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returning it after 1 day...


Jan 6, 2010 by john_l

I am very disappointed in this phone. Part of the problem may be my own expectations -- many have billed the Rogue as the next best thing to a smartphone. Maybe it is, but I found myself very frustrated with it.

* the screen is beautiful, bright and vibrant.

* the slide-out keyboard was nice, and easy to type on.

* I read quite a few reviews here and elsewhere and didn't see anyone mention that this phone does not use a standard mini-USB port. Most phones, like the Blackberry and Motorola phones, have moved to a standard mini-USB port on the phone, which provides cross-compatibility with other mini-USB chargers. I was extremely disappointed to open the box and find out that the Rogue has its own oddball charger, which then necessitates shelling out extra money for a new car charger, new charger for the office, etc.

* Touchscreen scrolling was cumbersome. I had a hard time navigating using the touchscreen scrolling -- either it would not scroll, or would scroll past where I was trying to go.

* The web browser stinks. Even on WAP pages, instead of fitting the page to the screen so that you only have to scroll up & down, the browser displays pages wider than the screen width, so you have to scroll both right-left and up-down to read a page. And did I mention the touchscreen scrolling doesn't work well?

It also took numerous clicks to highlight an entry field so that I could enter text. And I frequently got "400 - Bad Request" errors when trying to use non-mobile web pages.

* the camera has really long shutter lag. I'm not looking for a pro camera on a cell phone, but it takes so long between when you click the button and when the phone snaps the picture as to make the camera nearly useless.

* no built-in calendar sync option

* the phone is just bulky and not comfortable to hold onto or talk on for any significant length of time.

Bottom line: I'm biting the $30/mo bullet and getting a Blackberry.

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I Like Phone but Lacks Video Clarity


Nov 25, 2009 by cathpembroke

I have this phone thru Verizon in Maine and the service is great so far. Aside from the phone service and great photos that the phone takes, I bought the phone to be able to play Youtube videos and the sound and clarity of the picture leaves much to be desired. Very disappointed with that. I do wish that it multitasked also whereas you can play music while being on the internet. Hopefully they will make it better in the future. For the price you pay for the phone and service, I would have bought something else and then gotten the Apple Ipod Touch.

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Much better than expected


Nov 11, 2009 by tommyz123

I've had this phone for going on about a month now. I've been surprised by the functionality of the phone. My last phone was a Samsung I-760 (boat anchor - see my last review). This phone performs well in all apps. It has alot of cool options that I am discovering on a day to day basis. On a side note, I really don't see what the problem is with having a data plan. You wouldn't want this phone if you didn't have one.

Sound Quality & Signal
Battery Life (for a touch screen)
Bright Display
Responsive Touch Screen
3.5 mm Headphone Jack

Weak Speaker Phone
No Predictive Text
Cheesy Music Player (I suspect VZW had their hands in this)

Overall a great phone that does the "Phone thing" well also.

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Samsung Rogue; no longer obedient, belonging, or accepted and hence not controllable or answerable


Oct 26, 2009 by InVision

–adjective - Rogue: no longer obedient, belonging, or accepted and hence not controllable or answerable; deviating, renegade: a rogue cop... somehow the name really does fit!

I like this phone; no I really like this phone. I was a Blackberry guy, then I was a WM 6.1 guy now I'm just a plain old cell phone guy again. The thing I really like about this phone is the touch feedback vibration it has (My Samsung Omnia tried to do this but never could cut it). I love the widgets, although I wish I could customize them and add other items.
But what really gets me now is this; last year, you had to buy a Blackberry in order to receive corporate emails, now, even this phone can receive them, awesome, way to go Samsung!

Great OLED display, vibrant colors, and great brightness.
Functionality, love the headphone jack, (my Omnia had a whole bunch of cables and adaptors a real pain), I love the customization features in the menu, I can almost tweak everything. The camera is 2Mp less then my Omnia but I'm dealing with it, too bad they didn't just use the 5Mp.

