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good phone unless you want apps


Feb 2, 2010 by volcomchic

The Navigation Edition is great. I love the GPS and the operating system isn't terrible. Web browsing is pretty quick, it is easy to scroll and has not frozen on me once. Call quality is good but sometimes with the speaker phone you can hear echoing. Texting is good but because of the narrow screen its best if you do full-qwerty on landscape. Camera is only ok. Even with the 3.2 megapixel camera, everything looked pretty pixelated. I got a few good shots though. The flash and the zoom are pretty much useless. It tends to wash out things and the zoom blurs things way too much. The music player is obviously one of the best things. Its super loud and with the 3.5mm jack its nice to use my own headphones. GPS can be slow to load my points but its more accurate then my friends Garmin sometimes. My biggest issue was the lack of being able to download applications. I contacted Nokia'a care center and they claimed that the Nokia 5800 Navigation edition is different from the Xpressmusic edition. I never saw the different but I got the same answer from different "specialists". You will not be able to download applications like, youtube, facbook, etc. for this phone. I was able to download about 5 before I mysteriously could not get on Ovi store. I asked if it was a glitch and they said no. Not sure what its about since I was version (31.21.101) If you don't care about getting applications then this is a great phone.

Great multimedia phone! good phone overall..


Mar 18, 2009 by ronan_gt3

first of, the phone comes with a lot of accessories together with the package.
* stylus
* Hard carrying case
* Wrist strap
* Stand for movie watching and slide shows
* Additional stylus
* Stereo hands-free/headphones for a 3.5mm jack
* microUSB cable
* TV-out cable
* Wall Charger
* 8 GB microSD card
* User Manual

can't think of any accessories that i'll be needing.. well, aside from upgrading it to 16 gigs memory and a screen protector since this is a touch screen phone.

i liked the case that came with it cause it's made from hard rubber and you can slide the phone from either side.. the phone generally looked good, i liked the red one.. it's the color that i bought.. the blue one looked pale in color.

the phone is not one of the thinnest out there, but not that thick also.. it's also narrower and longer compared to the iphone and it's generally because of the 3.2 in. widescreen display.. the phone really feels good to hold..

the user interface is very intuitive and easy to use! but i'd actually prefer the software to be s40 instead of s60 for it to becaome more easy to use and intuitive..

when it comes to connectivity, it packs a lot! it has wi-fi, stereo bluetooth, gps, mms, sms, video calling capable, can of course do internet and e-mail and on and on..
webpage rendering is as is on a pc and very easy to navigate..

when it comes to text input, the phone offers a lot of options from full qwerty to standard alphanumerics to handwriting recognition and also has a mini qwerty..

very good sound quality, the best that i've heard from a mobile phone! both on speakerphone and with supplied headset! has very good screen for watching movies and browsing through pictures due to it's high resolution and bright display..

the only cons for me about this phone would be the earpiece when it comes to making calls, you would need to move the earpiece around your ear and find a good spot to hear the other end and that it's an s60 os, aside from that a very good phone!

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Excellent Phone


Apr 4, 2009 by alevin

I like this phone a lot. I came from a N95-4 and loved that phone while I had it. The 5800 NAM (North American) version is a worthy replacement.

Fast 3g speeds on ATT
Programs load fast
Very good reception
Easy to learn touchscreen and menus
Well built and seems durable
Easy to set up wizard system and data transfers
Pairs almost instantly and every time with my car
Super sound quality
Bright, large screen

Not a lot of supported software (ie slingplayer, yahoo go)
I have to use my fingernail, instead of the tip of the finger, to type in the vertical position

All in all I love this phone.

Those coming from an iPhone, remember, this is a resistive touchscreen, not capacitive and take some time to learn. It may not be as smooth, but after some time you will get use to it.

Awesome phone and helpfull service


Nov 7, 2009 by ran

Its been a while that my gf is using this Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. I got this ph for her in her last birthday ..man she loves the phone more then me I guees any way this phone really rocks ..the camera , sound , style and the touch everything is totally cool . It was the perfect gift for her ... and the pic is nothing to mention the 3.15 Mp camera in it seems like making even the night pic lokks like taken one at the day time .. I got it from myworldphone .com and they delivered it to my door ... the shipping system was good too . i like the phone and as well the company where from i buy the phone,, they r really nice ....

love it


Mar 26, 2010 by moyaroo

I used to have a gps receiver, a HP IPAQ and a phone Now I have a phone that does it all (oh yeah, I used to need my IPOD as well)

Pros GPS is better than Delorme, the whole thing is light and phone works great. I am not so into apps so . . . OVI map download is more efficient than any of my old GPS programs. The speaker is awesome better than my Jabra Bluetooth car speaker unit.

