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Simply good


Nov 3, 2007 by drwho9437

No doubt some young person will complain this phone doesn't have a MP3 player or a bad camera in it. That isn't the point of a phone in my view.

I would note up front the phonescoop reviewer does not hold the phone correctly. Support the top of the phone with your index finger (like the most iPods) and you will have no trouble texting.

The phone offers fine voice quality, loud volume, a speakerphone (also loud) and bluetooth.

The speakerphone while very loud will distort the caller when turned up above 2-3 (out of 7). Person's called complain some about the speakphone's quality.

Some people have complained that the phone only holds 200 contacts. I certainly don't know 200 people I need to call regularly.

The rings that come with it are a mix of generic midis and beeps.

The screen is perfectly fine and colorful.

Also wrong (I believe) in the phonescoop video tour is the power connector for more than charging. Modem via microUSB is possible.

To silence the phone you must repeatedly press the volume rocker until you get to silence.

You can still dial 911 if the keypad is locked. While the odds of that are low, I find it disturbing.

SAR radiation is on the high side 1.4 ish as I recall on both bands.

I got mine from RadioShack for free on a 2 year new contract. It is nice and slim in your hand, though slimness makes it harder to hold on your ear for long periods.

The black will wear well overtime, and not show scratches but the top and bottom silver plugs might.

With a Jabra BT125 headset bluetooth works fine but with some static at longer distances.

It has dropped some calls, but generally network strength and performance has been fine.

Opera Mini works 1X radio is fine.

Battery life is OK

+ Slim
+ Nice Simple Looks
+ Bluetooth
+ Loud
+ Fine Screen
+ Above average speakerphone

~ could be betters:
~ Battery life (true of all phones)
~ Call clarity

- High SAR
- Silence method
- Lock method

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Another solid offering


May 16, 2008 by ShadowScorpion

Well, it's been a few weeks down the road with the S1, and I must say that so far, I like this sucker.

Considering my last phone was a 6275i (claimed by the White screen of Death, than abruptly raised from the dead and got stuck in the infinite reboot loop), the S1 demanded a little adaptation - no more MP3, microSD and cam, which I had honestly grew used to.

Now, on to the buisness at hand.


- Great RF (Solo/Bell, Quebec, QC)
- Thin and compact form factor
- Earpiece/speakerphone are plenty loud
- Airplane mode, finally a way to disable wireless without having to power down the phone.
- Multiple ring/vibrate pattern - you can set any volume with vibrate, unlike some other phones who only vibrate at lowest and highest volume.
- Walkie-talkie works like a charm

Minor gripes are not significant enough to be considered cons:

- The internal antenna is located in the bottom part of the phone - makes handling the phone a bit awkward
- The phone's material is a scratch magnet
- Sound quality is good, but could be better
- Pure digital phone, so if you often venture in places where only analog coverage is present, you're SOL.

Bottom line, I would definitively recommend the S1 to someone who is looking for for a rugged, vanilla phone. Two thumbs up to Sanyo for another solid offering.

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Just some info


Apr 2, 2009 by casemods

No card slot: 1mb internal memory, 18 seconds capped voice memo? Are you serious? What is this a metro pcs phone? Terrible phone for $150...

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Great Vanilla Phone


Dec 22, 2008 by slgonser

Ive been using the phone for a week now and am thoroughly satisfied. Its small and lightweight enough to slip into a shirt or coat pocket and not be bothersome, and its got an impressive battery for its size.

Call quality is great, worthy of the sprint+sanyo legacy it has inherited. The speaker is a good improvement over the first Katana, bringing it up to par with the rest of the sanyo line up. My only complaint is earpiece can sometimes sound muffled until you get used to the proper holding technique.

-Very reasonably priced, free with most contracts
-Great reception, minimal dropped calls.
-Very small and light
-Screen has great contrast and brightness, readable in outdoor sunlight.
-Mirco USB, you can use 80% of motorola chargers and accessories with this phone, as well it functions as a modem with the proper setup.
-Impressively loud and clear speaker
-Headset jack which doesn't require an adapter dongle, very rare on phones this small.

-Small size means this phone is not for the hardcore texter. I found it more than adequate for my 5-10 sms messages a day though.
-t9word input can be a bit sluggish at times, however I felt it was nowhere near as bad as others have reported.

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Good phone for the over 40 set


Oct 18, 2008 by narp914

Pros: Thin, attractive, good sound from speaker, good battery life, and NO BLUE LIGHTS!!

