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LG Shine CU720


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Not so bad...


Oct 20, 2008 by EmericaEd

So far i had my phone for a while now i don't really mind the small text space since i do have small hands and all the volume doesn't really seem like a problem although signal isn't as good as i wanted it to be whenever i am talking on the phone however the person on the over line does sound somewhat muffled. I am scared about the whole scratches part cause i like my phone to look nice and neat all the time. LG shine is pretty nice i so far intend to keep it

Good Looking Phone!!!!!


Oct 17, 2008 by lunareclipse02

I must say this is a really good looking phone. It was the main reason why I decided to buy this phone. I read most the reviews off of this site and I still decided to give the Shine a shot. Well I must say its not a bad phone. But......... if you are a person who text alot this phone is NOT FOR YOU!!!! The reason behind this is the keys are tiny and I mean tiny. The good thing is I don't text why text someone and spend money when you can call someone and it will be free??? Back to the phone. The signal is not great but not bad. I say it is an average. The worst thing on the phone is the speaker! You cannot hear the ringer while the phone is in your pocket. Other than that I must say I like the phone. Small, sleek, light, good looking, easy to use, nice camera, slide seems sturdy and nice. I would recommend this phone to a person who does not text and just wants a nice phone.

Good looks

Small Keys

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Great phone


Oct 13, 2008 by jeffrage9

I just got this phone, and I thought it looked great. I think the camera is good and it has really good reception. (or maybe its just my phone :]) The joystick is a bit too sensitive, and sometimes I end up in a menu i don't want. I dont like the key lock/unlock thing, but i think this a great phone. But i dont like to have to keep on polishing it because the back smudges very easily ( i have a silver one)

Just doesn't cut it.


Oct 7, 2008 by bug.EXE

LG really should have thought this one through when they were making this phone. Out of all of the phones made by AT&T, this is one of the worst phones they offer, and trust me, i work for AT&T. Now to be fair if i was rating just the blue and red color, i would probably rate it at a 3. Since this is an average it averages to a 1. One might think "What does it matter what color it is?" Well i will start by saying that it is NOT because of fingerprints. With the silver colors it is a KNOWN ISSUE with them to shut off even with a full battery charge. the blue and red have a KNOWN ISSUE of the bluetooth not working and not connecting to anything. not that bad of an issue, but is very annoying.

*very sleek design.
*great slider too

*silver color turns off even with a full battery sometimes (known issue)
*blue and red colors have issues of the bluetooth not connecting to anything
*not the best reception in the world

the hibernation issue with the silver color is enough to turn off most everybody from this phone. the bluetooth issue is enough to turn off hardcore users. overall, a bad phone.

What's all the Negativity About


Oct 6, 2008 by keziapurrs

I've had this phone for about 2 weeks now, and I don't understand all of it's negative reviews. The only feature that I agree needs improvement is the ringer volume. Other than that I love the phone.

The call quality is good. The speaker is loud enough. The multimedia features are above par. The interface (AT&T) is easy to use and the looks are totally sleek.

I'm a Blackberry Curve user mostly, but I purchased this phone to use when I don't need all the functionality of my Blackberry. Also when I'm out in the boat fishing I'd rather drop this cheaper one in the water than my BB.

But back to the Shine. I love mine. I haven't used my BB since I got it. I recommend this phone to all who want a good "phone" with multimedia capabilities.

lg shine cu720


Oct 5, 2008 by chonhoi

I agreed with Ding dang. The phone look good but it's scratch very easy. I had it for 2 months and the screen already scratch. Front and back. Battery time is not good, if you have your blue tooth on, your batter is going down and you have to charge the phone every night. Button are small. The back cover is very loose, if you drop your phone, the back might break and you can not put it back.

I'm looking for another phone right now. Thinking about the Samsung Rugby.



Oct 3, 2008 by eemk2007

I am not sure why ya'll are complaining about this phone, I just love it. The reception is great, the battery lasts for a long time. I did purchase a screen protector (like I always do for my phones) to keep that screen scratch free. They say it's scratch resistant....not scratch proof. I am just really enjoying everything about it. I went from a blackberry to this and have not had one issue converting. and the camera is AWESOME!!!

Good phone


Oct 2, 2008 by sarah.jane

I've had this phone for about a week, and I'm pretty happy with it. Here's the pros and cons...

-easy to figure out (I'm not very tech savvy)
-fun to use
-mirror is very handy
-buttons are nice
-you don't have to slide it open to do most things
-gets good reception (AT&T Maine)
-has a nice big screen

-I can hear myself echo when I talk way more than with my old phone
-the camera is ok, but the pictures are blurry if the subject moves at all (although the 2 MPs are nice)

The phone is kind of heavy, but I like that about it. I have an 8 month old son, and I feel like he would have a hard time breaking this phone if he got ahold of it.

Few Flaws.. GReat phone


Sep 20, 2008 by kyssyss

What are you guys talkin about?? The phone is actually awesome. You can infact turn off the keypad lock for those of you who do not like it! The ringing is actually quite low but that can be fixed as there is a quite storng vibrate. JUs pt it to ring nd vibe! thats solves the prob for me. I jus wish there were more customization possibilites like for message tones.. and You dont need to complain about battery life jus plug it up while your sleeping.. you wont be using it right?? (duh) But overall.. id say GET it!!



Sep 15, 2008 by trumpet09

Overall, beutiful design, easy to use.

However, the keys are small, so texting is ok ONCE you get used to the key size. also, the mirror tends to attract fingerprints and scratches (though mine is looking pretty good right now...)

As to the the last post by pinkcat, to zoom with the camera the resolution cant be higher than 640*480. once you set it to that res you can zoom.

and i think theres an "off" option for key lock, i know there is on mine.

maybe that helped, maybe you figured it out, oh well :)

i highly recommend this phone.

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