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Good phone


Aug 17, 2005 by Mani691

This is a decent phone. I have not trusted audiovox much because I have liked Samsung mostly over any other phone, but this is quite a decent phone. I like it a lot more than the Sanyo SCP-8100.
Awesome, very good resolution, although the flash is pretty useless.
Good, I haven't had many reception probs.
Slick, very shiny.
Sound quality:
Not the best I've heard, but not as bad as some others have said.
A decent phone with lots of options, and a very nice look.

Not so bad.


Apr 27, 2005 by phonegenius

Honestly I am not an Audiovox fan. I would rather have a nokia, but my Motorola V810 went to crap, so I bought the newest phone we offer.
I have only had a couple annoying problems with the phone.
Annoying Problem #1- The ring rings so loud on the phone, you can't understand the ring tone. (it hasn't to be on the loudest ring to get it to vibe and ring)
Annoying Problem #2- I can't send the last video that was taken on the phone. You have to take another short video to send the video you want. (and maybe that is just me)
Annoying Problem #3- No outside LCD (but I knew that when I got it)
Other than that the phone is great. It does have loud speakers, good reception, the battery lasts a long time (talk time). I do like the extra features on the phone, and the picture and video is actually great. (in good light)

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the worst phone


Aug 11, 2005 by nhernandez

This phone is a piece of crap. I got it on June 22,2005 and on July 19,2005 I had to send it in to get fixed for malfunctions. When the phone rings you cant even hear it and you cant even feel the vibrator on it. The phone freezes and you either have to take the battery out of it or leave it alone for a while and it will turn on by its self. The speaker phone does not even work very well you might as well talk in to it regular. Cellular One gave me a Nokia loaner phone and it works better than my Audiovox 8930. Well thats all I have to say about this phone.

Awesome Phone!


Feb 20, 2010 by autodudea1

I loved this phone when I got it, although I only had it for 3 days before I left it on my truck and it got ran over, which will kill almost any phone. Other than that, it was almost indestructible, (I'm really hard on phones.) I loved the swivel display, it was really cool. Phone had decent reception (9/10) I live in a poor reception area with the nearest cell phone tower 20 miles away (At the time, it was still an old analog tower with a mountain between me and it too.) and usually got between 2 to 4 bars. (Which was about the same as many other decent Audiovox, LG, and Nokia phones I have had) The only thing I didn't like was when I got it, bluetooth had just came out and this phone didn't have it.

Pros: Nice Loud Speaker, Swivel Display, Decent Reception, Good Battery Life

Cons: No bluetooth, no games loaded on phone, (Which is typical for most audiovox phones anyway.)

It's OK for anything except using it as a phone


Jun 9, 2008 by krapivnik-sm

I would not consider this phone to be a piece of crap, however, if you can get something else, like Nokia, get it instead of this one.
I buy it because the camera caught my eye.

It's 1.3 mega-pixel and it have macro shooting mode. The max resolution is 4VGA 1280x960. Every pic is about 200-250 KB. You can also access some options like Brightness, Resolution, Contrast, Quality, Self-portrait, Self-timer & others from the menu. The screen can be flipped 180 degrees and phone have 2 buttons on each side, which makes it comfy to take a pic.
Video: 176x144, 16 seconds, 4x digital zoom (which is not available for taking pictures for some reason)

The reception is OK as long as you stand on the top of the hill or in the city zone (I live in Edmonton, AB).

A large variety of ring tones

When a call missed, the LED will flash

The LED is so bright you can use it as a night-light, while the phone is charging.

The flash for camera is useless but you can use it as a lantern (flip the screen around and press button "up" on the side)

The situation with rings is weird.
The vibration is available only on the loudest mode, and you can barely feel it.
Secondly, the rings are very loud but the quality of sound is so bad you can't hear it in the car.

It takes 14 seconds to load.

The camera is useless for people who want to take things easy - you can't send pictures over a cable (the Bell guy said so, the $40 cable works only to use the phone as a wireless modem).
To receive the pics on the computer, you must (Bell):
1) get the cell Internet for $7/month.
2) register an online-album at bell.ca
3) send the pictures over the Internet to the online-album (sometimes the sending is dropped at 95%, 200K take a long time to upload)
4) an e-mail notification will tell you the link to the uploaded pic or vid
5) some additional fees (like 50c per pic) will apply

On a highway the reception is usually around 1 out of 5 bars or no reception at all.

Peice of garbage


Apr 2, 2007 by j man

NEVER get this phone. I bought it in december '06.
Pros: Nice animated menu
Cons: this phone is fragile. i dropped it from a low hight and the screen cracked, rendering the phone useless. I sent it back to Audiovox to see if they will fix it(it was only 14 days after i bought it) but they said, basically, you're screwed. Also, the sound from the speakers is odd and not too clear. I lost $200 in it. DONT GET IT!

If considering something else...get the latter!


May 20, 2006 by j_in_canada

I was very disappointed with this phone, and I'm glad Bell gave me 15 days to exchange it for something else. The very first time I got a call, it was dropped-- instantly. I tried it in other places and kept losing the signal. It's hard for me to think that it's just the service, because I've never had problems w/Bell before, and I am in a large city (Hamilton, ON). The design and feel of the phone (the display is really sharp), plus options like speakerphone, 1+ mp camera, and camcorder, caught my attention; but when I actually used it, I couldn't wait to return it (for a Sanyo!). The second worst thing about this phone next to the signal dropping is the sound quality...it sounds like the other person is talking to you from inside a clothes dryer (that is, when you can keep the call going...). Also, the ringer, on its loudest setting, is comparable to most phones' second-lowest setting...you cannot hear it in the car. I was hesitant to get an Audiovox, and now I remember why. Honestly, I was too disappointed with the phone to even try out the camera or "camcorder", so I apologize that I can't report on those features. But, from my (thankfully short) experience with the 8930, I would not recommend it to anyone...not even as a "free" phone! Hope this helps someone out there with their decision on whether to buy this phone...

My 8930


Apr 1, 2006 by marble5

I am quite dissatisfied with my 8930. Yes the camera is quite good, in properly lit places. In the dark it's not much good, yes the flash is useless except for extreme close-ups. But the part that bugs me the most is the reception. My previous two phones were audiovox, and they were great! I loved them! This phone *constantly* drops calls, goes down to zero signal, and doesn't ring when I receive calls. I'm thinking of areas where I often drive that have weak/no reception, where I never even noticed a dip in service with my older audiovox phones.



Jan 11, 2006 by impissedoff

I love this phone, its SO durable and has AWESOME reception is awesome even at my grandparents' farm way out in the middle of nowhere in Nebraska, i lost it in a snowdrift on November 29 2005 and found it Sunday January 8 2006 in the snow and today it works PERFECT no defects or anything



Jan 27, 2006 by claudecard

I'm Claude from Montréal in Canada and I can tell you that the overall performance is very low. As mentionned by another user as NHer...., the sound is very bad, the housing of the battery is not stable, the ringing sound is too low, because I use it oftenly in my car. But the picture are nice. It's why I have put .5 as a note.

With the supplier, I'm waiting about an answer to replace it by anothe one, such as Audiovox 8610, which I has initially.

Thank you.

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