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Great all around phone for personal and small bussiness user


May 15, 2005 by hotsprit

This one has a lot to off for its price i find the camera on it good for what it is the picture could be bigger and more clearer but it does the job for what i need it for


i find with telstra my signal is always perfect in my area i live in tasmania
the camera is great for its price
the voice recorder is very good
the picture is very clear and the menus are easy to use
the speaker is loud and clear


you cant see the battry indecaters or the signal when walpaper is on other than that this is a very good phone



Mar 5, 2005 by trini


I've got this phones for about a month now and i thought it was good but it turned out to be a very lame cell. The only cool thing on this phone is the radio. The camera view is terrible and the memory is really as little. So i think the next cell I'm going with is the Motorola E815.

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this phone sucks


Jan 20, 2005 by vinnyfrancisco

ok wow. this is my second time trying this stupied phone and it is the second time its going back. I needed a new phone and thought I would give it another shot biggest mistake of my life! the phone design isnt bad, and the make your own covers are cool, But the camera is terrible, the phones color is treeible, the pictures are terrible, the few ring tones it has are horrible, you cant hear the person you are talking to even if there is service, you cant down load large ring tones, the flash light isnt very bright either, the radio wasnt bad, I was expecting a lot more out of this phone with all that said i am moveing on to the motorola v180, I hope its better than the nokia 3200 I read the reviews for the motorola and they seem to be a lot better. so please do your self a favor and do not buy it! I got it through at&t wireless, for like 20 dollars, no wonder its so cheap,..and it was not worth one cent of the 20 dollars I paid, my motorola v180 will be coming by like sunday or monday and I cannot wait let me tell ya!

Moving on....


Dec 27, 2004 by kensing65

Bought the 3200 a few months ago when I signed with ATT. Wanted something small but mighty and this fit somewhat.
Pros.. small size is cool that it can fit into a pocket easily, radio works well, Nokia menus are easy to get they, I didn't have a problem with the dual keypad at all. Lights up pretty well when it rings. Alarm works well too.
Cons.. the camera is not very good, picture quality is bad, put a picture as wallpaper and you can't see the time or anything else. I really liked the flashlight but I always lock my phone so in order to use the flashlight, you have to have it unlocked, (Nokia should change that). I downloaded a couple of ringers but you could hardly hear them even on the loudest ringer, the standard ringers work better, (waste of money to download). I got better reception on this phone than I did others but even with the volume up all the way, you have a hard time hearing the person you are speaking to.

I decided to get the Motorola V551 after seeing what it could do..

I repair Nokia phones


Dec 23, 2004 by folkerj

This phone sucks...which is exactly why it is not carried by T-Mobile. Nokia was not meant to have a camera phone. I have had over 100 of these phones brought in, compared to the average of 10 Nokia phones, in the last 3-4 months. The one common problem is the power button which for some reason Nokia made the button, on the actual circuit board, about 1/2 the size of the normal power button. Since it's debut a few months ago, the phone price has drastically dropped so that should tell you something. No one else will carry this phone because it's the biggest piece of crap put out by Cingular...along with numerous others. If you're looking for a phone that works then do not buy this one. I gave it a 1.0 only because it does have a radio.

You can never get bored


Nov 24, 2004 by AE3200

I love this phone. The last phone I had bored me within a few days. I had an Audiovox Vox8610. Now that I have the Nokia 3200, everything is customizable. I've had it for about 4 months now and I'm still not bored. The problem with other phones is that you have to pay to buy the new covers, and you have to pay to install them. For this phone you just have to print them up and it's easy to install them, too. The only problem with the cover is that, because it's plastic, it gets scratched up easily. I would suggest that Nokia sell clear covers to replace the other ones. I've had no problems with anything having to with the body of the phone. I would highly recommend this cell phone.

Pretty good


Nov 22, 2004 by Kel42069

I got this phone as a gift as a Go Phone because I did research on it and I thought it sounded pretty good and it was but I had two of these phones one of them had a defect. I think it's a reliable good phone so overall I did like it. But I did not like how it did'nt flip and the camera is ok seemed kind of cheesy. I know that sounds stupid giving it up after thinking I wanted it but now it will get an owner that can appreciate it a little more I ended up selling it on Ebay. And also the ringtones are'nt that great but there ok. I just prefer superphonic (real music) ringtones.



Nov 15, 2004 by musicalfruit113

THIS IS THE BEST FONE IVE EVER HAD! the last fone i had was the Nokia 2260 and i dropped it a couple times (ok a lotta times!) and...ya.

Camera has good quality
Customizable Faceplates
Faceplates can be holograms used on the original faceplate or regular faceplates

Earpiece has to be on fone to use radio on loudspeaker (even though the earpiece is the antenna)

NOKIA is still my favorite.


Oct 21, 2004 by jashwell

I just got this phone yesterday to replace my Nokia 6800. I was in search for a phone similar with battery life and long talk time. This phone is about the same as my 6800 you can talk for days before charging again.

Easy to use camera
Battery life/talk time
Features on phone

Picture quality not the best, but makes a nice toy to have fun with.
Not enough ringers to choose from so if you are someone who likes ringtones prepare to download.
Screensavers are very limited and boring.

Overall I think this phone is still very good I would recommend it to anyone looking at it. Nokia impresses me with every phone they produce. Just beware if you are looking for a great camera phone this is not your phone of choice.

Awsome PHONE!


Oct 6, 2004 by TheCellFreak

Awsome Phone! I GOT IT 1 MONTH AGO WITH ATT AND I LOVE IT! First I would like to say that 1 thing sux about ATT, the only way you can get games is mMode, and that has alot of hidden fees. We also have trouble when they send us a phone, they get the area code wrong, so we're on the phone for like 45 min to change it. Now bakc to the phone.

-Camera is good
-Radio is loud when put on speaker
-Can hear my friends talking even when it's loud!
-Infrared makes sending things to my friends easy and costs nothing
-Customizable faceplates
-Flashlight is bright and comes in handy even though you think you might not need it!
-3 real cool ringtones (there's like 11 more, but they are kinda lame)
-Cool preloaded backgrounds matching the Holagraphic faceplates that come with the phone,
-You can record your voice and make it your ringtone
-Great Reception

-Clear case gets scratched easy
-No screensavers
(I dont care about bluetooth)
-Camera is not THE BEST quality, but it is still good
-You have to plug in headsets to turn on the radio
-No like "moving" graphics
-About 1MB of memory

Overall, awsome phone! I would recommend it to anyone!

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