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HD2 not ready for prime time


May 27, 2010 by smoothoperatormd

I feel bad for HTC since they did their part and built a great piece of hardware. Their mistake was to use a microsoft operating system. Should of used android OS.

I used this phone for a week and could not wait to return it. The hardware is awesome the software horrible (just my opinion when comparing it to android and blackberry).

Awesome display
excellent build quality
hardware is first class

Windows Mobile 6.5 - Software was glitchy
Froze up constantly to the point of doing battery pulls
sometimes it would not respond to screen taps
battery life terrible - better carry a charger with you because you won't get a full days charge out of it

If this hardware comes out with android it will be a winner. Also word is this phone is not upgradeable to mobile 7 when it comes out. Not hard to see why windows mobile is losing market share with a product like 6.5.

Windows hmmm.....


Apr 27, 2010 by gemini88mill

for windows phones i have been skeptical for years. the dash, the wing... and so on have been on my ehh... list since its debut. but I believe that this phone got most of the windows bugs out.

likes: the phone is sharp and it has alot of potential. you have an app store, transformers, blockbuster and alot of interesting features that you'll love. the 5mp cam with dual LEDs is great for night shots. in short a very solid and powerful phone.

dislikes: size, its huge and that really bothers me. ui's aren't what they should be, compared to other phones that you can get. i would still go for the android or blackberry devices.

overall a solid phone that has alot of potential if you can hack it and put android on it

HTC HD2...The best yet...forgot the rest!!!


Apr 24, 2010 by newjerseybrotha

I just want to start by saying, this is the best phone I have used for a while now on Windows mobile.

Now on to the goodies...

Pros -
Onscreen keyboard
Processor speed
Very customizable
Videos and Pictures (just amazing)

And the list could go on and on. I think HTC did a great job on this one, and I hope there is a ROM update soon. So that we can enjoy some nice goodies directly from HTC. I don't mind the others creating them, but they void the warranty...and that is not good.

Now for the not so good.
Battery, battery, battery...very weak to me. I'm a heavy user, and I need a strong battery.
Freezes sometimes, for no reason. I have cleanRam, but it still locks up on me sometimes...very annoying to pull the battery.

I've had to hard reset twice since I've had it...but I understand winmo phones, I just want that to go away.

Other than a not so great battery, I think I don't have much to complain about...other than one thing.

Wish it was android...lol. I still love ya winmo. Great phone!!!



Apr 15, 2010 by JAYfr0mcon3

I work for a phone accessories company and in doing such i make enough money to afford to switch phones alot, every since i was a kid i have always loved phones in the past 2 years on all 3 of my phone accounts;verizon, sprint and Tmobile,i have owned 76 different phones this is still hands down the best phone i have ever owned in my life.
everything got me on this one the large screen perfect quality camera quality you cant even find in digital cameras thin size and amazing high def picture quality the transformers movies downloaded on and the guitar hero mobile also the windows app store,everything on this phone is amazing my favorite is the SWYPE texting i purposely got t mobile to get a phone with this kind of texting and actually i am pretty much amazed by it and everything that came along with the phone in its entirity(sorry for my spelling)
i could go on for days about this phone but let me sum this up for you
i have recently owned the palm pre plus the palm pre the storm 1 and 2 and the hero and the moment and this is my summary of the amazing HTC Hd2

amazing touch screen interface
amazing responsive quick responsive everything
SWYPE is the only way to go i will never use a regular keyboard over swype everrr
the market does have some cool apps
quick enternet and skyfire and opera mobile all run great
games are really fun
literally everything is perfect on this phone but here is my couple of flaws that im okay with

freezes up sometimes but the cons outweigh this and I'm used to it with the amount of smart phones i have owned

i wish i could upload android onto here
and the app store could be better like the androids app store

but other than that , thats pretty much it small things that i can get by with i do still own other phones that i actually haven't touched since i got this phone they are all dead in my room somewhere
OVERALL:The HD2 Gets 10 stars from me

HD2 - Mixed Feelings


Apr 13, 2010 by MpossibleBlueEyes

Ok, yeah it's one of the coolest phones on the market.

Out of the box - the usb-power adapter didn't work. Minor...

No screen protector. Screen is nasty looking with smudges. Gotta find one even if it means non-oem.

My big problem is that it freezes up. I got it 5 days ago. Today (it's noon) is the first day it hasn't froze-up, (so far) it's been freezing twice per day requiring booting. Yesterday I couldn't even boot, had to remove the battery.

I'm giving it until the weekend. Most likely I will either try another HD2 or move away from HTC. I just went through 3 TouchPro2's that all sucked. HTC needs to prove to me that they can make a phone that I can rely on.

HTC HD2 is Great!


Apr 11, 2010 by Constantine

I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile just for this phone. All I can say is WOW! HTC, you went all out and made an awesome phone! Never mind that Windows 7 is about to be launch and that this is only runing WinMo 6.5 (and will not get upgraded).

