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Not a very good phone


Feb 16, 2009 by danman53

I received this phone, previously used, from my stepson. It was only 3 or 4 months old when I activated it through MetroPCS. This phone had potential, but it sucks. The sound quality is poor. The ringers are also not so good. It doesn't ring loud enough, even on the loudest setting, and it only allows you to set the audible ringer to vibrate at the same time you set the audible ring on the loudest setting (vs. any loudness with my simple Nokia 2135). The signal is weak in places that my Nokia had no trouble receiving. The battery life is terrible, allowing me only 1-2 hours talk time before needing to be recharged (this phone was relatively new and not abused). The speakerphone might as well be nonexistent on this phone. The camera is ok, nothing outstanding. I hate that I can't use my own recorded sounds as ringtones. In short, I'm looking for another phone.

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only 160 characters per txt msg?



am I the only one that has a problem with the 160 characters per txt msg. it has been aggrevating when I am in a middle of a txt and get stopped at 160 characters. BATTERY life is dissappointing also, due to the fact that I talk on the phone as much as I txt.

On the good side the keyboard is nice. could be better if the #'s were on a separate row. I use #'s a lot. I want to get the R450 (Messager) but I am not convinced that it is much better. and my R410 is still working just fine. I have even thought about going back to TMOBILE and getting the samsung gravity which is the comparable phone to the R450 messager, for the same price. I do like mp3 and ringtones but I already have a wireless bluetooth player so its not a big deal. web service is okay, but display cheats you out of full experience.

The metropcs in Dallas doesn't even sell the r410 anymore so no need in telling you not to buy it. if you want it that bad you can buy mine :)

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Not good


Aug 21, 2008 by timothydh65

Cons: Do not have time to list all the problems but here are a few.

Camera is virtually unusable. Any movement causes blurr even after setting resolution to it's lowest and no flash.... come on!
Keypad must be open to access the web, why?
Battery life terrible.
Proprietary connection for headset so you must buy a Samsung set?
Navigation bar is like best effort. If you have large fingers forget this phone. Mine are medium but to select something you really have to be good and if not careful "OK" gets pressed.
Keypad is not intuitive and requires holding one key and pressing a key so close to it, it's almost impossible to perform.
Speaker-phone almost unusable due to inability to turn it on or off at certain times if call is already placed.
Keys accidentally pressed so much that had to turn on keypad lock and it is painful to use.
What appears to be text below a button (Send and End) are actually pressable keys on the face.
No SD card slot.
Power/Earphone/Data connection under a flimsy plastic door that dangles when opened.
Battery door almost impossible to get off.

Pros; Phone reception is better than Nokia's and so is web browser.

Some of these things may be fixed by flashing to latest release but as GhettoPCS has few service shops and mostly retail stores getting to one that doesn't have a one hour or more wait is beyond me.

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bad phone


Aug 19, 2008 by awesomemelissa

i got this phone in december of 2007. it was great for a while but then all of a sudden it stops receiving txt messages. and some people have told me that maybe its my friends networks. but my mom has the same network as my friends and my mom gets my txts fine. (my friends have phones like the enV and the iphone so its not their fones or service providers).

Pros: qwerty keyboard
still has signal when u go amongst a bunch of trees (yes, this is better than tmobile)

Cons: small keys
speakers dont produce much sound
bad sound when talking on the phone
u have to resend txt messages very often
if you txt a lot after a while the qwerty keyboard gets yellow (and its not dirty because you cant get it off i have tried with various things such as goo gone and baby wipes etc.)

i spent about $200 on this phone and it was a waste of money. i plan to get the new r450 soon.
i recommend you do not get this phone you will regret it.

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Samsung SCH-R410


Jul 24, 2008 by altgeist

I bought this phone in a hurry in a Metro PCS outlet.

Gripe 1: Battery
This thing slurps battery to the point where the phone is practically useless. I have had to buy a charger for the home, the car and the briefcase because you literally cannot function if you don't have a charger within arm's reach.

2. Drops calls
This could be the phone, or the network. But I suspect it could well be the handset because my previous Nokia phone didn't drop calls like this one does.