Battery life hasn't been the longest for mine, the speaker phone is pretty useless while driving as it isn't nearly loud enough (this however like the Omnia is a factory setting, so if anyone ever figures out how to hack into the firmware and boost the audio output please let me know), desn't support pictures larger than its own maximum resolution, and why do they still bother to load it with dumb poly-phonic ringtones? I have had mine shut off a couple of times when trying to access things on the web, very odd and quite annoying.

Anyway, I've said my piece, great phone, great features!

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Great Phone


Oct 15, 2009 by yalaststop

If you're looking for a great multimedia phone with a lot of features then look no further than the Samsung Rogue.

-Great camera
-Decent battery life
-Good signal everywhere (I travel a lot)
-Good sound quality
-A lot of internal memory

-The only reason that kept me from rating this phone a 5 is the speaker phone could've been a little bit louder

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Love it.


Oct 15, 2009 by dahlicious

I've had this little thing for about 2 weeks. and I love it. My little sister has a voyager and she is jealous! I love the feel, weight, the screen is amazing and the style of texting where I don't have to bounce between boxes to read what I sent out. However... I do notice that while on-line my screen goes pink. Like it's functional and I can see the screen... but it's pink. Also, my navigator stopped working and I had to do a factory reset on it. I love being able to view multiple pages on-line. Love this phone. The battery life is so bad I practically live off the charger. It is durable. I have a 1 yr old and she seems to get ahold of it constantly and has crawled across the floor with it and has walked into tables with it. Maybe it's me but I don't like how I have to open up the dialer to dial. I like being able to press numbers and they appear in a dialer rather than in my address book. But I love this phone. Love it. I'll deal with the kinks just for all it's other fabulous features.

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In Love


Oct 2, 2009 by marisa_vegas

I did a lot of research for the features I was looking for in a phone. I was doing comparisons mostly between an iPhone or a Blackberry Tour. Then I came across this phone & found almost everything I was looking for. I already own an iPod Touch so I have all the features of an iphone without having to switch to AT&T which I really didnt want to do.
Pros: Offers dragging of icons onto main screen or not
- Motion detection can be turned on or off (when alarm goes off just turn phone over & it snoozes or during a call move the phone downard away from ear & dialpad appears)
- Excellent camera! Great clarity, focus, flash & photo editing
- Comfortable fit in hand & ease of use for accessing features
- Good browser & tabbed browsing is excellent
- Screen pixels are unparalelled.. Gorgeous screen
- Fonts are nice, keypad is grippable, back of phone is textured nice...
- Has flash browser that Blackberry doesnt have

Cons: Spacebar is small (came from EnV2) takes getting used to
- Battery life is terrible!!
- Touch screen isnt very responsive when clicking on links, almost always have to zoom in
- When dragging some icons onto main screen from widget menu they display in full mode instead cons like calendar & a couple others
- Vibrate is pretty meek

When I went to Verizon store to check out Blackberry Tour again b/c I am still on 30 day trial ttthe reps said unless I was interested in massive emailing for work or something then I cant beat the Rogue & they were jealous.

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Sweeeet phone man!


Sep 22, 2009 by whoop whoop

Ive had this phone since September 8th. Which has given me a little time to break it in and get used to things.

Pros = great display, build quality seems good, full qwerty, 3.00 mega pixel camera, simple navigation, webbroswer is great - fast and functional, ability to copy text, multiple options for zooming when taking both pictures and web browsing, threaded messaging.

Cons = # 1 con is poor battery life - its terrible!!! Others cons include ringer isn't very loud, even on silent the phone alerts you of a low battery, slider is great but a little difficult to push the number keys on the qwerty, widget menu on desktop should be optional.

The cons are all pretty minor. Verizon offered a $40 bundle with case, screen protectors, car charger and micro sd memory card when I bought the phone so the battery life is poor but doable. So far - I'm loving it.

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