Cons: slippery keys, antenna in awkward location, Sprint doesn't include enough content

First, at 43, I'm an old fart, so I don't care about the bells and whistles. I have 4 or 5 other devices I can play mp3s on, and I have a nice digital camera, so I don't need a phone to do those things. I only text once in a while, maybe 2-3 times a week. I got this phone because it was cheap, thin, and does everything I need it to do. The piano-black finish on the keys looks good, too. After 2 weeks, the shiny keys and screen still are scratch-free and attractive (although they show fingerprints). And thanks, Sanyo, for not putting a blue light anywhere on this thing.

On the downside, this thing is customizable nine ways from Sunday, but the pre-loaded screen savers and animations suck and there are only a few of them included. (But Sprint will be happy to sell you some more, whoo-hoo.) The keys feel slippery although I don't have any trouble hitting the ones I want. Reception is good, but the antenna resides right where you normally keep the palm of your hand, so you have to re-learn how to hold a phone. At least the reception at my house is a bit better than my last phone's.

Speaking of my last phone, I would've thought in the 3 years since I got my last phone that things would have advanced a lot by now. But I guess the basic phone must be close to perfection because this one doesn't advance the state of the art one bit. It's basically a very ordinary phone. But it's a nice ordinary phone if you don't need to watch TV or impress your friends at the club.

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fine basic phone. horrible texting.


Oct 13, 2008 by allisonrreid

i only use my phone for 2 things - calling and texting. i don't mind that there is no camera or mp3 player; in fact i prefer it, so in that respect i love that this is a basic phone with no bells or whistles. i have never had an issue with making or receiving calls. i can always hear people and they can hear me. the phone looks very sleek and is nicely compact.
on the other hand, as a young professional texting has become a frequent and essential method of communication both personally and professionally. the texting capabilities on this phone are appalling. i have my phone set to use t9, and it frequently takes 10-15 seconds to pull a word up, which defeats the purpose of t9 (saving time) entirely. if i was not a heavy texter, i would probably give it a rating of 4.5 (based on the 2 things i use the phone for) but it affects my communication abilities so greatly that i wish i had another phone.

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It's a Phone, Barely


Sep 26, 2008 by MWA

Overall, this phone is disappointing. With so many phones out there that have so many extras, you end up feeling shorted using this thing. Texting on it is PAINFUL! At least it makes and receives calls.


- Works great for phone calls.

- The speaker can get really loud.

- The people I am talking to can hear me fine but they don't hear every little bit of background noise.

- Nice form factor (shape/size).


- When you text with T9 the phone often takes more than 30 seconds to display the text you entered.

- If you enter too much text, the phone will restart.

- No camera.

- Poor screen resolution.

- Games lag.

- Video messages don't work.

- Short battery life.

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Wonderful phone, but could have been more.


Apr 23, 2008 by presario

I'm only rating this as a 4 because this phone has the potential to be much more than it already is. The phone looks wonderful, performs nicely, and has a very nice speaker in it.

- Looks like it should cost a couple hundred more.

- Feels nice in your hand, quite light, but not to the point where it will fall out if you are not careful.

- Ear piece in phone sounds a little muffled, otherwise good quality.

- Speaker on back sounds wonderful on playback of ring tones, and calls.

- Cell reception is good provided the unit is held so the internal antenna is not blocked.

- Has a nice feel when held to ear.

- Comes with a 10-4 capability.

- Comes with Bluetooth technology.

- Dual band phone 800/1900 MHz



- Not a lot of internal memory (1 MB).

- It should have had an MP3 player built in to it because the speaker sounds so good. Its almost as if one of my JBL Pro speakers from my laptop was put in to the phone.

- The battery capacity is a little small at 840 mAh

- Only single mode, which is digital. Analog would have been nice for those poor reception areas.

- Does get fingerprints easily.

Personal woes:

- After becoming so familiar with my Nokia 2855i's interface, this one will take a little bit of getting used to.

- The antenna is at the bottom of the phone.

- I prefer Openwave's minibrowser over the built in one.

For an entry level phone, it is wonderful. As I stated in the Cons section, I think that an MP3 Player and a micro SD slot would have complimented the speaker, but one can only ask for so much in an entry level phone.

The phone should last because it seems as though Kyocera and Sanyo have teamed up to make this phone.

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