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nice phn but mtero service sucks


Aug 8, 2004 by ghettomutha2004

my phn was nice but metro service in the ft. lauderdale area sucks!!!

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*Luv My Nokia 3586i*


Mar 25, 2004 by honey

*PROS:*...lots of ringtones, color prefernces, loud alarm and rings, has lots of nice cases for this model,has a calendar, has a preference where u can block unwanted numbers from ringing, charges fast, and able to set a color scheme on your phone

*CONS:*...no good wallpapers, no fun games,couldve been made just a lil smaller, extendable antenna, shouldve been built-in.

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Good if you don't need much


Aug 7, 2004 by sweetbeetle

Ok, lets start off by the fact that I haven't lost any calls, and the calls come through nice and clear.

The battery life is good, I only charge about every other day, if that.

Love the color screen. That has spoiled me, and will not change phones if the new one doesn't have a color screen.

Ring-tones? Forget it. I'm stuck with what they gave me. Major Con. I want to be able to play around with the phone and customize it to me personally.

Yes, it has a screen saver. Big whoop! it's the time jumping up and down. I want something fun.

You can customize the ring-tones to who's calling, which makes it easy to know who's calling when, even before looking at the caller ID.

Bowling is the only game I'm remotely happy with. The other ones are pretty boring. Can't download new games or wallpaper either. There is suppose to be a way to do it, but haven't found it yet.

Wish it had a speaker phone. Can't stand a head set when I'm in the car.

I am currently looking to upgrade to a better phone, but will keep this until I find exactly what I am looking for.

Over all, a pretty good phone.

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Jan 23, 2004 by rexyblue

+ Sound quality and volume are superb
+ SMS: ready when Sprint is
+ Reception is excellent, even with the antenna retracted
+ Nokia’s wonderful menu system
+ Bright, sharp display; font size is large and easy to see
+ Brilliantly lit keypad/backlight
+ Nokia’s “head of the class” alarm clock
+ Loud ringers
+ Organizer and games, plus more

- It’s a bit big and not entirely gorgeous.
- Ugly telescoping antenna really doesn’t seem to add anything.
- At Sprint’s direction, internet/data capabilities are disabled.
- The timing on the brilliant backlight is fixed, and too brief.

This is a voice-only PCS phone, and as such it’s excellent. The sound quality and volume, both directions, are outstanding. I wish they had gone ahead and internalized the antenna system, because to date I can’t see any benefit from the long, retractable antenna and personally do not extend it. Reception is great—not a single dropped call yet. If you like a bar style phone, and if you aren’t bothered by the 3588i’s larger size and you don’t need internet/Vision bells and whistles, it’s a really good piece of equipment. When text messaging arrives at Sprint (we’re told this will happen soon), I’ll like this phone even more.

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Jun 8, 2003 by Jennifer Lynch

Well, here it is! The color version of the NOKIA 3585. I just got the phone like 3 days ago, and I already love it.
Pros: COLOR!, Cool wallpapers, new ringtones, awesome faceplate that comes standard with the phone, the ringers are way louder than the 3585, and I even have it turned down! This phone also has all the goodies that the 3585 had, like the 500 name phone book, alarm, calculator, and now has bowling, racket, and sky diver on it! Much cooler games...but I miss Snake II. Oh well. The sound clarity is excellent, and it is a lot of fun to be able to change stuff daily!!
The only con to this phone is really more a con of US Cellular, and that is: Cool phone, has wireless web capabilities, and US Cellular doesn't offer it yet! Other than that, the price of the phone is a touch steep..but I was able to renew my contract.. and after contract got it for 39.95. If you bought it outright, it would have cost you 169.99. Yikes. I think you will really love this phone!!

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No problems with my 3588i


May 18, 2004 by rmonroe041

I've had my share of cell phone, and I have to admit, Nokia does make decent phones.
I can't say the 3588i is loaded with every bell & whistle, but it hasn't given me any problems as far as dropped calls are concerned.
Unfortunately, it did not come with the supposively included minibrowser "Openwave 4.1", (courtesy of SprintPCS) which makes it an inconvenience and disadvantage.
There is a free download of this minibrowser available online (search for: "Openwave").
The way to upload wallpapers, ringtones, and games, is to purchase a DKU-5 cable (approx. $10.00) and connect it to your PC.
Although Nokia has their free "PC Suite" software, it didn't work too well for me. (But feel free to try it for yourself.)
I recommend "MobiMB Mobile Media Browser" (search for: "MobiMB"). This application works great and it's as simple as cut-n-paste!
Some sites charge you for this software, but if you search carefully, you should find free ones as well.

If I do manage to install, and run, this minibrowser successfully, I will notify all you disappointed 3588i owners.

Overall, if you just need a simple cell phone, with a bright color screen, then this phone is for you.

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Great phone - 3585 but better!!!


Jun 13, 2003 by aaronrkelly

I upgraded from the 3585 to this phone by just paying the difference. Well so far I can say it was $20 well spent. The battery life doesnt seem to suffer due to the color (I was afraid it would) and all my accessories work.

The only downside I experienced so far is my data cable for the 3585 is the same as for my new 3586i but Nokia hasnt released the Data Suite for it yet - so far I have not been able to use it.

Great customisability (when the software gets released)
Good selection of accessories
Good signal and clearity
Ringer REALLY loud
Gotta love color

Slow software release
Ugly screensaver (who really likes that ugly digital clock???)

Overall a great phone for an awesome price, you cant go color any cheaper.

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Nokia 3588i dissapointment


Mar 12, 2004 by andles

I was completely dissatified with this phone. It's basically what you see, what you get. Even my other phone from 4 years ago was web enabled, but if you just want a voice phone, this phone is excellent. Here's what I thought were pros and cons,


Great reception.

Great organizer (stopwatch, calender, alarm, etc)

Loud alarm with snooze

loud ringers

customizable profiles

fun games

user friendly menu

interchangable faceplates (scratch the screen, just pay $10 for a new cover)


bad background images

NO web access

Basically, it's a good voice phone, but I have to have web access which Sprint never told me I wouldn't get with phone. But hey, it was free so what can you expect

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Great Phone!!!


Jun 24, 2003 by weatherduck

I had the 3585 before this and I thought that was a quite decent phone but was amazed by how good of phone this is. Really miss the number of games that the 3585 had compared to the 3586 though but it's well worth the upgrade. From what I understand if you have the PC Link cable then you will be able to download more games from the nokia website. Also as soon as US Cellular gets it, currently looking like late august/early september, will be able to download games via their wireless web and play them. Also at that time they will be adding the wireless web and e-mail capabilities. If anyone out there is debating about this phone go for it and get it!!!

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This nokia is a disapointment


May 8, 2005 by sjohnson

i got this phone for free, because a warranty but it make IT worse

colorful display
fun games

always drop calls

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