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lg tough phone, uhh really all it is


Jan 12, 2011 by narn3049

Getting this phone was fun at first, but it stopped sending texts and pix and then one day stopped turning charging (for a friend as it was his phone) and so he upgraded, well we did a durability test after he had and it stayed under water for 2 minutes and continued to say low battery under it. it took like 300 throws to get it to break, well if you want functionality, get an LG chocolate touch they are awesome. i have one and love it.

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I Hate this phone


Jul 10, 2007 by lamontis

pros- It would take me an hour to think of any
1.picture quality is bad
2. Does support real tones
3. doesn't support any good games and only comes with 1
4.it can't take anything i accidentally got it wet and when i press a button it takes about 5 mins. to load the next screen
6. tends to switch ring tones on its own
7. little notification bar is annoying
8. bad horrible ring tones
9. poor battery life

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Loved this phone


Feb 20, 2007 by kfieldsy

Love this phone so much. Have owned it for over 1.5 years and have no major problems except for the one I'm having now. The battery is dying. The phone itself though has definitely been the best phone I've ever owned. I've dropped it more times than I can count and its still kickin. Sound quality can be a little sketchy at times but the ease of use, cool features, and slim sleek design have made it an affordable, tough, and stylish little phone. I wish they were till available through Cingular.

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Love This Phone


Nov 9, 2006 by amartinez

I work in a cell phone agent store and I personally have this phone and I love it. Only not so hot things is the fact you cant give individual ring tones to people and it isn't really loud (although I have heard it everytime).Other than those two things this phone is wonderful!!

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Great starter phone


Nov 3, 2006 by XKaylx

I've recently become a sales associate for an agent-owned Cingular store, so I have plenty of cellular knowledge and experience.This phone was the third phone I ever had, but the first phone I ever bought myself. I absolutely loved this phone... it was easy to use, the camera was pretty good for the time (two years ago). It's definitely outdated now, but I found the phone to be extremely durable (until I threw it on a concrete floor, angry at my boyfriend). The outside display was cool, especially because you could set one of your own pictures as the wallpaper.

-Can use music tones, not just polyphonic
-Easy to use
-Nice outer display
-Camera (it's a pro and a con... technology has gotten better since this phone's initial launch, yet it was pretty darn good for back in '04)
-Can use the camera even when the phone is closed... awesome for taking pictures of yourself!
-Good sized screen and keys (which light up!)

-A bit on the bulky side
-Can't set different ring tones to different numbers
-Ring tones tend to switch on their own
-Again, the camera... a bit fuzzy. See Pros.

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Sep 15, 2006 by eric_vigs

* This phone just merely isn't worth your time. As of now it is a very outdated phone, but even back when it first came out, my girlfriend had it for Cingular Wireless- and the phone would frequently freeze while calling or sending a text message. The camera resolution would always come out blurry whether or not it was day or night. The ringtones would variously switch without any approval. I would rather use two cans and a string than this phone.

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quick way to get to vibrate mode


Jun 11, 2005 by realrowdy

if you look at your * key you will notice the phone icon that is vibrating. hold down the * key and there you go. no annoying ring sound when you change the volume. most if not all phones in the past 3 or more years has this funtion. sometimes its the # key. hope the tip helps some of you. lg 1400 is a sold phone. for a camera phone with out being a smart phone this thing is loaded with fetures. most will enjoy the out side picture caller id. its nice to look at your phone and see who is calling. wont go wrong with this guy.

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Loving the L1400!


Oct 7, 2004 by canada1266

My husband and I just received two of the L1400 phones. So far, we love them! We are not technically advanced and prefer simple features with easy bells and whistles...this phone suits us perfect. It is our first camera phone and it is very easy to operate. Previous phone was the Nokia 3595 (which we liked, but wanted something new and the upgrade for the Nokia was basically the same thing). Also ordered the Sony Ericsson T237, but didn't even activate it due to miniature size.

*cool design
*excellent reception
*easy to use
*decent sized operating buttons
*good phone volume
*bright crisp color screen

*loudest ring seems a bit hollow sounding
*only one game comes on phone
*ringtones lame
*limited graphics
*(this one may just be our carrier, but) carrier name/logo is on graphics, face of phone, outside of phone, buttons of phone...seems a bit excessive!

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Good All Around Phone


Oct 5, 2004 by hanesgx

I sell Cingular and carry 4 different camera phones right now, the L1400 being one of them. Unlike the V220 I don't feel awful when I have sold a 1400. I know people are getting a good quality phone. The awesome thing about this phone featurewise is the full picture display on the front. Not only can you have photo Caller ID come up but you can take a picture with the phone closed. I live in Winston-Salem, NC and also have a Verizon phone. In my apartment with Verizon the signal was 1 or 2 bars and I had to tilt my head to get it just right. With the 1400 and Cingular I have all bars up at all times everywhere in my apartment. I am very pleased as a user of this phone but also selling it.

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Almost Perfect


Sep 29, 2004 by mrbill

I've had the phone for a week now. I live in a fringe area for Cingular. I had a Moto T720 before and at my home I got 1 or 2 bars of reception. With the L1400 I get from 2 to 4 bars. Love the bright display and the large buttons for a small phone.(compared to the Moto T720) Also love the earpiece volume.

Pros: Signal Strength, Button Size, Earpiece Volume, Bright Displays, Stand-by Time, Size, Weight.

Cons: Tinney sounding ring tone at high volume, Picture Storage, No Flash on Camera

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