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Samsung Gleam SCH-U700 / Muse


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i like the phone but....


Jul 16, 2010 by yofool87

i like the phone but my granddaddy gave it 2 me and we have the sames number and i just wanted to know can i change it and it has calling minutes but no texting minutes and the phone is not turned on if i get it turned on my grandad phone is going to get turned off so i really wish i had it turned on.

Had to take it back


Oct 9, 2007 by TK4988

I got this phone on Friday and by Sunday I had to replace the phone twice. that is a total of 3 phones and finally took it back the third time, and now getting the new Motorola Z6tv. and Hope that it will be good phone.

Now in regards to this Samsung. It is a good looking phone. even though I am not to much of a fan of the gold/sliver (but more gold) than any thing color on the side of the phone and on the key pad. the Live Wall paper is great, the phone is nice to handle very light and thin.

good size
Great Reception
Nice options in menu
Great sound quality
Great speaker sound

Finger Prints OHHH you will have to carry a cloth to keep it clean.
No back up assistance and that is why the multi replacements.
Get stuck on Searching SVC mode(confirmed on 2 phones that I keept few hours with me, third one was immediately activated and deactivated at the store) that you can only get out by dialing out or receiving a phone call. meanwhile you are loosing battery because it is in the search mode.
Could not pair it with my Moto H700 blue tooth, because it has this Automated search and find and set up which is not that accurate in the final step since it does not ask you to enter the code.

spoke with Data support at Verizon and they said that they had no release date on a new software that would correct the issue of back up assistance. and that is when they finally said go and get a new phone.

Did not see the dent that others talked about.

To bad verizon could have had a great phone but they released it to fast without testing it enough and making sure that it was in good working condition.

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great phone w/ some glitches...


Dec 11, 2007 by word.

just got the phone less than a month ago... so far so good. a couple things i ran into, but are known glitches with vzw were:

1. the "searching svc" banner shows up when the phone searches for evdo reception and the banner does not go away until you close your phone or press a button. but phone can still make/receive calls - you can avoid this glitch by turning off the evdo mode and run only on cdma mode.
2. "alarm only" function does not work on my phone - not sure if it's just a defect on my phone or if others have the same problem. it's really a small issue that might not bother other people, but i really liked that function on my last phone.

these issues have been brought up to vzw and they are working to fix these issues. by when? i have no idea.

anyway, other than those...
-beautiful, clear front/main screens
-living wallpaper
-can read texts from front screen
-thin, lightweight
-speakerphone/speakers are loud and clear
-camera is good; clear pictures
-external music keys

-fingerprints (doesn't bother me, but i know some people can't stand them; i usually handle the phone using the sides or just wipe)
-as mentioned above, "alarm only" function does not work and "searching svc" banner shows when in hybrid evdo/cdma mode
-vcast music kit sold separately
-battery cover hard to open
-memory card insert underneath battery

overall, this phone is fantastic. i would recommend it to anyone!

Very nice


Oct 15, 2007 by EVLtwin

After 25 unpleasant days with the RAZR v3m (terrible battery, lame call quality, no ring AND vibrate option) I just traded up for the Gleam. I've only had it for a day, but let me start by saying that this phone is beautiful! The screen is crisp and bright and the keypad glows, especially in lower lighting.

Aeshtetics aside, the battery seems reliable, the phone can ring AND vibrate at the same time (hooray!), and although it's a touch heavier than the RAZR it's still a great pocket phone.

For those with battery life concerns, I would suspect that disabling the "living wallpaper" in exchange for a static image would save some time between charges.

Hope this helps!

Gleam is great


Jan 22, 2008 by jlipscombe11

I Had a LG vx 8700 than switched to the 8750 took it back and got the gleam is a great phone good battery life and all the features of my 8700 I love this phone

Gleam is rather dull


Mar 1, 2008 by darkman2112

I read the reviews and thoght I was buying a great phone. But this phone has a lot of problems.

I don't care about the fingerprints. But the shape is kind of long for something you might want to carry around in your pocket.

The plug receptacle for headphones doesn't work right. If you plug in the headphone into the receptacle, you have to jiggle with it to get both headphone speakers to work.

The external controls for the music player are more of a hindrance than a help. I hooked up a pair of blue-tooth headphones so I could listen to music while I walk. But the slightest movement in my pocket as I walk causes the controls to activate and the music is constantly stopping and starting.

Worst of all is the short battery life. The battery often becomes warm for no apparent reason. The life is only good for 2 or 3 days in standby. The manufacturer says it's good for 10 days! What a joke. I bought an extended battery and still don't get a week.

The music player is not bad. But what good is it if you can't hook up headphones?

All in all a bad product. It promises way more than it delivers. I couldn't return this because I got it on ebay (new in package). I kept it because I thought the extended battery would solve some issues. But this phone is still a big dissappointment.

Great Phone!


Oct 19, 2007 by martellat

Let me start out by saying the Samsung Gleam is a great phone. It has everything you could ever want.

- beautiful phone, great lightweight design.
- great keypad, has a nice feel, does take a little getting used to, but once you're used to it, it's the best.
- nice themes for the UI, it really feels like a bit of a face lift compared to other Verizon phones.
- very clear, loud speaker, which is great.
- voice commands with a dedicated button on the keypad.

- (alright, this is coming from a person with OCD, and it doesn't even bother me, haha)this phone does get a lot of fingerprints on it, but who cares?

All in all, this phone is the best I've had in my wireless phone experience, ever, haha!

Nice phone so far


Jun 5, 2008 by Mokey

Well for starters I have the Alltel version of this phone (Muse) and thank God am not having the issues the Verizon people are.
Only had it a few days at this point, but battery life seems fine, speakerphone is loud. Music player is awesome (not a lot of features in the music player)have the FM transmitter on this phone. Nice camera,I like the Alltel color better (Metallic Blue)

My biggest con right now is the fact that the memory card goes under the battery, not many good ringtones preloaded, finger prints.
But I will have this in a leather soon, so no big deal.

So far so good

Samsung Gleam is not all it appears to be...


May 5, 2008 by Rosie6

PROS: Good sounding Record. Different look & feel than the older phones. Two Color Choices, larger keys for larger fingers are good.

CONS: At first, this phone Looks More Advanced in design, but it's Limited. There are two 'live versions of wallpaper,' but this uses up precious battery life, & my interest wore off quickly.

Voices of other Person: Sound like they're inside a tin can. They are distorted, distant-sounding, & very 'tin-nee.'

Keys: Flush (flat) which make it difficult to use when you're used to raised & separated keys, the Center Toggle Key is Not very well defined. I have small fingers and sometimes hit the wrong place in error while scrolling through the menus. Keyboard is mirror-like and gives off a glare when you look at it, making it difficult for an older person to see.

SpeakerPhone Sounds Tin-nee, too. Battery life, not too great. Speaker & volume keys get in the way when holding the phone.

I decided to go back to my old LG 8300 for now. I'm waiting for Verizon to introduce a New, Great Quality Phone which is Needed!

This phone is awesome! Underated to say the least..!


Jan 17, 2008 by jr777

Without getting into a long winded review, i must sat how perfect this phone is in every way. I'm not in the business but i have extensive experience with cell phones. I've had all of the Verizon cell phones one can have, and this one is the best all around phone. Better than Venus, Voyager, V9m. Z6TV, VX8700, better even then the KRAZR. I don't know what else to say except i highly recommend it. I'll even go ahead and say its the best in Verizons line-up. The phone is good enough that i took the time to register my name here and leave this review.

FIVE STAR PHONE.....no bs!


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