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Great Business Phone


May 27, 2008 by precipice

Great business phone for corporate email and all around business use.
Email integration
Music Player
PDA features
Nice screen and backlight
No Video
No G3 - Edge is slooow
No YouTube
Memory card behind battery
No WiFi

But, for everday business use, it is hard to beat. Might eventually updgrade to newer Curve models

# 1 BB curve owner


May 26, 2008 by rluv627

I have to say that i was always skeptical about a big clunky BB phone as in the past. I go thru alot of phones and yes i need all the gadgets because it fits my life style.
to make this short
Pros: Really to easy to get set up and going. As a former treo user this phone kicks butt.Emails and text messages are in real time and the camera is awesome. I honestly haven't used my expensive digital camera since I purchased it.
Unfortunately the only dissapointment is theres no GPSS and Navigation in this phone but with a free google map downloaded it give's you a pretty close location of where you are.
summary it's a really good purchase overall over the iphone and treo

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The best phone ever!


Apr 13, 2008 by Americanstud1987

Overall the phone is one of the best devices I have ever owned. I went from the MDA to the Blackberry thinking it would be a downfall. However, losing the touch screen and gaining the RIM OS has been wonderful. I really like the way the text messages are laid out as a chat so you can see the recepients responses as well as the senders. You can also sync with your computer which is easier with Blackberry Desktop. You can enjoy crisp pictures and screen resolution as you navigate the phone with a ball on the front. The internet lacks some and I hope they devise a way to surf the web faster and full web sites. The e-mail capability is magical as everything comes up as it hits your account. A must have if you are on the run or just don't have time check your accounts.

Good, but not what I had hope for.


Apr 6, 2008 by miteymitey

This is my first true "smart phone" and I've had my AT&T 8300 for about 6 months now. While it's an OK phone, Blackberry has some issues that I find quite annoying.

Good as a phone with decent call quality.
Fantastic display.
Love the trackball.
Very comfortable to hold and use, even one handed.
Great hardware accessories (skins, case, etc.)
Fantastic as an e-mail solution.

My biggest gripe is with the antiquated BB software. The BB calendar, task and contact software look like something you might have expected in early monochrome Palm PDA's. Very, very limited in their utility. And it appears as though their primitive nature keeps after-market software writers from being able to present anything better. Either that or the after-market people are just as unimaginative as BB. I've tried after-market solutions to the calendar and none of them overcome the basic flaws. For instance, on my Palm TX I can color code types of events in the calendar. Just looking at the month view I can tell what type of activity I have scheduled for a particular day, and even see if there is more than one type of event for that day. On my BB calendar all I can see in the month view is that something was scheduled for a day. You have to go to each individual day to see what the event(s) are/were. In the Palm contacts you can enter a birthday or anniversary and it will show up on the calendar and send you a reminder. You have to use a separate program on the BB for that. You have to spend $99 to get an OFFICE type solution on your BB. Palm includes one.
And if you have any plans for using that SD Micro card for anything other than music, photos or videos, forget it. You can't put programs on it.
In short, in my opinion, the hardware is pretty darned good. The included software is stuck somewhere in the 1980's. I had hoped the BB would allow me to carry just one device. So far, No Joy on that wish.

Great Blackberry Service - but POOR Phone.....


Feb 12, 2008 by Austiniter

I've been using Blackberry phones for a number of years, let's face it Blackberry service is great however their phones really lack in quality and workmanship. Most wear out very quickly (just a few months after ownership). I have had to replace way too many due to either bad software or hardware failure/issues.

PROs: Light weight, good clear display, voice quality is 'adequate' at best. Phone is easy to use.

CONs: EDGE Technology (why is RIM still using EDGE when everyone else is using 3G)? Speakerphone is horrible, very difficult to understand callers. Battery life is horrible and doesn't last very long compared to similar PDA's. Software is unpredictable and can stop operating whenever requiring reboot.

I'd recommend using a different phone and adding Blackberry Connect so one can utilize Blackberry on their phone. RIM really needs to put some craftsmanship and reliability into their Blackberry phones.

Worst Phone and Cell Carrier !!!


Jan 30, 2008 by Deech019

I made the switch to ATT because of the better selection of phones and rave reviews from countless research and customers. I am on my 7th, yes 7th, Blackberry Curve 8300 since August when I officially became an ATT customer. Each unit has been a nightmare. I haven't had one that has had full functionality out of the box. Problems include: frequent dropped calls, Internet freezing, inoperable volume rocker, stiff and inoperable trackball, random nonfunctional keys, icon selection software lag and nonfunctional headset jack.

When my 3rd unit went sour, ATT would not warranty exchange my unit even when I have one of their live in store reps speaking to them on the phone claiming that phone is swappable not "physically damaged". I resorted to writing a two page letter to the ATT CEO stating my issues. I was assigned a escalations representative who has sent me four units to date, I am currently awaiting my 8th unit, and have been cut off from further replacements due to the number of defective units they have replaced with another defective unit.

When I asked to be sent a different phone altogether, i was told i would have to pay for it as it was considered an upgrade. So i'm out $300 on the original blackberry plus whatever I spend on a potential new unit that may not work. I suggested that they credit me my $300 so i can purchase another phone like an iPHONE. I would pay the difference. I was informed that even if Apple CEO Steve Jobs called in that they couldn't do that.

