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Verrrrrry Disappointed


Jun 2, 2009 by Jshutrbug28

Very disappointed in this phone. It's great if all you want is "just a phone" but that's it. They should be ashamed to call this a smart phone. Can't set email accounts, can't customize the menu for icons you don't use or will not work, no driver available, there's just so many downfalls I can't even list them all. This is a high priced phone that isn't made well and doesn't do anything either. The only pro would be that the phone does have potential but Metro has ALOT of work to do to accomplish this. Will definitely be returning this thing today.

Sorry Phone


May 19, 2009 by b20vtecpt

This phone is NO GOOD. It IS the best web phone Metro has, but it is soooo NOT owrth the money.
-Looks good
-Best web phone metro has
-OK... just OK reception
-Screen is NOT smooth when scrolling
-It always has issues connecting to my CPU.
-NO calander/contact sync
-Way too many screen presses for small tasks.
-Only one app can be run at a time.
-Cant exit a sending message.
-Doesnt play MP4a, for me atleast.
-Has a ton of file compatability issues.
-Can properly fit images to screen for background.
-The card it comes with is read only.
-CAPS comes on with the slightest miss of the letter "A"
-Symbols are on other page which takes time to switch.
-Keyboard is slow, infact the whole phone UI is slow.
-Not much flexability with the widgets
-Widgets are usless, it is just as many screen presses to go into the menu and open an app up.
-NO GAMES.....what is that?!??!?

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A joke to touch screens


May 13, 2009 by americannarc

This phone is by far the dumbest touch screen there is no pro just con'sssssssssss. From it crappy format to the battery life (well it a touch screen battery life will be short how wants a phone life 4 hrs) but the biggest joke is some company are saying you need the Internet package to make the phone work. People this is total crap the phone will work with out it. The company want your money that all. twenty dollars a month adds up and it adds up faster when the phone is worthless. I gave the phone a .5 because it better the a KYOCERA.


Great Phone


Apr 29, 2009 by metro_guy

suprised not to see it have any problems... its an awsome phone. MP3 player, movies, full web, nice camera and video recorder. If you were thinking of getting this phone, go for it, its worth the money.



Apr 21, 2009 by phonecrazy718

A great phone i have had it for a while now and everything about it is perfect

cons- the internet browser is a little slow

very frustrated


Apr 21, 2009 by larrybirdsbadback

After using the finesse for almost a week, I am very disappointed and frustrated with its performance.

* many dropped calls: I seem to drop calls even when I am not moving and have at least 4 signal bars.
* terrible browser performance: On average it takes me 3 tries to successfully render a webpage. It took over a minute to render yahoo.com in good coverage.
* bland UI: Aside from the drag and drop app menu on the home screen, samsung did nothing more than take their normal non-touch UI and add touch to it. As a result, there is nothing touch optimized in this UI and you need a bunch of extra touches just to do basic things like make a call from contacts. If samsung spent more than 15 minutes designing this UI, they should be ashamed of themselves.
* size: why is there so much wasted space around the display?
* horrible auto-lock behavior: The biggest fix I can recommend on this device is to remove the auto-lock setting. You constantly need to unlock the display, which gets annoying fast since the lock button is on top of the device in a hard to reach area. If the size of the finesse was closer to its screen size, this would be less of a problem.

* cool drag and drop app menu on the home screen.
* pretty good touch qwerty.

At $300, the finess is definitely not worth the $$$. For this much money, I was expected much better overall performance and a device with more thought put into it than this.



Apr 15, 2009 by techalum99

Hmmmm.. Not sure why it is posted in reviews and not in forums but my guess is T9 was included in case someone wants to use it. Some people are so used to the T9 for texting. If they did not include it then people could not use it. I am no brain surgeon but if you do not like it do not use it.

BTW I like this phone seems great so far.

Not good ...........


Apr 9, 2009 by YouSaidWhat

I have had this phone for a few days now and it is just not good and am going to return it this weekend and get back my Messager.

The UI is poor.
Browsing is extremely slow and frustrating.
Call quality is horrendous. The other person I'm always talking to says "are you talking into the phone".
Drops calls frequently. Much more than by Messager and Z6m I had.
Typing text messages is aggravating.

It is thin and decent looking.

I guess this phone has been out for a year or so at Sprint; I'm wondering if it is just my metro account or is this phone a stinker at all carriers.



Apr 9, 2009 by jdbholmes

Wow why in the world would you have T-9 on a touch screen phone i just cannot figure out the logic behind this decision . Can someone explain this .

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