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Does not Gleam for me


Apr 19, 2008 by sciotorat

This phone is a joke. It drops calls or the person I'm calling can not hear me but I can hear them. Signal strength is about half of my razor. Gets hot on the back when using. It's real easy to drop while trying to flip the phone open one handed. When using the alarm, when it goes off and you flip the phone open it always happens that I hit a button and it goes to snooze. I got to leaving the phone open so that does not happen when the alarm goes off. I am on my second one because of the above reasons.
Verizon customer service said the software was bad. The brand new replacement is not any better. I WOULD NOT BUY THIS PHONE IF I HAD IT TO DO OVER>

AHHHH! horrible


Feb 28, 2008 by simonj029

I switched to this phone from the Juke and i was even more disappointed with this one. I returned my first one within a week, the hinge became loose and started to squeek, im now on my second one which i am returning today because the interface keeps freezing on me and i am unable to look at my texts unless i take the battery out.

1. nothing, there is absolutely nothing special about this phone compared to others

1. finger print magnet
2. scratches itself when you flip it open, after about a week of usage, there is a perfectly rectangular scratch spot above the camera lens where the rubber backstop hits it when you flip the phone open, not a big deal but kinda annoying.
3. horrible ring tone selection

although i have ALWAYS had a Samsung phone, the last two i had just didnt cut it for me, im switching my sister my Gleam for her LG VX-8700 today so well see how that goes.
If this one doesnt cut it for me, im getting an iPhone next week :)

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Questionable quality?


Feb 22, 2008 by pattyb973

I was debating between this, the Lg chocolate and the Lg 8700 and was told by sales reps that this was a great phone. Well 3 phones later I am regretting my decision. I had a hard time with the voice dialing on the first one. After one day the voice dialing started to shout back in a loud robotic voice and I took it back. Well this it the third one and it is doing the same thing. The service rep told me they have not encountered the problem but if if happened again I should go with a different phone. The phone had some good points:
slim phone
fun moving wall paper
pretty decent sound
Horrible voice dialing
Bad speaker phone
I actually had 2 dropped calls(never happened with my old E815)

Great phone


Feb 9, 2008 by talyhoyall

Great phone, good battery life, really nice screens. Easy to see in the daylight. Nice size and weight - it's not a burden to hold this phone when talking on it.

Great phone. real minor issue. and backupassistant works


Jan 31, 2008 by ka1gdq

The Gleam has been out a while. After flipping between the Gleam and the Sam U-540, I went with the Gleam for myself (gf and my parents got the u540).

Nice Bright Large colorful Screen

Music sounds great on the phone with headphones. I used a 1/4 plug the other day. Need to get bluetooth headphones (reason why I went with the Gleam)

Had it for 2 weeks, and really no issues except the Voice Dialing. One of the numbers I call, when I say his name + mobile 1 will go to my voicemail. Others work fine.. still working on it.

I was read that Backup Assistant did not work on this phone (read that 2 weeks ago). Well I ordered the Gleam and then read this. Well I tried to download backup assistant when I activated my new phone and I was able to recover ALL of my numbers!

I only wish you could use the "Sounds" as ringtones and alarm clock, like I did with my GREAT a-950. (dropped it 1 to many times and the screen finally cracked on that).

So deduct 1/4 pt for the problem with the voice dialing. 1/4 pt for not being able to assign "Sounds" to the alarm clock or ringers.

The battery life.. well I charged it 2 days ago, used it quite a bit txting and talking and I still have 1/4 bars left. I will need to charge it, well there is always my VPC...

Buzzards Bay

Bad Speakerphone!


Dec 30, 2007 by DrRoger

If you're thinking of buying a Gleam, be sure to check out the speakerphone. It is pretty bad! Sound is very low in volume and if you try to turn it up it sounds distorted. In contrast the less-expensive LG 8350 has an excellent stereo speakerphone! (I'll admit the 8350 needs to go on a diet) Yes the Gleam is sleek no doubt. Main competition is the LG 8700 but the store didn't have one for me to test its speakerphone...duh.

gleam review


Dec 27, 2007 by lilwad3

id have to say the phone is the coolest phone for a regular flip phone ive used in a while. the screen is nicer than my u740 though it lacks the keyboard, the buttons are easier to use since they are quite a bit larger. the buttons dont respond as well compared to the razr v3, but quality of it overall is insane compared to most phones ive used. reception hasnt been an issue what so ever. gets the same if not better than the u740.


phone looks great. call quality is good. reception is good. buttons are nice just like the screen and camera.


phone froze up first couple days before i returned it... quit doing it all together. doesnt text as fast as the razr at first but keys seem to not move as easily till you send about 1000 text. lol

The Gleam is a GREAT phone


Dec 22, 2007 by VZWcub26

I love this phone. It was given to me as a concession line at work. I really enjoy the fact that is is a nice streamline phone but it has a bit of weight to it so it feels like a real phone. The only issues I have with it are as follows:

FINGERPRINTS!! I have to keep a leather case on i have trouble texting as fast as I usually you when it is on.

The ringtones sound GREAT on the phone but the songs from the music player get a bit distorted when the volume is up all the way...but it is minimal.

For a 2.0 Mega Pix cam the quality could be a bit better...however it works sufficiently for how how often I take pix.

I would recommend it to customers when they come into the store

I'm not gleaming, yet.


Nov 30, 2007 by papernpaste

Long time VZW customer.
Sleek, comfy, readible display, especially, as you input a number to call. Choice of Fonts and Font Sizes is a nice improvement.
Ringtones finally offer a Phone-like sound which I like. I bought a 4GB micro card and it looks like it can hold 400+ songs! Also purchased the music essentials kit which is downloadable for free but, you need the USB cable. Always buy accessaries online for less (3rd party). I have to recharge the battery at lunch but, I listen to music all day long with it. I've listened for 4 hours and the battery still had life. Bought a Horizontal Belt holster, online, and like it very much. Camera has all kinds of options.
Called Customer service who put me in contact with a local tech support that helped me get my 250 contact address book on the phone. Software for the phone STILL isn't out so Backup Assistant STILL can't be used. Oh well.

Excellent Phone


Oct 28, 2007 by Herd-12

I've only had this phone for about a week and it is exceptional in all aspects. Screen clarity is superb, reception is outstanding and the signal is as good or better than my previuos phone with an antenna. The fonts are easy to read as they are larger than most other phones. The only weakness I have experienced is the battery life, which has only been about one day. I only use the phone to speak. No texting or use of other bells and whistles. I hope the battery will get better life or will have to go to an extended one. Overall a great little phone and I highly recommend it.

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