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Samsung Galaxy Indulge R910 / Indulge R915


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Great phone with some shortcomings


Jul 15, 2011 by Apexeon   updated May 5, 2013

Carrier: MetroPCS

I've owned the Windows Mobile and I have to say the Galaxy Indulge was a major upgrade. I'm generally inside Metro's 4g network, though it's a bit spotty in various places.


Very fast response times on menus, selections, etc...

Very well integrated with Google stuff like Gmail and calendar (since it's an Android)

Handles like a mini computer with lots of customizing potential.

4 different ways to compose messages/sentences (including voice-to-text function)

Access to the Android Marketplace means tons of applications, like finding north/south or how fast your phone is moving or where you can find cheap gas or how loud everyone around you is, etc...


No case for the phone; I've already dropped and cracked my screen and had to have it replaced. Huge turn off.

Battery life is appalling, don't expect to go more than 1 day on 1 charge. This is apparently true for most Android 4g phones. I've significantly extended my battery by turning off 4g when I'm not using it (you need an app to turn off 4g).

No zoom on camera is baffling.

Phone stopped working. It would just power cycle. It became tempramental would crash etc... Wouldn't recommend it anymore.

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Great phone with a few catches


May 9, 2011 by SirDeath

The phone has a lot of features and good speed. The LTE means downloads are FAST and fairly close to the speeds I saw on the Droid X. As many have said battery life is teh SuXorZ so get a second battery. With heavy data and display usage life is only 3 hours or so... be forewarned. Included is a "swype" on-screen keyboard which seems like a good feature if you get the hang of it. It's thicker and heavier than Droid X due to the keyboard, but the keyboard is helpful when filling out web forms or quick e-mails. The display isn't as pretty as Droid X but is equally responsive and more than enough for even most media applications. It's easy to cover the auto-brightness sensor, in landscape orientation, with your fingers so if the display is dim, move your grip. Reception is generally good but WIFI reception is mediocre, but on par with Droid X, but not as good as some HTC phones. Now for the clear negatives:
It comes with a good bit of bloatware. It can only be removed by rooting the phone as far as I know. The camera resolution is paltry and has no flash. This is really my biggest complaint. I haven't found a heavy-duty battery option (see aforementioned WRT battery life) for using a lot of data/screen time.
In summary I'd recommend it as it can hold its own, just be prepared to switch batteries and keep a charger handy.

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May 4, 2011 by dmark

I still miss my blackberry but 4G was the draw. Not sure if all 4G LTE is the same but my daughter smokes me with her verizon android. Battery life is horrid. It barely makes it through the night with no use and a full charge.

As long as Metro is the deal at $60 a month I will stay. I would pay $80 for a verizon version tho.

Good news is the 4G (when in the limited zone) is far superior to 2G but this phone jumps to 1X too often and thats worse than 2G. I hope it's just a matter of Metro getting their hardware and switches built out.

I'm staying but only for the price.....not the service.

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Apr 20, 2011 by ticofl

so i wanted to buy the optimus because it was a android ph, but when i found out that there coming out with an android 4G i had to get it.
i like alot of the features on the ph but coming from an black berry there some things i miss from the BB
the battery life of the ph is horryble, after having the ph for a week the 4G would not register so i had to end up changing the ph, and it still does not work properly the key pad on the is not that great.
also there is no zoom on the cam, so there is a few things that the ph has against it.
everything else in the ph works fine

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Mar 31, 2011 by JWhipple

There's nothing slow about this phone. It runs the same processor as the Samsung Galaxy S series, and has half the resolution on screen. The result is benchmark scores that actually meet and far exceed those of Galaxy S phones that are running stock/unrooted/unhacked. Signal strength is great, call quality is great, battery life is MISERABLE. With a Galaxy S phone I was seeing 12-16 hours of battery life with moderate use - this phone sees maybe 7.5 hours - and yes, before you say it, I have tweaked it to death, basically shutting everything unnecessary off and followed Samsung's own guide to better battery life.

