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Palm Centro 685 (GSM)


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Great Phone


Aug 19, 2008 by zpickens

I really hate Palm products, but I gotta say...this phone wasn't bad at all. I think it has great sound quality and the size of it is awesome. The one thing that I hate about this phone is THE BATTERY LIFE! The reviews say that this phone gets about 4hrs of talk time...HA HA HA! VERY FUNNY! Maybe like 2hrs. Overall a great phone!



Aug 5, 2008 by dmh3107

This phone is awful! The operating system is terrible, the functionality of the phone is horrible. Why have a touch screen on such a small screen? come on palm.

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Best Phone I Have Ever Had!


Jun 29, 2008 by LucasGreene

I have had this phone for almost four months now and I have been too busy to get on and write my review! I have been the owner of many different phones on my ways to this one! The Razr, (I had about 15 of those, they suck), the Sony Ericcson w300i which I took back to the store after I had it for 3 hours and the screen on the front cracked, the Samsung A737 slider in lime, which was an awesome phone but it met with an untimely run-in with a wall, and lets not forget the old timer Nokia 6101. This phone is a rock! I have dropped it in water, thrown it at cement walls, dropped it on cement, and even painted the back cover!

Awesome color screen

Awesome camera, its so sweet, the zoom is a little touchy tho.

Keyboard is absolutely amazing. It is a little small but you can definitely get used to it. I have VERY fat fingers and I have no problem typing on it.

Chat Threading is very helpful in case you forget what you texted the person before they texted you back.

Speaker on the back is loud and very clear.

Vibrate is strong.

Other than these, there is really nothing else. Like I said, I am rough on phones and this has held up pretty good.

The only real con that I found is that the speaker in which you hear people becomes very dull after a long period of being used. Another thing I noticed, if you touch one part of the touchscreen over and over in a short period of time it cracks.

This phone is a beast and is well worth trying! I would most definately recommend it!

Centro ATT


Mar 7, 2008 by plane

I have a Sprint version of the centro, and agree with most of the previous reviews, and got the att version, which for the most part is similar to the sprint phone, with minor(annoying differences, ie touch screen to dial and hangup, others)

My biggest gripe is while the sprint phone has the best sensitivity of any sprint handset I've owned, but the att version is no where near as good---no signal in numerous areas where my motos and samsungs do have signal--if not for that aspect I would have kept it--but what good is a phone with "no service--again love the sprint version.


price is a bargain
menus are straigt forward, can operate w/o a manual
lot of phone is a small package


Battery life could be better, but att version is some better than sprint version

sensitivity not up to par. If you are never in a low signal area, no problem

It's cool, but not that cool


Feb 26, 2008 by soxfanshawn

I was excited when this phone was released for AT&T and saw the ridiculously cheap price tag of $99 after a mail-in rebate. I have been looking for a smart phone for a while and really need a full QWERTY keyboard for messaging and email. I ordered this device and have been using it for 5 days. I am a bit disappointed to say the least. The OS feels dated and I couldn't even run J2ME applications without installing some third party java vm which Palm no longer supports. The screen came with 3 dead pixels which show up when the screen is dark. The keyboard is extremely tiny and the buttons are way too close together. If you have hands larger than a 5yo child, you will not be able to use this keyboard accurately. I also don't care for the case, it is very slippery and doesn't feel sturdy in my hand. I am returning it to AT&T for the Blackberry Curve 8310.

Touch screen
Loud speaker phone
Palm OS applications
Easy to navigate
Customizable interface
Small size

Dated OS
Small keyboard
My screen came with dead pixels
Slippery case
Contact book isn't that great
Camera has no flash and poor zoom
Ear piece is small and not very loud
Don't care for the navigation button
No 3G

Nice upgrade


Feb 22, 2008 by amaleexx

We just got this phone in a few days ago, despite the numbers being a little on the small side it's a great phone.

Picture clarity, reception and ease of use are some attributes that this new palm device has.

It will be a good seller @ $100 a pop.

Great smartphone


Mar 1, 2008 by mbranscum

I really like this device. Impressed with its performance so far.

Much smaller than the 680. Battery life comarable to the 680.

Not worth the hassle


Feb 23, 2008 by mattofbostone

This phone really did seem like it was going to be nice. I am Blackberry Curve user and while there are certainly things that could be better on the curve, the Centro did not impress me in ANY area of its operation.

The hardware itself isn't anything spectacular and the battery cover was already squeaking after 2 days of use and the keys are so small it was just obscene.

Most of the reviews have focused on the price, 99$. Maybe they haven't noticed that the BBerry curve is also 99 dollars which in my opinion is a FAR superior device.

The operating system on this phone really is completely contradictory to how you think it should work. It is OK to use and if you have the time to unlearn everything you know about smart phones and relearn the Palm OS then by all means have at it, but I do not so after less than 48 hours I am going back to the curve!

actually the palm centro with at&t


Feb 12, 2009 by L.M.P.discussed

hello everyone that has this phone.whether u r with att,sprint,verizon,alltel or any other carrier.I have been threw 4 of them,each one being defective.it freezes,shuts itself down and reboots on its own,doesnt let u recieve txt.messages half of the time or wont let u send txt.messages out.wont let u make phone calls at times or drops signal. at first i loved the phone until it started giving me so much trouble..kinda made u feel like throwing it across the room.But dont worry i never did.The most aggravating thing about it is that PALM,INC. knows they are defective and are refusing to do anything about them. So to everyone that has had this phone or still has it ....Please write a review against them and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. against palm. even file one with every website that takes reviews about cell phones . THANK YOU

I seriously HATE this phone


Jan 7, 2009 by bethnvmi

This phone freezes constantly. I will be in the middle of typing in a phone number, and it will freeze. Of course, I don't know that it's frozen, so I hit the number again, and when it unfreezes the number has been entered twice, requiring me to backspace (no small feat).

Probably 50% of the calls I make do not go through without me having to redial them. Sometimes I have to dial a number 5 times or more before it actually connects and dials the number. It's awful.

I am female with relatively small fingers. I can't type worth a darn on these little tiny keys. I am constantly hitting the wrong buttons.

Of course, none of these problems started occurring until AFTER the 90-day warranty period. So I'm stuck with this awful phone.

p.s. AT&T stores no longer carry any Palm products at this time. You can still buy it on-line, but stay away from it.

No pros -- only cons.

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