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Samsung Gleam SCH-U700 / Muse


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nice phone!


Oct 16, 2007 by hammygirl

a few days ago, my fiance stepped on my pink razor and broke the LCD and the phone became unusable, so i went shopping for a new phone. so i saw this new Gleam from verizon, and i bought it and have been using it for a couple days now... so far, it's been great!

not too thick
Gleams with golden shine!
i love the user interface..good animated sets for wallpapers and themes
its fun to press keys in this phone.. feels like im popping those bubblewraps :)
touch sensitive pad on the front to listen to music

my fingerprints get on the body too easily..
the phone is kinda wide and tall, and looks funny in my tiny hand

right now i'm looking for some pretty skins to put on my new phone... it'll also keep those fingerprints off my phone too

Ok Phone if you got it free


Jun 16, 2009 by MJSNY

It is thin and not heavy. If this is samsungs answer to the lg 8700 they did not win the battle. This phone is ok for a free-bee. Camera is ok, speaker phone is terrible. Can't zoom on pics that you have taken. This is not a bad phone, but if you spent money on it or are going to, it's not worth it. Battery doesn't last long either.

If you are looking for a thin, lightweight phone and dont care about much more, this would be ok.


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I do not "love" things like phones of computers


Mar 12, 2009 by blivit

This was a new every two thing. I have been a Verizon customer for many, many years. I had a Razr which is the best phone I've ever had. I just need a phone, not all the other crap that takes away from the RF section. My reason for choosing the Gleam was the size specifically the thickness as well as a previous Samsung phone the company provided me with. In retrospect I should have gotten the Motorola 755 but I'll use the Gleam for a while.

Pros: Battery life is the best of any phone so far. I've conditioned it properly and it has longer use time than any previous phone.

Size is good. Display sharp. Speaker volume adequate.

Pairs easily with several headsets.

Cons: Plastic case ring tones very few. (note: I recorded the ringer from my Razr and used it!) I find "music" ring tomes obnoxious.

The worse thing for me is the RF section. It is not as good as the Razr. Driving into my subdivision I lose the signal. It doesn't drop the call but conversation drops. The Razr was the only phone that worked in that area.

In summary. It is OK not great. I will not keep it long. I ordered a 3rd USB cable after laughing my way out of the Verizon store at what they were asking for it.

I loaded the 2 gig memory with Old time Radio programs to listen to while out of town. I could easily do with out a mp3 player in the phone. Not needed and certainly not necessary.

Very Nice


Dec 12, 2008 by uptheorg

I have had this phone for several months now and am very pleased with it. It pairs nicely with my bluetooth earpiece which was a problem on my last phone. It looks very good (my teenage son looked at it recently and commented "Dad, you always have such cool phones") and the speaker is loud enough, a problem I have had in the past. I don't use the MP3 features, so I don't know about them. It holds a charge well, better than my prior (LG) phones. My only concern is that it seems to be so lightweight and 'plasticky' that I think it will not hold up too long, although it hasn't broken yet. The hinge has a little play in it which I think is a sign of lacking durability.



Oct 18, 2008 by Kiernan24

This was my first new phone as of Dec. 25th ,2007 (after using my Motorola E815) and I've had it for almost 10 months. Okay, I'm a teenager, which means I use my phone religiously for EVERYTHING. First the goods: This phone is amazingly sturdy. I drop it all the time on the street while I'm running and walking my black lab. Secondly, it's pretty responsive, I usually don't have to hit any button more than once. The other features such as camera, video, etc work alright (taking into consideration that it is a phone!!!)
The not-so-good stuff: I am told by many people (including my parents who also have verizon) that it is extremely hard to hear me when I'm speaking... And I often have a hard time hearing them. Reception is sometimes a problem, but it's not too bad. The place to plug in a charger is not in the best of places(Right side, near top) the original ringers are also not the best and aren't always loud enough. The biggest problem is the battery life. I have to charge my phone every night or it will die. Now, I know it's not just me using it all the time because my friends that use their phone more than I use mine, have longer battery life(they both have LG phones by verizon)
Even though the Gleam is not perfect, I am glad that I have it. I am ready to get a new one, but that's just because the newer ones are getting cooler and cooler. I would recommend this phone to people who may not use it as heavy or people that don't mind charging it a little more frequently than normal. Or, you could always get another back up battery, the only reason I have is because have priorities at the moment and that one isn't at the top right now.

