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well, it looked cute..


Jun 9, 2003 by angie perkins

today i traded in my old clunky nokia for something new. the stylish design and what appeared to be easy to use interface sold me. then, i brought it home.
this thing's aweful! the little navigation button in the middle is a good idea, but not practial by anymeans. i'm a more than mildly intelligent person, but getting the phone "just the way i want it" has been impossible!
the reception was horrid- i usually get crystal clear service in my area, but i could hardly make out anything anyone was saying.
finally, this phone is NOT to be used by anyone who used text messaging. the tiny buttons literally left my fingers sore after programming my phone book, and the text messaging lacked the dictionary/prediction feature i'd fallen in love with.
if you want to try it, go through AT&T. they offer an excellent 30 day exchange program, and that's where my phone's going tomorrow!
while sony maybe the best for all your electronic needs, when they team up with ericsson to make a phone, the result is more than disappointing.
ps., i'm sorry if everyone else loves this phone, but i can't bring myself to keep it.

So Far, So Good!


May 8, 2003 by TomZ

Historically, the Ericsson phones have not been good phones for my store. However, the release of the Sony-Ericsson products has brought a lot more to the table for the GSM customer.

Cons: The color screen is decent, but not as clear when using the camera. Reception isn't perfect, but better than average.

Pros: Cutomizable! Games, wallpaper, whatever you want--it's available. And the battery is much improved over past Ericssons.

This Phone is not worth the time!


Dec 23, 2003 by forevera2007

This is the most horrible phone I have ever purchased:

Con's: Very Low Ringer, Takes about two minutes to start the phone up, it constantly loses its signal, which causes it to drop your call, it has the most blurriest camera I have ever seen, When it drops your call, it still remains in call-therefore you are being charged for minutes you aren't even using, horrible sound quality, and the phone has screens that pop up over screens, so you can't see the behind ones.

Pro's: It is small
This phone is not worthy of you time, it has no purpose. i actually enjoyed my nokia 3595 better that this. I would not recommend this to anyone, ever in their life.



Jun 17, 2003 by Kelli Shannon

I hate this phone....It drops calls left and right. If you just want a phone for its cuteness..go ahead and try your luck, but if you want to make calls, look at another phone.

Sony Ericsson T306 GSM


Apr 23, 2003 by Derek Mabe

I have sold about 5 of these phones and each of those have been returned with complaints of reception and battery life. I currently use the T68i and dont see why anyone would even compare these 2 phones. The T68i is 1000 times the phone the T306 is.

This thing sucks!


Feb 19, 2004 by crimsontideguy

My gram has this phone, and it is awful! I traded with her for a few days, and i couldnt stand the damn thing. It was slow, cheap, and really hard to change settings. She loves it, but she is old and any kind of technological thing is cool to her...lol. Here are some pros and cons:

Color Screen (256...whoop-dee-doo)
Battery Life is great
cheap and economical

the screen is only 256
buttons are hard
buttons are small
joystick is a flimsy pos that also functions as a select button
very slow, freezes and then you have to restart
camera is an attachment and is crappy

WHat do excpect for a cheap phone


Feb 2, 2004 by hanz

I've had this handset since July, and i am not happy with it. when i use at my home where i have about 3 bars of reception my friends can barely hear me i have to talk strait into the Mic. The reception is very bad, it freezes up on me and i have to pop the back off to restart it, theres is not enough memory in the thing so if my get a picture in it i have to remove something else, the camera is overpriced (i bought my camera from a friend that had the t-mobile T300 for less than half of what AT&T wanted and its the same thing) and the camera has to many filters on it that are worthless, the power cord is a little funky, that hands free headset has to be played with to get it to work just right and it is uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time, and my phone constantly says no service.
Now for the pros the polyphonic ring tones are very good in sound quality. A ring tone my friend had (on his nokia 3650 & 6800) was sent to my 306 and it sounded richer and fuller then on his handsets, the camera takes good pictures but only when sent to a different handset that has full 65K colors like the 3650. but at the time i did not have the $ to pay $300 upfront for the 3650 and then wait for the rebate Oh well Live and learn

The Phone Sucks


Oct 31, 2003 by Spuzzy79

I have had this phone for over 6 months now I was among the first to obtain this phone and I am regreting purchasing it and I am now in the market to purchase another, the polyphonic on this phone is a joke it's not loud I miss calls all the time and the vibrate on the plus side is very good, I do like that but the one thing I do hate is that I can't make a louder signal for the text messages I don't like the menu options it's so difficult to alter things and settings and to send a text message you have to go through about 8 windows very time consuming all in all this phone SUCKS! what a waste of money don't get me even started on the camera, I thought Sony Ericsson was a reliable phone maker but there not after releasing a piece of junk like this, the reception is horrible and it's not the networks as I have had previous phones with out a single problem this "upgrade" was a downgrade

Don't like it


Oct 21, 2003 by pperez0622

color display
wallpaper and screensaver support
camera attachment

The color display is not very clear when you attach the camera to it and use it.
The reception was horrible

Bottom line: Worst phone I've ever owned. Go for the latest phones out, not this one.

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