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Sam 670 good, but not the best


Oct 17, 2004 by tygsr

I use this phone as well as the 9900 for verizon. As an employee I was given the 670 as a demo phone. Reception is good. Color screen is nice(nothing like the 9900). I really dont like how easy the battery drains, nor do I like the t9 text. On my LG and audiovox it works great, something about the samsung it never predicts correctly and it is a pain to fix. The phone is too small for my hands I drop it constantly. OVerall a good phone though, I would recommend the 9900 over it. And if you want a phone with speaker but dont care about the camera, go for the LG vx4500, another great phone.

Great Phone


Oct 1, 2004 by aljenkath

For those of you who don't read the manual...The external display can be activated by pressing the key on the left side of the phone for about 2 seconds. Also, there is a quiet key which turns off all sounds and activates the vibrator. It's the number key on the keypad. Hold it down for about 2 seconds.

Hope this helps.

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a670 looks promising


Sep 10, 2004 by speedlever

I just switched to the a670 from the LG VX4500 (a promising phone that falls short, imo).

I like the way Name Dial will allow you to drill down to multiple numbers/contact. The RF has been fine.

The battery appears about average. I charged the battery for a couple of hours the first day (until complete) and played with the phone for a while. I did not charge it overnight and again used the phone all the next day including taking pictures with flash. That evening, the battery warning came up and I was unable to take any more pictures until I recharged it.

Thus far, the battery seems better than other reports have indicated. It did drop to one bar, but it kept that single bar for a loooooooong time before giving me a warning.

-main screen is great
-voice commands work well
-menu system works well
-shortcut key is very nice (wish we had more)
-RF performance appears solid

-2nd display readable but not as good as the one on the VX4500
-cannot add duplicate phone numbers for a second person at a home or business
-silent mode only accessible with the flip open
-ringtones are not great

Excellent phone, but...


Sep 7, 2004 by caddyman

I really like this phone quite a bit. It is very easy to navigate even without reading and rereading the manual but rather by exploring a bit. I have found the battery to be very weak, however. The battery really gets sucked up by doing anything other than simply leaving it on standby or making a few short calls. It you use the camera or fiddle a bit with some of the features, the battery drains quickly. It is a far cry from my old faithful Motorola StarTac that lasted forever, although that had no bells a whistles like this phone. Also, I am very disappointed with the extremely poor and limited ringtones. I'll certainly have to download some. Overall, I'm still saying I like this phone, but no phone is or ever will be perfect.

Great little phone


Sep 4, 2004 by oceansurf23

I love this phone! I just recently bought the LG vx700-- great phone also but way too big. I love this phone it's so small and has great features as well. This phone does what any good phone should, and that is make and receive calls with out any problems. Love this phone, yes there's no speaker phone, but I knew that before I bought it. I love this phone, I think that ppl should try this phone out when buying a phone.

awesome phone


Sep 3, 2004 by Rafa88

I was really needing a new phone, because I had an lg vx4400 and it had a lot of problems, so I came here and researed the samsunga 670, and let me tell you, its the best phone I've ever had. The only flaw is thatit doesn't have a speaker phone. The camera is good, the signal reception (I live in Tucson, AZ) is great, and everything else is just awesome :) I highly suggest getting this phone :)

THE BEST PHONE for VERIZON,,,right now and probally for a long time!!!!!!


Aug 25, 2004 by robertcjr

vx7000 and v710 are both huge,,,they look like they are from the mid 1990's,,,NO way I would ever own one,even though they make them look appealing.

Overall for the price,and quality YOU CANNOT go wrong with this phone.

I like Verizon and I will own this phone until Verizon comes out with something better,,,and for sure I will buy that phone.But at this rate of quality with the new phones it looks like I will have the a670 for a long time.

Here's the skinny....


Aug 25, 2004 by Neal TampaBay FL

Okay gang...I just tried Sprint with a Sanyo 8200, AT&T with Nokia 6200 and Nextel with a Motorola i720...Results Samsung a670 hands down winner...the other phones were good but not great...but that wasn't their fault...poor coverage hurt them...The Samsung a670 is a better phone as far as functions goes...and evens them out...but the Verizon coverage pushes the Samsung too a 5.0 easily...Sanyo 8200 2.75...Nokia 6200 3.0...Motorola i720 3.25...Bottom line Samsung a670 a great phone teamed with Verizon...

No speaker? Who said it was a speaker phone?
No analog? Did my box say Tri-mode? not...

Just enjoy the phone for what it is...not what you or someone else wants it too be....

Nice phone, but poor reception


Aug 22, 2004 by DanUsesVerizon

I switched from an SCH-A530. There is a stretch of road where many cell phone users drop calls and have other reception problems. I NEVER had these problems with my A530. The first time I drove this area using my new A670, my call dropped. On the way back, I held the two phones side by side and watched the reception bars. In the worst spots, the A530 was a full TWO BARS HIGHER! In other areas the A530 was one bar higher.

How can people say that its hard to change from ringer to vibrate an back?


Aug 17, 2004 by RobLeS

I have heard from some that its a pain in the a*s to change from ringer mode to vibrate mode. Don't you guys play with your phones???. It doesn't specify in the manual but with the volume button on the left side of the phone, you can go down past level one to vibrate and if you go lower it goes to silence mode.

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