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Samsung Rogue U960


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I like I like


Sep 21, 2009 by run_dcm

Great phone. Actually my fave so far from Verizon and I've been with them for 10 years. Before this I had the LG enV Touch for about 3 weeks (decent phone, but some things I wasn't a fan of like the 2 hideous themes, horrible keyboard and I'm not a flan of flip phones in general). Before that I had the Storm aka worst phone on earth. All in all the pros far outweigh the cons on this phone, and if you already have a nationwide select plan (unlimited texts) then it's only $10 more for unlimited data.

* great screen
* best keyboard I've ever seen on a phone - the buttons are perfect and have a slight rubberized feel
* slider
* great aesthetics (especially the back) and solid feel & build
* very good camera
* solid options as far as customizable home screen
* good sound quality
* good browser

* widget customizing could be better
* lack of apps (for now?)
* photo editing, but no crop? um DUH?
* can't save notes to memory card, but I think most phones are that way

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great phone


Sep 13, 2009 by unsane

This phone is a great phone i like it a lot. My biggest beef is that the phone will not allow you to multitask with the media player. you can only listen to the music or not there is no turning on a song and then going back to the main menu to do other tasks. this is very very disappointing especially when they are forcing a data package on you in order to use it. how retarded to make it not possible to listen to music and surf the mobile web or facebook or twitter. very disappointing since that is the market they they are trying to go for here. if the rest of the line of phones that are headed to verizon that are going to require the same thing and have that feature unavailable is going to be a huge blunder by verizon. software update to fix is a must asap or this phone will not be as big of a hit as it could be.

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Nice phone, but....


Sep 14, 2009 by dwaynepg

Pros: Nice bright screen, easy of use of features, touch screen works well, full keypad for texting, decent camera with flash.

Cons: Numbers on keypad need more room, not (currently) able to play MP3's from micro-disc external memory until you sync it thru v-cast and it's a pain, almost all muti-media text messages are shown downsized which is VERY frustrating! Also, battery life is average at best.

Talked to Verizon tech support about the pics/videos for text messages and they had no answer for why they are downsized on this phone. Wife has a Samsung Alias 2 and the same TM's on her phone open full screen. My old phone (almost 4 year old techology) opened same TM's full screen.

In closing, Verizon/Samsung have a good phone in the Rogue but it could be a great phone if it weren't for the drawbacks I have mentioned. Hopefully Verizon will send out updates to correct them.

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Sadly surprised by limits


Jun 2, 2011 by BillyJoBob

I basically use my phone as a phone (duh) and an electronic dayplanner.
As a phone the Rogue works fine, which is why I finally had to give up on my Palm device. As a dayplanner, the Rogue is pretty much the worst possible option available.
flip out keyboard is nice
least expensive touchscreen phone available
highest end phone that Verizon didn't require the high end data package for

small limit to the amount of calendar entries you can save
small limit to the amount of texts you can save
calendar function is pretty limited

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Not really a phone you;d want to consider


Aug 17, 2010 by narn3049

One of my friends's husbands has this phone. For some reason the calendar events are deleted and different alarms are set. the phone was good at first then the battery and all of the pda type things went out. He went back in and they got him a new battery but he got it for organization and owning a smartphone, and it didn't excel in that that well

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Love It


Jul 25, 2010 by kartlark

This phone has been great. I got one for christmas in december, and i had to replace it around march because it randomly shorted out. But it never really froze up or anything, it was just kind of a freak thing. But the new one has been great for the past 3-4 months ive had it. maybe froze like once or twice and thats it. it does everything i need it to.

bright, clear, responsive touchscreen. great slide out keyboard. great quality camera. nice features and widgets. flash support. i like the site apps (facebook, youtube, etc.) and

if you text a lot, the battery isnt the best, and you have to charge it every night. sometimes its hard to press on the tiny links while using the internet.

Overall, this is a great phone. some people say theirs freezes all the time. it just depends on the phone i guess. me, and tons of others got great ones with no problems.

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A Good Phone


May 23, 2010 by ponephones

Well i recently got this phone in March and it was a big step up from another samsung phone the juke. Here is what i think about the rogue.

Good Features

*Great Camera
*Pretty good touch screen
*Very organized, for example the text messaged you receive you can organize them is various ways
*Good keyboard
*Supports Internet use
*Good browser(takes a little long for things to load)

Bad Features

*Sometimes when you are on the Internet your whole phone freezes so you have to take your battery out and put it back in
*You cannot set a moving picture or video as your background
*You cannot zoom on videos
*OKAY battery life

Overall i suggest if you like texting alot and using the internet while you don't mind charging your phone frequently the Rogue is for you!

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The good and the Bad


May 12, 2010 by StephanieR1

I love my phone it has been one of my favorite phones that i have carried in a long time but like anything it always has pros and cons to it!

-The camera is takes wonderful picture.
-The screen on the phone is amazingly Bright.
-The touch part of the phone is very responsive.
-It has an easy access widget menu which can be very useful!

-The battery life on this phone isnt that great.
-The camera is delayed alot which is very aggravating at times the phone takes great pictures if your not trying to be in a hurry!
-The speaker phone is horrible it is no better then holding the phone up to your ear!
-And reacently my phone has started to power cycle every great once in awhile when i am in my messages!! Which a software update should fix!

Over all I have been pretty happy with my phone other the cons that i have just mentioned... It has by far been on of my favorites i just wish that the battery would last alittle longer then it does!

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Samsung Rogue


Apr 26, 2010 by fancyval

The Rogue is the best non- smartphone I have ever seen get one and you will see how fast you fall in love with this phone its everything you want and more......

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me gusta


Mar 19, 2010 by christiejooooo

I just went from the enV Touch to the Samsung Rogue, so my review will be a lot of comparing the two. If you realize you know about something that I don't when relating to tricks of the phone, please let me know!

-the screen is beautiful

-all the visuals, (the icons, pictures, colors) its all so vibrant

-the touch screen seems much more accurate and responsive than the env touch

-the keyboard (it took some getting used to as compared to the env touch, but i like it now)

-the widgets (I like how you're able to have more at your fingertips from the home screen, also see cons)

-the user interface: you are able to customize it more than most verizon phones

-the browser is much easier to navigate through on the rogue as compared to the env touch

-the camera (except for the shutter delay)

-the widgets (I don't like how some of them, like the shortcuts, take over your home screen, and then stay there until you manually slide them back to the widgets bar).

-i also wish there were more widget options.

-the navigation of the QWERTY keyboard. I liked the enV Touch where the selected option is highlighted and you're able to navigate through the interface with the arrow keys. I kinda wish that you still didn't have to touch the screen to select stuff...

-the camera has a terrible lag time, it takes a really long time to take a picture when using the flash.

-the clock on the home screen is too easily moved by accidental touch.

-the menu screen is not customizable.

-there are not a lot of options for shortcuts to media (like pictures and videos, etc)

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