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LG VX-3100 / 3100A / TM250


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Finally a GREAT slimline phone


Sep 19, 2003 by Charles Farleigh

I got this phone to use on my Verizon service. It has good reception, AWESOME battery life, and GREAT sound quality. The phone is all digital but who cares. I still get service in areas that my friends with T-Mobile and AT&T don't. The best part of this phone is the size. It has a regular screen and keypad but is still nice and compact.

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A Decent Phone


Jun 17, 2003 by Kin Lee

I bought this phone because it was small and compact. Its lacks a few nice features but I don't need it anyway so it was not that much of a loss.

My wife has the LGVX4400 and I got this as a free second line phone from verizon. I do not make alot of calls so this is for emergencies and the occasional call here and there. We live up in NorthWest NJ and most of the calls go through with decent signal. There is the occasional drops in certain areas but that happens with all the phones we owned.

I hesitated to purchase this at first because of the lack of analog but Verizon has digital for most of my area.

Its a decent phone for people who don't need all the bells and whistles. I may get another phone in the future when the expensive ones now drop in price.

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Nov 23, 2010 by narn3049

While I love the LG Accolade, I do not in particular love this phone. dropped calls and the battery just plain sucked from the start. Same went with the past version I had, VX11

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Great starter phone


May 24, 2008 by bp74

This was my first LG phone. Sure it had no bells and whistles, but it had the features that I used everyday. It had alarms, calendar, and a calculator which I used on a regular basis. Had no problems with reception or charging. This replaced my old Motorolla Talkabout which I had problems with charging-God, I hated that phone. After I upgraded to something newer, I had this one hooked up for my 8 year old son. It was simple for him to use, and is still in use by giving it to a friend who didn't have a cell after my son got a new phone for his birthday.

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Stay away from this phone at all cost


Feb 1, 2007 by floydb_1982

I had the LG VX-3100 and it was the worst piece of crap I have ever used in my life. Just to get a signal you had to practially lean your whole body up against the cell tower just for it to find signal. Using it in a trailer park is the worst for this phone. U see the minute you drive into a trailer park the signal goes 100% dead on the phone. Even if you point the dam thing at a cell tower from a cross the street it can't seem to get any signal from it all for a few minutes but even then it is only like 2 to 3 bars at max. The LG VX-3100 is by far the most worthless cell phone in the world. Don't buy this unless you live on top of a cell tower because is mostly the only you will be able to get a cell signal. Also even if your driving and you drive by a cell tower it most of time won't find the signal. I lost the dam thing at the library at one time and I'm so glad it happened.

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Dec 6, 2006 by eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

*Sub-par battery life
*Doesn't break too easily

*Speaker reception is terrible
*Has none of the standard features that most all phones do nowadays
*Black and white display...actually more like dark green and black
*Gets scratched VERY easily
*Cannot download most ring tones, games
*Cannot download any wallpapers
*Text messages have very limited space compared to most other phones

Overall this phone is a big disappointment, even for those who don't want all the gimmicks and just want to talk, it's still unacceptably poor quality. This phone was designed very poorly and doesn't contain any special features.
I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone, for any purpose.

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One of the best phones ever made.


Sep 28, 2006 by Jack

I know these are strong words, but this is simply the best cell phone I've ever had. It's tiny--one of the smallest ever made. It doesn't have a camera (I think phone cameras are silly and over-hyped, anyway), or a color screen, but the screen is very, very bright and visible in the sun. Text messaging is as easy as it is on most other phones.

Others have complained about their reception, but that's generally an issue with the service provider rather than the phone. I had Verizon, and my reception was always perfect (I live in Los Angeles, for what it's worth).

The earpiece volume is excellent. Very, very loud.

The battery lasted forever--another benefit of having a simple phone without all the childish bells and whistles.

I dropped the phone many, many times, and it kept on tickin'. Unfortunately, I lost it recently after about three years of excellent service. Luckily, I have a friend with the same phone and she's giving me hers (she has the misguided need to "upgrade").

Again, the size was and is almost unparalleled; the only phone that comes to mind is the new Pantech. This is a tiny phone, folks. It's unfortunate that it was discontinued in favor of larger, bulkier phones with more gimmicks that most people stop using after the first week, anyway.

If you can get your hands on one, try it out.

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had for 2 years


Aug 27, 2006 by cyberneticknight

i had the phone for a bout two years (because it was free) i hated it the battery doesn't last that long and reception came in as much as our government makes sense. it finally died after my ex dropped it in water at 6 flags. after that i thought to give it a proper barrial and 2 M80's later it was finally at rest with its LG brethren of crap

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good phone


Jul 4, 2006 by sammy507

I've had this phone for over two years and now I'm getting a V325. I really liked this phone, it was a good size, easy to fit into my pocket or purse. It wasn't fancy, but I didn't really need it to be either. It was easy to use and easy to navigate and I thought the ringtones were nice, even if they got old after a while. The phone did tend to get hot after talking for a while, but the battery life was long and the phone suited me just fine. It's a great phone for someone who just wants to use their phone to talk instead of for everyday life functioning.

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Good Phone


Dec 28, 2005 by lstnks

This is a good phone...it is easy to use...simple...i have never had any problems with this phone...would def recomend this phone to anybody!!!

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