3. No way to synch up with a PC. So all of those contacts I've typed in? No way to get them out!!! Pictures I take? I have to email them to myself. Sucks big-time.

4. The navigational buttons on left/right are big, but the top/bottom ones are tiny in comparison - resulting in many incorrect button pushes.

5. The keyboard is reasonable....but not great for typing SMS messages. You can get used to it if you use it enough though.

My other gripes are more network-related (like the noisy MetroPCS 'unlimit yourself' greeting that screams when you power the phone up).

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One more thing needed


Jul 13, 2008 by Scarletfire

Full Qwerty keyboard
Bluetooth enabled
Built-in camera
Can get cool covers!

Short talk time
No extended life battery
You can't block individual callers
Can't use recordings for ring tones

My main issue:
No way to transfer data between phone & PC

I just took it for granite that all Metro PCS phones were able to be connected to a PC; because I did with my Nokia. Next time I will do my homework.

Overall: I really like the phone.

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Jun 1, 2008 by Crazyflgrl21

The phone is CRAP

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the r410 is......


Apr 19, 2008 by hellokittylover

i mean if you really love to text this phone is for you but if your a real big talker than like me than to bad so sad you cant talk that much on this phone because the most you can talk on this phone with out charging it on the same time and not running out of battery is probably not a phone for you but if you do love to text this phone is worth 200 dollars and another really bad thing about this phone is that i had this phone since December and it broke twice if you brop phones alot and you don't got or want insurance on your phone than believe me don't get this phone at all cause this phone can brake in a second the day after i got my phone it broke badly!!! it wouldn't turn on for me and if you do got warranty on it then you can get a new one but that warranty only last until you use up 60 minutes so after your first 60 minutes no warranty for you :( plus it cant voom in on pictures it has alot of gay wallpapers it doesn't have video they lied about having games cause this phone doesn't have games at all in less you want to buy some same exact thing with the ring tones you got to buy the ring tones i mean it come with ring tones but gay ones! oh and theres something i forgot well it might not count for you but everyone in my school has that phone in red and black its kind of annoying i kind of was the first person to have in my school and everybody bitted on me (meaning everybody copyed me) after all i said it might sound like a sucky phone well i guess its not worth 200 dollars even though it has a keyboard that slides out its not really a sick (meaning cool) phone

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Great advancement for Metro PCS


Apr 10, 2008 by envirocbr

Considering this is one of the better phones that Metro PCS has to offer, and currently the only phone that has a keypad, it is great. The battery life in comparable to a Motorola...not too long. The downfall is at the moment there are no battery upgrades.

Those who don't like this phone are only people who demand features that are annoying for those of use who only want a simple and reliable phone.

So if you want a reliable phone without all the hassle and features...this is the phone for you

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Good for texting but not for talking


Feb 12, 2008 by poetlaurie

I have had the phone about 2 months.

1) This is not the phone for people who talk a lot. It has very short talk time on the battery, they say 2.5 hrs but I think it is even less. And you can not purchase an extended life battery or easily change batteries so keeping a spare charged battery wont solve your problem either. And it doesn't give you hardly any warning when the battery is getting low - approx. 30 seconds to 2 min. after the tone sounds the phone is dead. Also, the charger plugs into the side of the phone instead of the bottom, making talking on the phone while your charging awkward.

2)I have small hands but I still find the directional buttons difficult to use. I often end up on something different than I intended while trying to select something on a menu or list.

3)It is way to easy to accidentally turn off the ringer on the phone - too different buttons will do the job, one on the front and one on the side.

4)All the buttons are more sensitive than any candy bar phone I have had before. This makes it not a great phone for carrying in your pocket.

1)Great keyboard makes texting much faster.
2)Fast and easy to use camera.
3)Nice web browsing.
3)Available in Red which looks great.
4)Cool Graphics.
6)It lights up while charging making it easy to find when it rings in the middle of the night.
7)Blue tooth.

Conclusion: Nice features make it cool, but poor design makes it frustrating, and it is best for people who text more than talk.

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