And Yes, Windows Mobile 6.5 is an outdated OS, but HTC with their Seattle Division that does the Interface programming for mobile phones has done a great job in hiding Microsoft WinMo's quirks.

The screen display is beautiful, capacitive touch screen is great, although the pinch zoom doesn't work in every app. (Some 3rd party requires the pen - sold separately).

The HTC HD2 (LEO) is something between an Iphone and an IPAD with massive 4.3" screen. It's great because the larger takes up most of the front of the phone (and not waste space in the front like Iphone's tiny screen).

Unless you're an Apple fanatic, or waiting for the super awsome HTC EVO 4G on Sprint (Yes it will be more awesomer!), then this is the phone for you.

Best Advice: If you get the HD2, buy the Co-Pilot 8 Navigation program. Don't waste your money on the pre-load Telenav demo.

Screen: 5
Windows Mobile 6.5: 3
HTC's Sense UI to cover Winmo up: 4.5
Music - 4.5
Camera's 5MP - 4.5
T-Mobile Phone connection - 3.5
WiFi - 4.0
Win Mo's Media Player - 3.5
HTC's Video Player - 4.5
Barnes & Nobles Service - 3.5
You Tube - 5
Call Quality - 4 (It's not Nokia quality, but then, who is?)

WOW your Iphone friends: priceless



Apr 10, 2010 by HD2 User

THIS PHONE DELIVERS!! I've had this phone since the first day t-mobile released it, I've waited for a really great WM phone for a long time, I've been using the first gen HTC Dash which actually did everything I really needed just fine (I use MS Exchange Server at work) but the screen was so small and using the internet was painful. Tried the G1 about a year ago and it just doesn't integrate with my Outlook Exchange server very well (But I really like playing with it, I gave it to my wife, she loves it) This phone was actually very effortless to set up with my Outlook exchange server, I actually did this from the cab of my pickup before I even made it back to my office, I had all my contacts my appointments my task list, and just for the hell of it I checked the box to sync my notes from my Outlook and BAMMO!!! they were all there on my new HD2 I was in business in no time (I think it took about 15 minutes to sync I was driving so I don't know the exact time but I have about 350 contacts in my Outlook)
I'm not so much into the other stuff but have played with the Telenav it seems to work very well I don't know if I will keep it since I already have Nav in my truck.
I haven't even clicked on the Mobitv but I've heard that it is glitchy.
The movies are very cool to watch I just don't do it very much.
But the MOST unique feature that Phone Scoop didn't even mention in the review was the Swype option for data entry and text entry (maybe they did I didn't see it). I LOVE THIS, I'll admit it takes a little getting used to but it is absolutely amazing, it makes texting very fast and easy,you have to remember I'm not a teenager, so I would rather just dial a number and actually talk to the person but I have texted quite a bit in the past but just wasn't very proficient at it, Swype has changed that for me. Just remember it takes a little getting used to.
PROS- Everything,geared towards business, but no slouch in the entertainment Dept.

Love his Phone


Apr 3, 2010 by Hog_Fever

Pros: Everything

Cons: Could use a physical qwerty keyboard, but doesn't blemish its epic greatness!

Awesome Phone...HTC does it again.



Apr 2, 2010 by cerealkiller

I got this phone after having the samsung behold and behold II. So far its absolutely amazing. took me a while to figure out the UI but thats probably because i didnt read the manual. dont really like those. phone is all go no quit fast and responsive. display is great anx it holds more music than my ipod. one minor glitch is it freezes up when i go to my photo album on my sd card throughthe photos shortcut but not when i go through the files menu. but i love tbis phone and wkll keep it for a while

HD2 makes SENSE


Apr 1, 2010 by jwgizmo

WOW! That is what I say... This unit is so fast. I've had it for a week now and can't think of anything that would make me take the rating down from a 5. No bugs, glitches or software problems. I have run a bunch of apps all a once to try and see if it would slow down, NOPE, not a bit. I've read reviews from people not happy because of the unit shipping with WIN 6.5 and not WIN 7. Is WIN 7 out yet? I'm not use to the size yet, but will easily adapt. No phone calling problems, connections, and my email setup was a breeze.

Pros: Slim design, beautiful screen and the weight is not bad. USB plug on the bottom. SWIPE installed (Yes!) HTC SENCE is cool too. 16 GIG storage card that is easily accessible without removing the battery.

CONS: Headphone plug on bottom should be on top. When listening to music the phone has to be put in the pocket upside down.
Trial software, No holster available (yet).
Add "Mark all as read" to email options

This is really a the best phone I have used forever. I have owned many smart phones over the years. I switched from an Android device because of the processor speed and supplied memory. I do miss the market over there, but that has nothing to do with the phone itself.

Sometimes I forget it's a phone. If you get close enough to it you think it's a PC, HTC you made SENCE with this HD2.

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