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Review for my Inno 90


Feb 11, 2004 by Onizuka

I have T-Mobile. Even the phone doesn't connect to T-Zone home page, but the wap works fine, and MMS works fine as well. Just have to went through couple big forums to find the right setting, the one in the phone doesn't work, so you have to type a new one. The picture and the camera quality is great on the 2 color LCDs. The ring tone is great as well especially you can convert your MP3 to your ringtone. Only if u have the data cable and the software. You can also upload pictures. No phone book editing on PC Sync. The speaker is loud, but too loud. The person next to you can hear your conversation from the exterior speaker CLEARLY if u are in a quiet room.

My comment for this phone...great hardware and ideas but poor software design. Why?
The phone freeze few times.( As E715)
Battery life isn't long enough( 2 color screens, they better make double extended )
You can't assign the MP3 you converted to different GROUPs, you can only set it as default.
The flashing light can not be turned off.
You can only use data cable to upload music and picture, no wireless device available.

But overall, for the price of $320, you are getting a dual color screen phone with 26K color, a 640X320 resolution camera, MP3 ring tone, Picture ID display, Speaker phone, and other little nice features. Plus, NO ONE HAS IT. :D

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Good Phone


Feb 8, 2004 by xmatuxax

I just got this phone on T-Mobile and it is great at the first glance. The speaker is very helpful, it's quality isn't as great as nextel, but much better than nokia 3630 that i had before. the graphics are amazing on both screens! The cons are: WAP is inaccessible with T-Mobile, MMS is very difficult to work and for some reason doesn't work with any phone other than itself. And the speed dial is a hassle completely incompatible with phone book... but if you don't mind these cons i's a great phone and a fun one too.

PS. the ringers are amazing!!!

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Great phone


Mar 1, 2004 by braindead5400

I'd have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I first opened the box. The phone is smaller than I thought it would be from the pictures that I had seen. I got the silver version which is not pictures here on phonescoop. When you first turn the phone on, you are shown a little intro movie and the phone starts to search for a signal. The screen quality is very good and depending on the picture, there is a noticeable difference between the 65k screen of other phones and the 262k screen of this phone. The first thing I tried out was the camera. The refresh rate is really fast and everything looks sharp on the phones screen. The camcorder is a little choppy but its a phone so I wouldn't have expected better.
The ringtones are really loud and you can set the phone to vibrate and ring at the same time. Mine came with 3 Korean voice tones from a group called babyvox. There is also a short mflash baby vox video on the phone. The games are another truly amazing thing about the phone. They are much more advanced than any other cell phone game I've seen other than the nokia n-gage. Along with the games, it has a biorythem, calculator, a stopwatch, countdown timer, voice memo, composer and converter.
The call quality is pretty good and as far as reception I have not had a problem. I am using ATT in chicago but I don't have another att phone to compare it too. Mine came with 2 batteries, one slim and one extended. It also came with a earpiece that doubles as a neck strap. The speaker phone isn't loud and is best suited for a quieter room.
The wap browser looks nice and works really well, I've downloaded several animated gif files for both of the screens.
The only drawbacks of the phone that I have noticed so far is that when idle, the outer display turns off completely, so you can't see the time without holding the up button for 2 seconds. Also, when using the outer display as a viewfinder for the camera, you have to hold the phone upside down

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Innostream 90


Feb 6, 2004 by cellingo

Great color

Great games

Signal on par

Email works with proper settings
on T Mobile

Cool Mp3. to MMF. converter with software and serial cable.

Now the bad

The speaker-phone needs work , it has feedback all the time making it useless.

The Mic gain is set way to high

Wap on T-zones will not connect even the
proper settings.

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Feb 22, 2005 by newjerseybrotha

I think this phone is much better than any Motorola I have used. It has so many features, that it is crazy. I like everything about this phone...truly a work of art. Good job innostream...keep it up. The phone over there in China/Asia/etc...are far more advanced than the phones here in the US.

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Jul 24, 2004 by GOLDENARMZ

man o man this is a nice phone!this phone is 1 of the best phones out!with t-mobile t-zones works great!plus the wap works fine,i downloaded many ringtones an those 64 chords sound great!this phone would be a five rating but cuz u cant download games i had 2 give it a 4an a half!262.000 color screen,64 chord ringones-thumbsup- cant get games,no bluetooth,no wap 2.0-thumbsdown!but still this phone is worth having!

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best phone eva


Jun 28, 2004 by lydia

i recon this phone is the best phone eva......... i got this phone as a present and av treasured it since. the camera is not what i had expected it to be, but is ok. the only thing i am disappointed about is the difficulty to get ring tones 4 the phone.. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This phone is all flash


May 5, 2004 by Synthemesk

Everyone else covered the features, i'll just say what's good and bad about this phone.

As the title states, this phone is all flash. It looks crazy cool, especially in darker settings. The outside display is awesome, though when someone calls its a little hard to see the picture. There is a ring around the outer display that lights up and changes colors when you close the phone.

The keypad is a little hard to dial. All the buttons are flat and I found the 9 sticks a little(but that might just be my fone).

Software is pretty easy to use, witha file manager to check any file: audio, video, or pic. Sometimes it does freeze. When charging it gives you a % charged which i think is cool

Ringtones are awesome, camera is as good as anything out there, if not better.

When i got this I was warned about service. It is true, the reception isn't the greatest on this phone, and I live in a city where there are towers everywhere.

Bottom line: If you like flashiness and features, get this phone, and as someone else said: NO ELSE HAS IT. But if you rely on reception a lot, and make a lot of important calls...go with like a motorola v400 or something.

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Best fone I've got.


Mar 10, 2004 by Hell Fire

I got this fone at Mar 8, 2004. This is the best I've ever seen. Like all of U said, it's good at screen, ringtones, speakers, camera, .... So, I don't say anymore here. But, everything has a bad side.

This fone just has WAP 1.2, so, some wapsites 2.0 will display in black&white.
The keyboard takes so slowly when I make sms & it doesnt have auto-capital mode like Nokia or SonyErics.
It doesnt have ring+vibrate at the same time when receive SMS
I cant rename the extension of the file (some files I download from wap with long filename, and it miss the last word such as .jp (.jpg), so I cant open it)
Battery life so short (1batt./day) but this is small problem
A bit thick
When we view images in File Manager -> Image Files, we must exit each pic before we view the next :(

But, in summary, this is the best phone I've, at that price with many very useful function. And this is my present 4 my wife in Women's Day, and she loves it as much as she loves me :D :D :D. That's the best thing.

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