchased it and I absolutely love it.

Pros- Great reception, touchscreen, internet, email, bluetooth, everything.

Cons- I only have one con and that is the speakerphone. My reception is great when I'm using the phone but when I turn on the speakerphone people complain that my voice cuts out and they can't hear me but other than that it's perfect!

People have said they've had to reset the phone or take the battery out to get it to work sometimes but I've only had to do that once. I go through AT&T and I get great service.

I use this phone a lot with my college work and it helps me with it. This phone is for some and not for others. It just depends on what you need in a phone.

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this phone SUCKED!!


Sep 22, 2008 by a.bay.bay

ugh! a COMPLETE waiste of time AND $!!

-good texting

-resets itself
-HORRIBLE speaker
-fuzzy signal
-duznt fit in pocket
-bad keyboard
-bad charging port
-duznt hold a charge
-'gets confussed' (SCREEN gets backwards)
-cracks easily
-bad ringers
-duznt REMEMBER calender events after stored

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Great All Around (Verizon)


Sep 18, 2008 by richvista

I love this phone, people complain about bad reception, but on verizon I've never had a problem. its never frozen up on me and its never reset itself, nor needed to be, its great and i recommend it, but only if you're on verizon.

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Aug 22, 2008 by treofreak

You know, there a of gadgets out there. They all have their own design that fit each owners personality: flip, slide, touch, querkey. Palm Treo's are the only phone both touch & buttons. What other phone out there allows you to personalise a picture right after you take them & send them with a message right on the picture, what phone, what model. Seriously, if there is let me know, cause I don't think there is one. I just want to say, ever since I owned a Palm IIIxe, its been awsome to see the Palms advance for over 10years now. I was blessed with not 1 but 2 Palm Treo 650 FOR FREE! What can I say, He is good! Someday, I would like to have a collection of every Palm that has been made. Long live Palm Treo's!

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Ya know, it's not that bad.


Apr 5, 2008 by chocolateman85006

I bought this as a temporary phone, until I can afford the phone that I really want.

No dropped calls
Unlike Windows Mobile (My OS of choice), the Xpress mail lets you put many e-mail addresses in.
Liveable camera/video.
Takes full SD cards (which are dirt cheap).

Music blows, as I can't include WMA files. I'm not paying for real player. (Gosh I can't wait for when I can get an HTC phone).

This'll do for now. That'll teach me to lose my phone.

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Dec 28, 2007 by masone207

what is everyone complaining about? i love my treo. i have not had a single problem yet. i love the pda. and the phone is loud and super clear. no better smart phone on the market!

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The Worst Phone EVER!!


Oct 7, 2007 by arabianknightone

This was the absolute worst cell phone I have ever owned. When I first bought it I loved it. The volume on the receiver was pathetic but I put up with it because I loved the other functions. But the longer I have had it the more problems I have encountered. The most glaring problem is the phone reception. Most of the time I will have 5 bars of reception and as soon as I make a phone call it drops to 1 or bars. Here in the last few days I can't even make a phone call without it dropping the call. I can be standing right next to a tower with 5 bars and within a few seconds it will drop to zero bars and drop the call. Then once the call disconnects it will jump back up to 5 bars of signal. Sometimes i have to deal with the phone freezing up or resetting right in the middle of a conversation. As far as the other functions are concerned they worked as intended, but the phone part of this is horrible. i have had this for almost 2 years and my contract is up in December. The dropped calls have gotten so bad that I am considering getting a second hand phone to use until my contract expires in December.

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