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treo 650 issues


Jun 4, 2005 by glueman1000

i too have had nothing but problems with the treo 650 from verizon. believe it or not I was one of the first users of the phone when it was released thru the business unit. I have had the phone for 4 weeks and now I'm going on my 4th new 650 handheld.
I have had problems with the hot sync, wireless hot sync, bluetooth pairing, unit resetting itself and the outlook calendar or contacts file deleteing itself/
Verizon know one fix,"try a hard reset" i did that at least 100 times per their request. nothing worked, and this after being sent to level 2-3 tech support,.Palmone would not talk with me because"each carrier handles there own tech support issues" I finally made it thru to Intellisync who handles the sync programs, it took them 1 minute to explain you could not do use both the local sync or wireless sync, you had to choose one or the other,. This took 1 minute when I spent 6-8 hours on the phone with verizon, and another 10 hours re entering all my data back into the handset, i was told that my file was corrupt so they had me delete eveything.
I do like Verizon's coverage area i travel alot and its the best around, but I am very sour about the treo 650,
Does anybody have an idea the new samsung i730 unit that is coming out?

Just a note Verizon has been great at exchanging units and making me happy, well after the 15 day policy.

Treo 650 good phone but marginal bluetooth


Jun 1, 2005 by Davisfr1

I recently purchased the Verizon Treo 650. Phone function works great.
Beautiful screen. Buttons well placed.
However, the Bluetooth functionality is very marginal at best.
I am a Trauma Surgeon so Bluetooth with hands free answer is essential as I take patients back and forth to the OR. I frequently need to switch between my Bluetooth headset and handset.

3 issues:
1. Every time I turn on a known bluetooth headset, it requires me to re-enter the pairing code of 0000. I have tried 3 different Bluetooth devices, all with the same results. (This is vastly different than most other Bluetooth handsets, such as the Motorola v710). This is extremely cumbersome and not practical for my needs.

2. There is no indicator on the phone indicating that the phone is actually paired with a bluetooth device. Therefore, there is no way to confirm that the phone will pick up automatically while I am in the sterile environment. (Using my hands to push a button is not an option)

3. In reviewing your web list of supported bluetooth headsets, I was very interested in finding that a limited number of devices (that are Bluetooth 1.1 compliant) are compatible with Treo’s handsfree software that would automatically transfer a call to the headset. This is a major limitation for me since I already own 3 Bluetooth headsets. If a headset is 1.1 (or 1.2 compliant) then they should all permit similar functionality or does someone from the IEEE need to go back and rewrite the Bluetooth standards (if a standard is really not a standard, then it looks like we have a problem with the standard)

For the above reasons, I am regretfully returning the Treo 650 for a refund. I am having to return to my Motorola v710 which does in fact have very good Bluetooth functionality.
If the above software issues are ever resolved, then I would consider migrating back to the Treo 650.

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geat phone


Apr 17, 2005 by astrochick2k

i purchased this phone in january. i would have rated a 2.5 back then for constant crashing and other problems. i recently installed the firmware update released by palm one and i have been ever so happy with my treo. it fixed the memory handling problem, versa mail crashes, sound issues and a couple of other things. my treo has been running great ever since.
i like the fact that is not to big. i looked at the audiovox 6600 but i found it to be
to big. the screen resolution is amazing. i so happy that the 650 has non volatile memory, dont have to worry loosing memory if i forget to charge my battery. the mp3 player works great. i wish the cam was mega pixel but for the most part it takes pretty good pictures.
my only gripes are that i wish that it had more than 23 megs of user memory. it's not to bad becuase you can use a sd card. i also with that it had 72 polyphonic ringer.
on the other hand it's not so bad because you can use you mp3 as ringers.
i would recommend this phone to anyone who is interested in purchasing it. i am very satisfied with my treo

Great Phone


Jun 30, 2005 by Axe0312

This is a great phone. Many pros, not many cons.


-Great, crisp display.
-Many different features included in the phone.
-Quick UI
-Good Size
-Nice Qwerty keyboard
-Camera that takes GREAT pics


-If coming from a cell phone, may take some getting used to
-Not the best RF

All in all, a great phone. And with Verizon if you get the unlimited data plan, they take 100 dollars off the cost of the phone! Great deal!

Treo 650, A Great All In One Package!


Jun 16, 2005 by dmkaye68

I have owned my Treo 650(on Verizon Wireless) now for over two weeks and cannot say enough good things about it! I have not experienced any of the problems that previous reviewers have had. The phone has been rock solid stable for me without having to do any resets at all. The audio quality from both the speaker-phone and ear piece has been great. I have been told my transmitted audio has been clear and crisp as well. My previous setup was a HP iPaq 4155 and a regular cell phone. I love the fact now that I only have to carry one device! Battery life has been very good for a Smartphone. I regularly get at least 4 days on a charge and that is with moderate calling and PDA use. Many of the gripes about this phone can be solved with the addition of some very affordable 3rd party software(Butler and TreoGuard come to mind). All in all I am very happy with my purchase and you should be too. The Treo 650 as an all in one device solution definitely hits a homerun. If you can afford the bite out of your wallet you will not be disappointed.

Not perfect, but what is?


May 27, 2005 by kbreslaw

I've had my phone for about two weeks now, and I love it. I upgraded from the 600, and it was well worth it. I'm tired of hearing people whine about all this little stuff. There is so much going on inside this little phone that it's not going to be 100% perfect. Anyone can do a basic cell without any bugs, but put all of it together like in the 650, and there is no way you will be able to please everyone.