Keyboard takes a little getting used to , but once you do it's got a nice feel about it and is easy to type on.

It gives you 2GB of application storage memory.

Don't listen to the people who say the screen is "washed out" - they base this on the black status bar not being completely black - that's because IT ISN'T - it's a dark gray! It was never intended to be completely black! This doesn't have a Super AMOLED screen, nor even an AMOLED screen, but for what it is, the colors are nice and rich.

Do yourself a favor, buy a spare battery - you won't regret it. Other than that I can't complain about this phone, and I've had everything from a Motorola Cliq to a Nexus One to a Galaxy S.

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May 23, 2011 by KingPhoneReviewer

This is honestly a great phone for your money!

Has 4G LTE speeds, not the slower WiMax.
Has incredible coverage!
Shocking fast processing power!

Does not feel like a toy in your hand as a lot of other phones do.

Not an entry level device. This is a high quality phone.

Highly Recommended!

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Not all it's cracked up to be


Jan 11, 2012 by rbv11168

Let me start by saying that I have owned this phone for 5 months. And while I have been excited that Metropcs has updated their 4G network to my area(West Ga), my frustration over this phone is keeping me from enjoying the highspeed network.

I purchased the phone in July of last year to use as my primary phone for personal and business use. Less than 1 month later I had to replace it due to that phone freezing up. Since I have gotten my 2nd phone, I have had problems with it overheating and freezing. It is also not returning to my home screens after playing a game, instead showing me blank screens minus icons. The phone gets so hot I have to take out the battery to let it cool off.

When this works it does great. However it overheats at least once a day. I have no problem with the phone service, just the hardwear. I'm just going to hold out until the new phones come out later this month.

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May 23, 2011 by memito90

I have had this phone this the day it came out. I am the kind of person who really researches before they buy anything. This phone right out of the gate was nothing short of amazing. The 4G lte speed of this phone is amazingly fast, and is covered everywhere I go. I live in orange county, and travel to Los Angeles on a weekly bases and I have 4G coverage everywhere I go. Now as far as a con goes, the phone visual says reception has dropped down to 1X, when it actually still is on 4G! I still go on the internet and it's seamless! If you do your research like I have, on androidforums.com, you would know that it is a slight hiccup in the phones internal networking, when 1X shows up, it still is under 4G. That such an insignificant con because you still have 4G and that's what important.

The sheer speed of the menu and running applications is another amazing quality of this phone!

The only real con to this phone, as with almost all android phones, is the battery life. But good battery management goes a long way.

Amazing Fast processing power!
Real 4G LTE speed!
Great coverage!

No Complaints. Love this phone.

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It's got flash. It's quick.


Jun 3, 2011 by litebrite

MetroPCS phone $50/ month service. Has the ARMv7 type processor so just about all those higher end apps are compatible, ie flash. PROS - 4G is FAST and there is a toggle to disable or enable LTE 4G using the keypad dial code **583385## to load a default hidden menu, (4G ON=Global) or (4G OFF=CDMA Only) to save battery which was very cool if you know of the code, now you do. Larger screen. Responsive to touch. Keyboard and comes with a Microsoft Office Word and Excel editor preinstalled that works well. CONS - The screen drains the battery so keep screen time out setting as short as possible. Screen res is only 320x480 and a sort of dull non-vibrant screen. OTHER - Keep in mind this phone has fast processing hardware inside ie ARMv7 type processor, giving you something more important than a sharp vibrant screen to keep the cost down. The phone priced today at $300, it's the best value-for-ARMv7-device that I could find, that wins 5 stars.

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Mar 22, 2011 by joserangel1014

i think metro should have came out with something better than that.. the phone it selfs its pretty similar to the craft the only diffrence is that its and android. but in over all the phone its ok very slow and canot get good coverage with that phone.

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