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BlackBerry Curve 8530


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Very Upsetting!!


May 12, 2010 by StephanieR1

I was not impressed with this phone at all i carried it for two weeks and shipped it back to verizon...

When my phone would turn on the loading bar would start going backwards and took 15 minutes to load up to be able to use which is a little ridiculous for a phone..

My screen would cut itself in half and would have to hit the blackberry button to make it come back or turn it off..

The browser would run extreamly slow which is aggravating.

Just wasn't impressed at all the original curve was way better!!!

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Nearly Perfect


Apr 17, 2010 by JaneJade14

I don't have this phone, but my best friend does and whenever we hang out I'm begging to play with it! I have seen no problems with it so far. It's cute, but good for business things, and very easy to use! Good for play and business!! I would recommend this phone for anyone who needs a smart phone, but would also like to play around on it.

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I love my Phone, My gf hates it!


Apr 14, 2010 by 248tothe919

I don't know what took me so long to get my first crackberry! I'm hooked, and wont go back to any other phone manufacturer! My gf has to take my phone and put it in her purse when we're together bc there so much to do/going on at all times with my phone. She has an iphone so i take hers so we aren't distracted lol.

Pros: Track pad
Semi long battery life as I'm a heavy user as indicated by the fact that I love my phone.
So many shortcuts to do things, im always finding ways to reduce keystrokes.
Pandora and all the free apps
Loud ringers/vibration
So many ways to customize ringers for individual contacts
Facebook pictures are used for your friends pictures, and change with their changes in profile pictures
Email is quick to be delivered and received, probably a 3-5 minute delay. (hotmail)
Easy cut and paste
Zoom in and out on websites
Expandable memory and it came with a 2 gig card (Sprint)
Was free on Wirefly.com when i resigned my 2 year contract
Durable, throw a rubber skin and you're good. Dropped it quite a few times on concrete and its unharmed
Phone goes from low battery to fully charged in 1.5 hrs.

Camera, 2 MP and no flash.. the lack of at least a 3.0 and flash is almost unheard of nowadays on a smart phone, but then again i do have a digital camera as many others have mentioned
Keys feel cheap and plasticity, but only sometimes
The battery life and signal can be somewhat sketchy. In and out of service in the Raleigh area, but not a big enough inconvenience to hamper my overall positive opinion on this phone.
When texting if someone does text you at the same time you send a text often times you have to resend your text.

I rarely talk on my phone, maybe 500-600 minutes a month, 3k texts, and 3 different email accounts being pushed to my phone. I'll get 1.5 maybe 2 days out of my phone.

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Best Sprint Blackberry


Apr 7, 2010 by kebby03

Ive had the Pearl, Curve and even the Tour and the Curve 2 is the best yet. With other BB's I have always experienced sluggish data no matter what im doing. With this phone those problems are no more! Its fast even when its not connected to wifi. Also I cant believe how good the wifi works! Ive used other phones (Touch pro2, Samsung Moment) and the wifi sucked. On the Moment I couldnt even connect to my campus' wifi because of the lack of a Wpa2 enterprise option. The BB's wifi is terrific its faster than the Evdo connection and ,(for me at least) seems to use less battery.
And the battery life is better than the Curve and Tour even with the wifi on.

Data speed
OS 5
Battery life

Keyboard feels plasticy and cheap and moves some.

LED indicator is too small, if they would have left the original Curves LED in place it would have been fine but they changed it to a little tiny circle and it flashes dim so its easy to miss.

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The Blackberry I've ever owned


Mar 14, 2010 by wonderbob

Having been a Blackberry user since 1995, I can say without a doubt that this is the best model I've had yet. The addition of wifi and the optical tracker replacing the track ball were the two features that brought me to this model - and I've been more than happy so far. The phone is easy to use, responsive and quick. The addition of the ability to do wifi and to store those wifi connections that you have used is a big help. If there is one drawback to this model it is the absence of a flash. Its an inconvenience, but certainly not a deal breaker.

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curve 2


Nov 21, 2009 by vedelorme

So far a 3.5. Have just played with it at the verizon store and first impressions on the feel is that it is really light. I'm not sure about the plastic shell compared to the tour. As far as features, it is packed with the latest OS 5 apps. They all work really well and fast. Definitely a very good upgrade from the curve.

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pretty good


Jan 16, 2010 by gbolt903

wifey had the storm. went to this and loves it. only complaint is poor keyboard.

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Curve 2 for Verizon


Dec 1, 2009 by adams10462

overall as my first smart phone I was subtly pleased with the ease of use and the Infrared button is mostly easy to use unless you have something on your thumb, gets covered easily with skin oil.

Now after using it for a week I can honestly say the web is slower than my LG Dare, as in almost never loading a webpage, ever no matter what the signal strength. Froze up frequently if you move the thumb button too fast thru menus and my home screen frequently disapeared to jsut a white screen when ending a call. So My first impression of my first and last smart phone requiring a thirty dollar a month data plan is hardly worth the trouble. Not to mention that expensive data plan that couldnt even let me surf the web.

And yes in case your wondering if i ever called Cust. Serv. for help, I did and was simply told to return/exchange it.


light weight
decent battery life
easy to text with for medium to small fingers


everything else

Camera has no focus, cant even take a clear picture of large words in bright light.

web is so rediculously slow
freezed up more than even my problematic LG Dare

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Not one of the best


Dec 6, 2009 by elkdawgg

The two rating is simply for the battery life! I went to my local verizon store and this phone was HIGHLY recommended to me! I had problems with call quality immediatley. after two days i called verizon and they sent me back to get another one! wasted gas and time- had the same call quality issues as well as slow browser. You need glasses to read internet or play games. Yes you can increase texting font easy! Overall this phone does have wifi which is nice- but the phone is smaller than original curve and feels cheaper. I really was dissapointed with my second phone, the "H" key only worked half the time....i continued to have issues with people telling me i was breaking up on call and people calling me and phone going straight to voicemail when i wasnt on it...that happened while i was talking to verizon techs....i called verizon and raised enough heck that they offered me whatever i wanted- DROID was the choice and i am not looking back,,,blackberry should change the name to backberry becasue thats what they did with the new curve, they went backwards! Just so you know i had original curve model for two years! Pass on this one!

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Curve 2 8530 is TERRIBLE - STAY AWAY!!!


Jan 7, 2010 by furnace

Pros: Light and thin as Bleckberries go

Cons: Ok everyone, so here are pics of my actual phone, just 5 days old. Pay attention to the border between the keyboard and the function buttons. The screen is completely lifting off. The glue holding the screen down has failed.

The reason is that the buttons are actually part of the screen. The areas that get pressed as buttons will detach from the frame due to re is additional stress on the adhesive. This is a SERIOUS DESIGN FLAW THAT WILL OCCUR AGAIN AND AGAIN as the adhesive weakens every time those buttons are pressed.

You should be able to see the light coming out from inside the phone in the last two pictures. Please let me know if you have any questions.

http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c266/dkilbrowski/B ... »

http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c266/dkilbrowski/B ... »

http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c266/dkilbrowski/B ... »

http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c266/dkilbrowski/B ... »

http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c266/dkilbrowski/B ... »

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