Many other customer care reps were very willing to transfer me to cancellations rather than resolve my problems.

A close friend of mine has the Curve 8310 with T-Mobile service. He got his unit in October. He is on his 6th unit! It is clearly a Blackberry issue and the carrier customer service does everything but serve their customers with reasonable accommodations.


First Blackberry


Jan 10, 2008 by jtc411

I am going to give this phone a 5 as I have never been more impressed with a phone than this. Everytime I think I have the best phone on the market I find something better.

Well this is different, this phone is unbelieveable

I switched from Verizon to get this Blackberry which I got free from ATT with the refurb discount and a coupon code. I was a litte worried about the network, but ATT isn't bad.

Reception is great
Battery life, holy cow i listen to music all day and browse the web and play around and still go home at night with a half of bettery(music is on ALL day at work). Very impressed.
Size, fits perfect in my hand.
OS(i downloaded the macberry tiger theme) the OS is quick and actually stable.
The media player is perfect what I'm trying to accomplish.

I seriously have no cons other than I wish it was 3g, but edge isnt HORRIBLE.

I cant comment on the camera as I havent used it yet.

Overall, I love this phone

Should have went Blackberry Sooner


Dec 21, 2007 by gdavid1

Went with a Windows PDA phone about 8 months ago and thought it was kind of slick when I first took possession. Well, after 8 months of "buggy use" and "buggy syncs" I decided to investigate some other options as I was growing tired of my "buggy", heavy and slow phone. I was actually actively looking for a more stable Windows device and was doing extensive research to find the BEST one out there. At the time I am writing this, it appears that the Moto Q world phone introduced by AT&T was the highest rated Windows mobile phone I could find for a road warrior like me. Through the course of my search I stumbled upon the Blackberry Curve reviews and the rest as they say "is history".

Wow. Light, feels great in hand. Downloaded latest Blackberry desktop software. Plugged it in and instantly synced with Microsoft Outlook. Perfect and seamless. Why is it the Microsoft based phone had trouble syncing with Microsoft software using Microsoft ActiveSync? E-Mail set up was a breeze. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have found a truly useful product, that functions exactly as I would expect. Call quality? Best I have owned so far (I have owned 20 or so cell phones). Great reception. Here is the best part, they are practically giving the 8300 away if you buy a refurbished one from AT&T (which I purchased online, and it was flawless).

The two best tech products I have ever owned: Blackberry Curve 8300 and a Tom Tom. I have written 2 reviews in my lifetime and one of them is in front of you. I am not a Microsoft hater at all. But, between Apple and Blackberry (RIM), Microsoft could do well to look at what really makes people want their competitors products.

I LOVE the Blackberry. Only one regret, should have done it sooner.

Blackberry 8300 Curve


Nov 23, 2007 by will54880

I have had limited experience with Smartphones, the ones I have tried out prior to the BB Curve are:

BB Pearl (hated it, took it back in less than a day)
HP 6945 (loved it)

Anyways, onto the Curve


Great display (320 x 240)

Great camera (2.0 mega pixel with flash!)

QWERTY keyboard

Included Leather case puts phone on standby (I have read other reviews, and I guess not everyone received this with their Curve, but Dobson/Cellular One customers did)

Speaker is clear and loud

3.5" headphone jack

Call quality is great on Dobson/Cellular One network



Blackberry OS. The application screen reminds me of a cluttered Windows 98 desktop (eewww).

Trackball is okay, but I would prefer a touch screen with stylus like the HP 6945.

No Wi-Fi, and no option to add it externally like you can with GPS

In conclusion, if the HP 6945 had a 320 x 240 display, and a 2.0 mega pixel camera, I would choose it over the BB Curve.

My 14 day trial is almost up, and I am still on the fence as to keep it or return it. Seeing the AT&T / Dobson merger was just finalized, I have been eying up the Motorola Q9m global and might go that route. I won't get a touch screen, but I will get the Windows mobile OS.

Best Phone I Ever Had!


Oct 27, 2007 by cellinator

I finally found the phone for me! This phone does virtually EVERYTHING I need. I use the Curve as a planner, address book, note taker, ebook reader (MobiReader), games (chess and BrickBreaker), and email (of course!). I have Opera Mini installed although the browser that came with the phone is no slouch! The reception is excellent! NO dropped calls, choppiness, etc. In the car, I'm hands free with the speakerphone. Even with the windows open in loud traffic I can hear the caller without any issues.

1) Great battery life. Also, charges very quick!
2) QWERTY keyboard can't be beat!
3) Great reception.
4) Loud and clear speakerphone.
5) Beautiful display!
6) Media player is excellent.
7) Video looks and plays great!
8) Versatility and multitasking. Listen to music while you surf the net, check email, etc.
9) Adaptive backlight. I can read the screen in the sunlight!
10) Music player pauses when you get a call. Resumes when you hang up!

1) No voice recorder to record straight to flash card. (Although a third party app took care of this).
2) No video recorder.
3) Can only fast forward music in two-minute increments.
4) SAR rating is high. The Curve is one of the "top ten" highest phones. This is why I use the speakerphone a lot so I don't fry my brain!

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