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Where is the Speakerphone, Samsung?


Feb 6, 2005 by SForsyth01

This phone would be good if it didn't take forever for the camera to load, and if it had a SPEAKERPHONE!!!!

The sound quality for V-Cast is horrible due to the lack of a good speaker system. And when is Samsung going to realize that people want a speakerphone instead of a cute menu that appeals to kids.

I had this phone for 1 day, as I thought I could live without the speakerphone function (previously a v710 user). But, to my dismay, the sound quality was horrible when I watched V-Cast clips. Went back and got the 8000 and was amazed what a good speakerphone system can do for the V-Cast sound quality. In addition, the MP3 ringtones of the 8000 completely blow away the polyphonic ringtones of this phone.

Conclusion: Don't waste your time with this phone, just buy the VX-8000



Sep 25, 2005 by dwight23

Before this phone locked up on me it was decent. Nice tones, nice screens, and LOUD! But after about a month I updated my roaming with *228. Then I could not use the menu, contacts, camera, or even call out. Error, "Use restricted - Emergency call only." After three phones that have done the same thing I am currently on the line with Verizon trying to get another phone. Do not waste your time on this phone.

overpriced samsung needs to revamp


Apr 24, 2005 by roedrunnerr6

As a Verizon dealer I demo a new phone about once a month.. This phone is highly disapointing. I was surprised to see that this phone does not have realtones and the sound quality is awfully poor. On top of that the battery life is terrible and for a phone with a cost of 415.00 you would think it would have at least bluetooth or speakerphone.

Samsung sch a890


Mar 2, 2005 by ajs253

Bought this phone because of the v-cast and prior experience with the quality of samsung phones. Paid full retail for the phone, which is no small feat. So I expected to get my money's worth, right? Wrong!

Pros: The phone is lightweight and a great size compared to the LG vx 8000. The color screen is vibrant and I like the construction of the phone. That's why I bought the phone.

Cons: The battery life is extremely weak, the software is terrible. I was hoping they would improve on the 670, not diminish or worsen the software. Second, the sound quality of the phone is terrible. They should have tested the 890 and required that it meet the same standard as the 670 or 530 before releasing this phone.
Next the vcast on this phone is choppy and not flowing. I am not sure whether this was a Network problem, or equipment, but I did not encounter this problem with the 8940 or the 8000. The camera on the phone although a 1.3 megapixel camera, the quality of the photographs are hazy and foggy. I tried to correct the problem, but it just kept repeating itself. Additionally, the location of the camera's lens is awkward. Finally, where is the speakerphone? When all the phone's are now coming out with bluetooth and vcast, the least Samsung can do is add a speakerphone to a vcast phone. The bottom line, either get a 670 or if you want a vcast phone get the LG VX8000. It is a huge phone, but the software is great and the phone's features are worth the money you pay, which incidentally, is less than the Samsung. Oh yeah... and it has speakerphone. Initially, I had given the phone a 1.5 rating. Upon concluding this review, I decided it deserved a 0.5. Sorry Samsung, I know you can do better. It's like an Honor student getting a D at something very simple......

Come on Samsung


Feb 9, 2005 by didalucci

Once again, I'm disappointed with Samsung CDMA products. The phone is more expensive than the other EVDO-capable phones but offers fewer features...I don't get it. Bluetooth is becoming a standard on most high-end phones. Secondly, no speakerphone - what's the deal with that! I played around with the vx8000, a890 and the Audiovox, and it was evident to me that I would get more bang for my buck with the LG product. Besides, it looks way better. However, the two things I like about the Samsung a890 are its independent voice dialing features and the clever animation; but not enough to buy it.

I think they'll get it right with the Samsung i730!



Aug 15, 2005 by agentofvzwgwc

Great sound quality, the VCAST is unbelievable, best picture of any vcast phone. Great screen size, and good camera.

I wish there was a speakerphone or bluetooth capable. The battery life isnt too great with it either, id strongly recommend the extended battery because if you use vcast or games, it drains it pretty fast.

Not worth the loot........


Feb 14, 2005 by pterok

I am SOOOOO disappointed in this phone. I initially bought the LG8000 and was eying the A890. Well, I exchanged the 8000 and that was a MISTAKE! I am a huge samsung phone most recently had the 610. There are several things i couldn't get over. Here are the pro's and con's:


nice screen
neat animation

can't personalize the sub led with your own pix.

can't assign different ringer for the text messages. also, can only hold 50 text messages(not enough).

poor speaker lends to inaudible ring tones.

All in all, I was very disappointed and am going back to the LG8000.

A Great phone but bad service provider


Mar 10, 2005 by essiekl

Unfortunately, the phone has no Mp3 options and no speaker phone but I knew that when I bought the phone. I had a phone with a speakerphone and mp3 ringtone options before and I didn't even really use it often.

Other than that the phone is great.
It has:

-A really GREAT Web broswer (if you look in the right section)
-good ringtone quality
-great game quality
-external picture caller ID
-great camera
-and other stuff that other phones have

The design is great and the phone is a decent size, not too big but not small either.

The only problem with this phone is not the phone itself but Verizon. They make you use "get it Now" to purchase ringtones. But soon the updated software for the Datacable will be out and that will solve that problem.

You can upload your own pictures,for free, from your computer by going to the website (http://getitnow.vzwshop.com).

Great phone overally but a little on the pricey side.

Very Disappointing specimen


Nov 15, 2005 by dcolb

The sleek look of this phone is very attractive, however, once you open the phone it is all down hill. The ringtones stink, the downloads are just as bad, the true tone function has been disabled for some unknown reason, the camera flips pictures which can be a pain,the antenna is poor, and reception is worse and their is no speakerphone! Isn't this suppose to be an upgrade of a phone that has most of these capabilities?!?!? I was very disappointed and am waiting on my new phone as we speak...

Ehhhhh CDMA!!! (a890 would be great with GSM)


May 6, 2005 by mike78nycc

I went into Verizon Wireless store, to check new Verizon phones and to see if they have improved the quality of their CDMA network since 2 years ago (the last time I had a nightmare with Verizon's and Sprint's CDMA.
Since that time I got into technology studying and by now know very well about the difference between GSM and CDMA.

This time I made a call from Samsung a890
and few very expensive Kyosera and LG phones.

CDMA in the UNITED states has not become any better (Only Japan and Korea have perfect CDMA).

-Nice Design
-The ease of menu (like on all Samsungs)

-The worst 1.3 mega-pixel camera I ever seen
-Horrible audio quality (Typical CDMA issue:
unsmooth sound which means if the other side changes it's voice tone slightly during the conversation, the sound goes either too high or too low which in turns irritates your ear after 2 minutes of conversation)
Also, very unclear sound!

People, it is not about Samsung! It is about CDMA network and Verizon's CON. technology specialists.
When you call Verizon customer support ,
you can exchange your Samsung or LG phone, but it will not help you, because the phones work through CDMA!!!

Of course Verizon or Sprint will never accept that Low Battery life , horrible audio quality of 80% of their phones, ocasional dropped calls and Volume pollution issue (sound disappears even when antenna indicator shows full signal, especially in the evening time, when their network is overloaded, is ALL ISSUES that have to do with their SHTY CDMA network.

A890 costs about $450-$500 without contract.
If you like the Nightmare of CDMA then by all means continue shopping with the most "reliable" Con. Provider .

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