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Bravo on my phone choice


Nov 29, 2010 by SireEby

First, I love my Bravo. The weather app with HTC would not find my city whereas Motorola uses AccuWeather.com and can find ANY city. Although HTC's did determine what city you are currently in and tell you that weather, I can look outside for that info! I like how Motorola widgets look like colorful little blocks with the pertinent information that adds visual appeal and are easy to find. Of course it has all the standard android features.

With an 800 Hz processor, I can notice a slight lag from time to time, but it really isn't bad and I've seen a lot worse on other phones. The touchscreen is very sensitive and I've never had a problem not registering a tap or swipe. And speaking of swipes, the phone does have the SWYPE ability which is my preferred method of typing messages. It is a little awkward with email addresses and websites when it wants to add a space or word prediction when I really did intend it to be exactly like I typed it.

Haven't used music yet, but the video does work great. I do notice that my 3G connection is often shaky, but it could just be the building I'm in. But in Austin - is there any excuse? One difference between the Bravo and other smartphones is the lack of a search button at the bottom, but who really uses this anyways?

Camera: At 3 MP and no flash, this is puny. This is the weakest part of the phone. But in fact, not one AT&T android phone has a flash! WHY?!?! Verizon has dozens of androids that all have flash and 5+ MP cameras.

I immediately got a screen protector and a Speck case for my phone. ANY phone will scratch and break if you don't take care of it - I hate hearing people whine about this. Beware, there is a serious lack of cases for this phone! Before the case, I did notice that the battery cover did come off a little easy and my case muffles the speakerphone/media speaker a little. But overall the volume for talking, media, and ringtones is sufficient - and I like loud ringtones.

Slow respone time


Jun 27, 2011 by cjackw

I got my phone for father's day I am a long time blackberry user and wanted something different. The styling of the phone is great. I still smile when I look at it. There have been a few issues with the phone.

Call quality department.
I have received calls but there has been no sound on either end. I am going to return it for these reason. For the first week when calls were working correctly the sound quality was great. It possible I may just have a lemon.

Data Application
The android interface opening and closing apps feel pretty slow. It could be my inpatients and resentment for the phone not working reliably The phone may be underpowered doing more than it was designed to do.

I am going to send the phone back. Overall it has been a disappointment.

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I seriously hate this phone, Please read before you buy, it could save you a penny. A penny is WORTH more!!!


May 3, 2011 by ihatethisphone

I got this phone a couple days ago. I am not used to it. I am the type of person who likes to refresh his phone, every app I use I must delete it's process running in the background when I am done using it. Apparently I cannot do that with this phone, I somewhat got over it.

When you first start out you have the options to have your 'accounts' on there e.g (Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, ect). I put up my Facebook account, my Gmail account, and Yahoo account. When the phone first starts I checked my contacts to add my friends... I can't do that, As it turns out EVERY SINGLE PERSON I HAVE ON MY FRIENDS LIST ON FACEBOOK OR GMAIL is on my phone. I DO NOT WANT THAT, thats really stupid. There is no options to change that either. So now I have like 300 people on my contacts list, I want to be organized so I only want some people on there not people on Facebook. This got me really mad. I however did not get over this, On my SECOND contacts list I only have 4 people, I don't know how I got them but I do, I just can't add other people for some reason.

The screen is just horrible, You need to have stick fingers if you want to be able to text on this phone or else you will be typing like this (su whtsds upjn udes) Like seriously I can't even spell HI without respelling it due to typos. The screen is really jacked up, everything about it to its rotation is just simply irritating.

Heres the thing that got me so mad that right now my phone is currently laying on my floor damaged. I listen to music everyday, I always enjoy a good song at a good time. so when I plugged in the usb from phone to my laptop, it says its connected but yet the folders don't come up so I cannot put my music on there. I looked up everything on my computer and it says I need to download this Motorola Bravo Installer. I installed this once but it did not work sadly, I cannot say much more due to the characters limit but I can go on ranting.

Only thing good is that the phone can call... thats pretty much it

Bravo Motorola! Bravo!