Big mistake


Oct 1, 2008 by userooo

I got this phone using my new-every-two upgrade and because people said my LG-VX8300 is "not cool enough." It came today and I have already sent it back. The phone is a winner if looks is all that matters to you. I like to actually use my phone to talk, so imagine my dismay when I turned it on and had 1 bar signal that was fading in and out in my house compared to my LG-VX8300, which gets 4 bars at least. Then I took it to work and it was seeking the whole time (my building gets very weak cell phone signal in general, but I've rarely had my LG go "seeking"). Unacceptable. Okay, so bad reception should pretty much kill any enthusiasm I had for the phone, but there were some other things that I found very strange and really made the decision to return the phone even easier.

1) Getting the front LCD to turn on is cumbersome. Why can't one just push one of the side buttons to see the clock?

2) Having to press and hold for the speakerphone is also cumbersome. It introduces lag time. The speakerphone is not very loud.

3) The living wallpaper is cheesy and eats battery power.

4) This thing is a fingerprint magnet and it looks unusually dirty with all those fingerprints. After a few touches, the phone looks like it's been handled by someone who just dipped their hand in a bag of Ruffles.

5) Choice of ringtones leaves much to be desired. You can't assign ringtones to "restricted" or "no caller id" calls separately.

6) This phone is on some serious lockdown. Can't access it using BitPim. Not so for my LG. I can make my own ringtones and add picture IDs from my computer. No need to take the person's picture in person.

I'm getting the LG-VX8350 in exchange. This is the newer version of the 8300. At least they've tried to pretty it up and slim it down a bit. If it's truly an improvement over the 8300, then I'm sure I won't be disappointed.



Sep 24, 2008 by nikiisroyalty

This phone is horrible. I’ve had it for a year and it drives me to drink. Keep in mind I have the new version. Also, Verizon sent me a new Samsung Gleam last week because they thought the hardware on my old one was bad; and I’m still having the same problems. Verizon’s customer service is wonderful though; so I’m not bashing them.

Nice speaker quality
The Live wallpapers are the envy of all my friends
Camera quality is good but you don’t have a flash or a lot of options.

Hardly gets a signal where all other Verizon people I’m with do. (note: they don’t have this phone)
Text messages won’t come in or I can’t send them (all random times of course) even though I have bars.
It scratches easily; not that big of a deal though.
The touch screen on the front for the music goes off at random times (like if it’s in my purse or pocket). Which isn’t that big of a deal except when I am in a meeting at work and Superman that Hoe starts playing.
The display freezes randomly and shuts itself off at random times.

I cannot stand this phone and I would never ever ever buy another one no matter how many times they say it’s “improved”

I love this phone


Sep 12, 2008 by monica30

I have the Muse by Alltel. Which is the same as the Gleam. Just the clock is digital.

I got my phone about 4 months ago. The first one had a few issues. It had a speaker problem and it didn't shut all the way. I took it to Alltel and they swapped it out for another one. Which did great for awhile. Then again the speaker thing. So I took it back and got another. This one is fine. It has a nice look to it and the pictures come out nice and clear. Great reception. I live in the sticks and have no troubles with this phone at all. Battery life is great on this phone. I find it very simular to the samsung hue in many ways.
I don't like
the way it scratches easy
it's hard shiny plastic and can show every finger print possible lol.
the keypad is kind of small but, is alright
The camera doesn't have a flash but is still a good camera.
Overall I love my cell now

Hate it..


Aug 24, 2008 by aprilsky

I had the LG 8700 (loved it), but they replaced it twice because it would not pair correctly with my bluetooth headset. Finally, they gave me the GLEAM (what a step down). I absolutely hate this phone and went back to my old LG 8300 until I can sell the GLEAM for money to buy a new phone.

-Ok sound quality for mp3s
-Nice camera quality

-Hate the front buttons.. so annoying.. Until I figured out how to lock the front screen, I used to start my music player ALL the time unintentionally
-It's ugly and plain-jane
-SD slot under battery
-my 8700 offered LOADS more features (like ability to edit pics)
-Signal sucked
-Alarm only function does not work
Loads more that I can't think of right now... Don't waste your time if you're looking for something awesome.. If you're looking for something practical or just a basic phone, this is the one for you.

Sleek, Great Options and Amazing!


Jul 9, 2008 by Ficquettegirl

This phone is by far the best phone I've ever had so far. Very reliable and loud speakers. Also, very professional looking and has amazing options.

*A great option I've found is that you can set it to actually say who is calling before playing your ring tone.
*Camera has great effects and is also very clear and takes amazing pictures.
*Nice bright screen and amazing service

I definately recommend this phone to anyone!

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