Cons Battery goes quickly but my old phone was a Motorola V9 so what is new at least now I have a phone that does it all. $199 after rebate, a crazy good price.

4.5 a 5 if battery were better.



Feb 8, 2010 by javier2100

I love this phone.

large screen: the biggest problem with my old phone was the screen was just too small the 3.2" is great in my hand not too wide and things just look crisp even the crapiest youtube video seems watchable on your phone.

stylus: the included stylus is great built in so you don't loose it and its not really required just good to have.

OS: the OS is fast and responsive it really is S60 optimized for tough so its very familiar if you use s60 now

Music: this phone is made for music its great can't really say much the built in stereo speakers are great and the 3.5mm jack is great as well... music on phone is great.

Community: people that have nokias love their nokias and make awesome stuff for them google nokia 5800 and the amount of free stuff is absurd.

Wifi:it has wifi works great very fast logins

Camera: its a 3.2 mega pixel but it just doesn't seem that great it will do for a pinch but it certainly is not great.

Homescreen: its fine I just can't have both contacts and apps you have to pick its suppose to be changed in v40 firmware

Browser: it randomly turns off at points its weird not sure why it happens.

since this phone competes with the iphone I have to mention them. Many apps are available on the ovi store what isn't available in sis format is available in java format the phone includes an intuitive way to add a keypad although its only arrow keys and five other keys.
love my phone the camera is a compromise but the inclusion of wifi and a great set of music features is great.

Unknown Problems


Feb 5, 2010 by Topper

I had this phone for 24 hours.
1. It wouldn't sync
2. Could not download apps (this was the XpressMusic version, not the Navigation version)
3. One-touch dial would not work at all.

After talking to Customer Service, they had no clue, and would not transfer me to a level 2 tech. Without those features, the phone is not usable for me.

I sent the phone back to Nokia for a refund. Thinking that it was a unique problem to that particular set, I considered re-purchasing another. But according to what I read here, that may not be the case. Maybe it's better to just wait for the AT&T version of the Google phone.

While I had the phone, I liked the feel and the screen. The camera isn't what the N95 is, but it isn't supposed to be. Don't know why Nokia chose to downgrade that, but...

5800 AKA tube


Jul 6, 2009 by bandrwig

PRO's This new Nokia has a lot of power and quick responce time. Google Maps work's very well with its built in GPS. Runs several bluetooth devices simultaneously. Touch interface allows quick transition from folder to folder. Play's music over bluetooth car stereo or mono headset. Applications are easily installed with Nokia software. Sound quality is excellent. Camera takes decent photo's outside. Can use flash as a flashlight with installed app. Web browser works very good and faster than N95.

Con's Cannot get Pandora radio or shazam, but with installed music and 8gb memory card you will have more hours of music than battery life.

Touch paradise- all from Nokia


Jun 10, 2009 by futuresealsniper

I've owned only 4 phones in my time and 3 of them have been Nokia. I keep going back to Nokia because they make a phone work like a phone should first and foremost. Second, the build quality and overall quality of their phones are second to none.
That said, I wanted a touch phone and the 5800 fits the bill and more.
The interface is largely the same as any other Symbian phone only optimized for touch now. I found the menus to be straightforward and everything seems logically placed, especially the screen lock on the side of the phone. The touch works extremely well once you get used to it (need to hit it more towards the nail of your finger than the blunt part of your finger.) I found texting to be generally decent and the full qwerty layout works extremely well once you get used to it.
Overall, this phone is everything you expect from a premier Nokia phone, just with a full touch interface and an extremely reasonable price tag.

Nokia Does it Again


Jun 10, 2009 by alsteven


Nice Size Semi Thin
8gb Memory card included
Great Colors on Screen
Software is excellent fast
Loud Ringers
Excellent Sounding Speaker System Stereo Sound Dual Speakers

Different Options for typing Text Messages
3.5mm Headset Jack For Jammin
Camera is decent

Leaves alot of fingerprints on screen
Touchscreen is not very sensitive need to tap more than once on some things to get it to function
Dialer Doesn't have corresponding Letters with Number pad, bummer when trying to save a number with just alphas

Overall ... I love it

The speaker system is awesome dual speaker
Clean sound on calls
I like it more than My N81 8gb
NOKIA is the Way to Go...You won't be disappointed.

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