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Not The best phone


Sep 2, 2009 by SPRINTKELLY

Don't get me wrong the pre has a really cool idea. it swooshes twists and does all kinds of cool responses. takes great photos and has an unbelievable internet capability that is better then any phone. don't even get me started on the emails.. wow! they come through perfect and the phone simply dings when I have one (so its not obnoxious). i can zoom and twist them too!! the phone book is cool (a little tricky at first) it categorizes by letter (first and last name). now to the bad part, it has the worst mumble when you get too loud on the microphone and the service gets 1 bar less then any other phone ive EVER owned. I wound up using it as a personal laptop instead of a phone and gave up on talking on my phone (needless to say i thank sprint for 30 day returns! This phone is not for me but it may be just right for you

Great phone...


Aug 27, 2009 by BuyatSamsClub

I've been using the Palm Pre for about 2 weeks now and have been impressed by everything about the phone except:
-Battery life isn't horrible, but a little on the light side.
-Not being able to open email attachments.

Overall phone works very well, not as glitchy as windows mobile phones that I have used in the past (palm treo 800w, htc touch).

Great phone!



Aug 25, 2009 by bigdfan70

this phone is sick! dont listen to the at&t employees on here giving it bad reviews because there iphone sales have dropped this phone is near perfect!build could be a little better but web os males up for it and will only get better.remember the iphone took 3 years and 3 different models to get to were it is now which is not far.

Palm has officially redeemed themselves


Aug 11, 2009 by Aperturetier3

To be fair I think that no phone ever deserves a 5 because no phone is ever perfect they all have a default somewhere. The reason I have given this phone a 5 is to offset reviews posted by users that gave the pre a low rating clearly due to user error, ridicules complaints and even flat out fabrications about the pre.

First the cons
1. Yes the phone is missing some basic functions like text forwarding, advanced Bluetooth functions, video camera function, fully functional copy and paste (at least it has some kind of copy paste) and some other minor details but nothing hindering the use of the device to be used as an actual phone and its nothing that can’t be fixed with an update, I mean the 3GS couldn't even text when it was released that wouldn't have been acceptable if it was any other manufacturer. So just give it a little bit of time.
2. Bad battery life (they need to optimize the os some more because this phone dies very fast)
3. Bugs, with every new operating system there comes an adjustment stage when developers still have to fine tune the software. Every now and then you will run into slow downs, freezes, and glitches but a quick restart of the application will usually fix the problem

And now the Pros
I don't have enough space to describe everything that I love about this phone in detail. So ill give some quick general facts about the phone but you will need to either research the finer points or as I recommend find someone that owns a pre and use the web OS for yourself. This phone is more powerful that the iphone 2g and 3g and is as power full as the 3gs so all the potential is there. The multitasking ability is better than the iphone by being able to run so many apps at once and having a full key board while still keeping the phone physically small. The slide is solid and the screen is beautiful and responsive. Please don't let people that have let marketing make up their mind make up yours.

Pre-ending to the iPhone & G1???


Aug 7, 2009 by nycrydahman

Let get this straight for all of you out there. Who have your naysayers and you have your apple fan boys spewing hate on this great device. I am a former iPhone user so I hope you feel I'm being objective about this review. Two words "Game" "Changer"!!! It's as smooth as the iPhone but the multi-tasking sets this phone apart from the pack. The UI is beautiful. The OS is top notch. The data speeds are great!! Palm has outdone themselves with this phone. There is more room for improvement but for their first capacitive screen smart phone (I think not 100% sure) it's sure to make a lot of noise in which ever carrier it's on. It's very customizable. You can take mp3's slice em' up dice em' up and assign ring tones to everybody. All in all this phone rocks!!!! I recommend people to break their contracts for this phone. It's a work of art. Jon Rubenstein was the mind behind the iPod. He is the brains behind this great great phone. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 rating is b/c of the battery life. It doesn't suck but it's not the best either. An update should fix that in the near future. Also, the apps store is not fully developed yet. Other than that you won't be disappointed trust me on that. I'm a former iPhone lover but AT&T sucks and their expensive plans are horrible. Later!!!!

Great phone, recommend it to EVERYONE


Aug 5, 2009 by breonhowe

Its a great phone! multi tasking, synergy is a beautiful concept and the keyboard is a lot better then what everyone says. because the keys bubble out you can actually feel them and no fat fingering keys.
The screen on the Pre is beyond anything i have ever used.
The nice thing about this phone is that as they make changes and upgrades and improve the phone they push them out to your phone as soon as they finish it, unlike apple where they waited 6 months before launching all of the updates at once.
The Palm Pre is a great phone and after cycling through many iphones, blackberries, and HTCs i think i found a winner

Palm Pre...WOW!


Jul 19, 2009 by will54880

Having used the iPhone, the Blackberry Storm, Curve, Curve II (8900), Bold, Nokia E71, 5800 xPress Music, N-95, LG Dare, and Voyager, amongst others, the Pre beats them all hands down. Granted this is MY opinion,and there are some things that are not currently available on the Pre, like video, but it is coming soon. And the app store will only be getting more apps, and better apps. The battery area will get warm if you are using the Touchstone charger. Other than that, I have not had any issues with overheating. Also, my Pre is not experiencing build issues as some have.

I encourage anyone reading this to try out one at the Sprint store FIRST (Best Buy usually does not have there phones active). Use it for five - ten minutes in the store. ASK QUESTIONS!!!! I had been hesitant as well to get yet another touch screen phone. I did not think anything could be as user friendly as the iPhone. I was wrong. I tried one out for five minutes at the Sprint store and asked many questions, and I was sold.

All my other phones are being sold, I will not need anything more than what my Palm Pre can do for me.


I'm in love with my phone


Jul 19, 2009 by Kik09dst

This is my first smartphone so I'm not even going 2 try & compare but this phone is wonderful.

Pros: WebOS is amazing. Very simple fast and user friendly (especially since I'm writing this review from my phone)
The screen resolution is outstanding. Very vivid
Multi-tasking couldn't be easier
The app catalog is growing quickly
Flawless camera (great working flash)
Love the 8gb internal storage. And the micro USB makes it very easy transfer stuff from my laptop
Great service and very affordable also easily insured
Very lightweight great design

Cons: No video
Battery life isn't very good (but I'm a heavy user)
I hate the hatch that goes over the microUSB
You can't change the sound for texts and emails

Overall this is a great phone that's easy to use. Not 2 mention its really easy on the eyes.

i love it


Jul 16, 2009 by sprintahead

this a good phone, very different! i came from a htc diamond and treo pro.
bright screen
real good camera makes you wonder if it's more then 3.mp
flash for camera
apps work together with google maps

no video camera. well not yet?
no flash for web. well not yet?

So far a really good phone...


Jul 10, 2009 by jdwc

I have been using the phone for almost a month now. I have found a few things wonderful and there are definitely some things that could be improved.

First the pros:
1. Multi tasking is WONDERFUL
2. WiFi
3. Touch is extremely responsive, dare to say better than the iPhone
4. OS is great, best I have seen
5. Camera is truly great

There are more positives but please tell me anyone else that is using the phone if you have these issues as well.

Battery life
PHONE GETS HOT, if the battery is low it seems like it gets almost too hot to touch.
Sliding mechanism is a bit cheap feeling

I know this is short but I wanted to let everyone know that this is a great phone and I truly think it may be the iphone rival that it can be, it needs MORE apps and a few tweeks.

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