Apr 12, 2011 by amylyn1970

Coming from an iPhone 4, then a Samsung Captivate, this phone is a much better choice. I have owned several Motorolas over the years & they always had great reception with AT&T. Got the iPhone 4 & reception was not what I was use to. Most of my calls went to voicemail. I also didn't like that you couldn't customize the phone very much unless it was jailbroken, which is a pain. So, I decided to get the Samsung Captivate. Reception was a tad better, but only by a slight bit. I went with Android for the customization & lots of free apps. But, that phone was slow opening apps & going from different screens. It was also buggy & would lock up all the time causing me to do a battery pull several times a day! My sister in-law got the Motorola Bravo & when I saw how fast everything was & how great the reception was, I had to get it. Boy am I glad I did. Here are the Pros & Cons.

-Reception is great, just like my experience with previous Motoroals.
-It's very fast going from different menus & opening apps.
-Very customizable.
-Screen is a good size. About the same as the iPhone.
-Size is great. Not big & bulky, but also not too small.
-Look & feel are smooth.

There are only 2 cons I can think of & they don't bother me at all.
-Battery life if you use it a lot isn't so great, but that's how all smart phones are.
-Camera has no flash, but I knew that & really don't need it as I have my digital camera with me most of the time anyway.

Overall I would definitely recommend this phone. I can't seem to put it down! I love it and am so glad I got it.

Great phone for Android user


Apr 5, 2011 by aharrislb

This is my first Android phone, and I was a bit weary about the touch screen. But, this phone has proved to me to be a great experience. I based my purchase off of other reviews, and find them to be pretty accurate. The bravo is easy to use, good sound quality in all aspects, variety of features, and very smooth in switching screens.

- the ear piece will get hot after about 30 mins.
- battery life is decent for phone being used so much.

- wireless option to save on data usage
- swype on texting option or full use single touch keyboard
- applications are quick
- display is easy to read

Overall, this is a great phone. Its an older model since the Atrix came out, but I think it works great. I definitely recommend this phone.

"Bravo" Motorola


Feb 2, 2011 by b0012

I used my Blackberry Pearl for the last 5 years. I loved that phone. Time goes on and I need a couple of features, so that started me on the dreaded "upgrade path".

I started my search with the iPhone (who doesn't, right?) I liked the iPhone, but I hate iTunes. It is a pain when syncing both at home and work... so, I went to every local At&T store and spoke to multiple reps. I liked the BB Torch 9800, then I borrowed a demo from a friend. I loved my Pearl, but the Torch was just too quirky for me. The sliding keyboard, the touch pad, the touch screen, on and on... to much offering, not enough substance.

SO, while at the AT&T store, I met a sales rep named Adam. I was looking at the Samsung Captivate, but it was pricey and I read too many reviews about the random hangups and restarts. Adam says, "This Motorola Bravo is a sweet phone, high appeal and user . You should look at it". It was love at first site.

What I like:
The size is perfect. Almost the same as my small Blackberry Pearl

The screen is clear, easy to manage and completely customizable.

The OS is fast and clean. The apps are endless.

I love the phone. It is a phone, not a computer so I don't expect it to be completely perfect.

Best purchase I've made in a while. Zero buyers remorse.

"BRAVO" to Motorola,



Dec 13, 2010 by docrxpert

I returned it to wait for the Motorola olympus- wanted a more advanced phone--NOTE ON THE SHELL--I contacted Speck Industries and they are making a new shell because the speaker is covered--In the meantime you can drill a couple of holes in the shell-TAKE PHONE OUT 1ST-and cut a slit out which will fix the problem of the speaker not being loud enough!!!!Other than the camera and a little lag time the phone was very good.
Battery could be a little better..Sound was excellent.

First one was a dud second one works great


Dec 10, 2010 by glockman45

When I first went into the att store and got my first Bravo. It worked but would not go into the market place. the next day after talking to tech support that didn't help. So I took it back to the store where I had some serious help the first phone was not set up by the salesman right. After playing with it for a while he brought out a another new one got everything the way it should have been in the first place now works Great. Battery drains quickly though but I have only had this phone for a day really. The 3 mega pix camera could have been better but other then that I love it so far. I would recommend this phone to any motorola fan.

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