The phone is solid, you can't beat the PDA functions and it's easy to learn, customize and get the hang of. The bluetooth isn't state of the art, but I've been able to pair it with my '05 Acura TL. The screen resolution is amazing, once you see it, you will wonder how you ever made due with the 600. The buttons are much easier to use. I have no complaints about the camera, but then again, it's a phone. It didn't come with voice dial, but a visit to the support download page on palmOne's website will fix that.

I have had trouble hot-syncing, but that is more of a problem with my computer than anything. I work on a Mac and just upgrade to 10.4 (Tiger), but have figured out ways around that problem.

Bottom line is that for what it does, I don't think you can find anything better out there. Everyone needs something just a little different and you can't please everyone all the time. If you just want email go with a BB, but I don't think this phone can be beat.

Nice Phone


May 20, 2005 by steppfe

After having many phones and many PDA's I grew tired of the hassle of carrying both. I looked at this phone for a while and was undecided on purchasing it. Well after much internal debate I bought the phone, and I am very pleased.

On the bright side:

good resolution
Good camera
outlook style contacts
outlook style calendar
views Internet like pda
touch screen and key pad
not overly bulky
easy sync with computer
speaker phone
mp3 player
sd card slot for storage (mp3's, files...), applications, wifi, and games

the bad:
not equipped with wifi; however, it is possible to buy the sd card and use a driver that has been placed on the Internet: google search (treo 650 sd wifi)

Only reason I didn't give it a 5 out of 5 is that I had to find wifi drivers from a site other than plamone or sprint (-.5). Honestly though the best thing to do is goto your phone dealer: verison, sprint... and try the phone out. They have kiosks setup for just that. If someone comes by to bug you tell them you are undecided and still researching. When you read reviews you normally don't hear from people that are generally pleased with the phone, and the only reason I am posting my thoughts is that a guy working for best buy saw my phone and asked me to put up my opinion.

No wonder the phone is BIG- There's so much to do!!


May 16, 2005 by jkoshy18

I had this phone for over a month, Loved it! Only one problem the darn thing costs a fortune.
The phone costs a good chunk of Money, Than youd have to pay $20 for a decent game, $30 to add MP3 ringers(ringo)
and it just goes on from there..I added basic software, such as pocketDVD, Ringo,and a couple games and it equaled out over $100.

Phone is amazing
Bluetooth was amazing- Connected to anything it saw: Sprint Customers, Make sure you do an UPDATE!!Free from palmone.com
Camera is really nice
It does everything you ask it to.
SYNC program was out of this world
PDA yet it feels and looks like a phone!
Better reception than most PDA and smartphones for Sprint
Only froze up 1 time after sterneous work in over a month, Much better than a MS OS in this sense.

Palm OS takes a little getting used to, especially if you use Windows on your PC
Speaker starts to crackle when you turn the volume up.
Can't hear anything in a loud enivorment, You need the other person to yell(if you hold the phone up to ear, get a bluetooth or 2.5mm headset and you're fine)
Keyboard is a little too small, Often kept on hittin other letters or hitting it twice.
Like i said in the beginning: Costs a fortune for software.
Battery takes a beating, have to charge it every night.

Overall This ia a sweet PDA Phone, If you have the cash get the Audiovox. But if you don't want to deal with the hassle of a MS OS, get the treo, it'll take on your toughest workload and ask for more.

Treo 650


Nov 23, 2004 by techfreak

OK all you haters out there, here is the SCOOP :). I have own pretty much every phone that has been out by Sprint, I reckon I have phone issues. I got my Treo 650 Friday, I must say it is all that and some. First, Palm OS is the best and I no problem transferring my info that was stored on my i500. The screen is awesome! The camera pics are clear and clean. I dragged and dropped several of my own pics to my expansion card (Card is a must for storage) and they look very good on the Treo. The MP3 player is pretty cool, however, listening to it without the ear piece is crackly. (Is that a word?) Continuing, I am in the Kansas City area and reception is very good; as well as, hearing others on phone call. Surfing PCS vision is fast; I only use versa mail for my Sprint mail (make sure you get your carrier to walk you through the configuration (it's tricky and I was told adding other mail services cause nothing but Drama :)). Overall, I am impressed with the Treo 650 and those of you waiting on your carriers to offer the phone, It is worth the wait (stay loyal and be patient).
P.S. I went and bought a 600 case,cut the plastice keyboard covering out and it works well.

Nice phone 2many problems


Feb 18, 2005 by Keovani

I've had the treo for a while got it before it came out on Ebay, now im on my 5th...i completely agree with LT1FIERO they now send you a refurbished phone. for $600 they should take better care. Main issues is the soft reset. If you add third party software such as Lightwav for MP3 ringtone, Zlauncher for desktop and MMplayer for playing movies, you can count on it to soft reset every once in a while atleast 5 times a day. When someone calls or when you make a call. Calling feature is bad 6 sec delay. Versamail is extremely bad recets everytime you attach a document. Yahoo and MSN email clients won't work. When you drop it the keys will stick on the keyboard. Everything you need for the phone is not included. additional accessories i bought.
1 gig memory card $110
HS810 bluetooth(not compatible with Voicedial) $100,
Lightwav $20,
MMplayer $15,
Zlauncher $15,
Stereo Headphones (mono is included)$21,
3.5mm to 2.5 adapter for headphones $5,
Holster $39,
Handzipper $15 total $926 just for acessories to have it they way you want so about $1000 after taxes. Other cons only 2meg download limit cant email more thant 2meg either, Docs to go has no spell checker or printing unless you upgrade, no wifi dun unless you hack, no info i found out about these prograns through treocentral. Over all good phone best phone on the market many problems many accessories

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